Use Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop

How to Use Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop: 5 easy steps

📸 What does Use Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop do? It’s like a cool tool that helps us get really cool shots! 😊 A type of picture file that we take with our cameras is called “raw.” When you add the Camera Raw Filter to this raw picture, it looks even better. What do you know, though? It works on more than just raw pictures!

It looks great with any picture! Say you want to change the picture’s colours or make it brighter. That’s possible with the Camera Raw Filter! What’s the coolest thing? The first shot you took was good. It keeps everything safe while we make changes. That’s really cool. 😄

Understanding Camera Raw

The Camera Raw Filter is a really cool thing that we should talk about. 📸 What is Camera Raw, though? Do you know why it’s great for making photos look even better?

What is Camera Raw?

What do you mean when you say you take pictures with your camera? Okay, some cameras save those shots in a certain way. The name of it is Camera Raw! 📷 Camera Raw is like a special box for your photos. Everything in your picture stays the same as it was when you took it. That means nothing changes or gets squashed! 😊

When you save pictures in Camera Raw instead of JPEG or another format, everything stays very clear and perfect. That will be very helpful if we ever want to change our pictures. We won’t lose any of the good stuff when we change and tweak them. 🎨

Benefits of Camera Raw

  • dark parts looking super clear! Parts that are dark look very clear! In other words, I can see all the features both in the bright sun and the shade.
  • Changing Pictures Without Making Them Sick: I can mess around with my camera shots and they won’t get messed up! That’s because I can change the picture without hurting the first one. It’s like drawing on a special paper that lets me erase what I want!
  • Perfecting Colours: I can make the colours look just the way I want them to with my camera! I can change things like how blue or yellow a picture is. It works like magic to get everything just right!

How to Use Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop

Now, let’s explore the various adjustments and tools available in the Camera Raw Filter:

Basic Adjustments

  1. We can change how bright or dark the picture is generally.
  2. We can make parts that are already lighter and parts that are already dark worse.
  3. We can fix parts that look too light or too dark.
  4. We can make the picture’s colours look great.
  5. We can add more light to the picture so you can see better.
  6. We have the power to change how bright or dull the colours are in the picture.

Tone Curve

  1. With the wiggly line tool, I can change how bright or dark my shots are.
  2. Sliders let me make different parts of my pictures brighter or darker.


  1. We are able to change colour! You can change how bright or dark they are, or even turn them black and white.
  2. Let us change the colours! We can change what colour they are, how bright they are, and how many colours they have.
  3. We can also make black-and-white pictures! After that, we can change the picture’s brightness and contrast.


  1. Images Look clearer: We make the images look clearer so we can see all the small details better.
  2. We make pictures taken at night look less fuzzy, but we keep all the cool things we see.
  3. Colour Cleanup: To make the picture look better, we get rid of any strange colours that don’t fit there.


  • Post-Crop Vignetting: We can change how dark or light the edges of the picture are.
  • Grain: Adding little dots to the picture will make it look like it was taken with an old camera.

The main Photoshop official website is where you can find out more and buy it.

Tips for Using Camera Raw Filter Effectively

Use Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop

Below we will mentioned best Tips for Using Camera Raw Filter Effectively

  • We can make our pictures better if we use Smart Objects. Before making them look different, turn them into Smart Objects.
  • Play with Different Buttons: It’s fun to try out different buttons to get the best picture look.
  • We can only change some parts of the picture! Like giving it a different colour or making it brighter.
  • Use Extra Settings: To save time, we can use extra settings! They make our pictures look cool fast.
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You should first open your picture in Photoshop. Click on the Camera Raw Filter tool to use it. It makes your photos look beautiful! ✨𸏫 Now you can start to try out all of your options. To make your picture stand out, change the colours or the brightness. 🎨💥 It’s okay if it seems hard at first. Enjoy trying again and again! You’ll get the hang of it quickly! 🤗✨ Also, do you know what? Once you know how to use the Camera Raw Filter, you can show off your editing skills to your Facebook and X (Twitter) friends.


Can I use the Camera Raw Filter on JPEG images?

Yes, the Camera Raw Filter can be used on JPEG pictures in Photoshop. But keep in mind that JPEG files have already been processed and packed by the camera. This means that you may not be able to change them as much as you can with raw files.

Can I apply the Camera Raw Filter to multiple images at once?

Yes, you can use the Camera Raw Filter on more than one picture at the same time. Just pick them all in the Layers panel and then use the filter on them. This can save time when changing several pictures that all need the same changes.

Are there any limitations to using the Camera Raw Filter?

The Camera Raw Filter can be used to change a lot of different types of images, but it might not be best for all of them. To fix and change things in Photoshop that are more complicated, you might need to use different tools and methods.


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