Simplify Animation Figures

How to Simplify Animation Figures (5 steps)

Do you like to watch animated pictures and cartoons? They’re cool because they make pictures come to life! How do you think those artists make those pictures move so well? I want to tell you a secret! Figure out how to simplify animation figures instead of drawing them in great detail. Why? Because drawing every little thing over and over would take a very long time!

They simplify things to make things easier. Picture that are easy to understand are very helpful. Plus, it helps artists draw faster and makes it simple for them to change things on the computer. They now have more time and money to make great characters and stories.

Also, do you know what? Making drawings less complicated also helps you understand the characters better. When shapes and faces are clear, it’s easy to tell how a figure is feeling. Think about the comic book figures you like best. We all know who they are and how they feel, even if they don’t look like much.

Understanding Simplification in Animation

Okay, let me explain what it means to make pictures easier to understand. It’s like how we don’t add too many small features when we draw a character. We use easy shapes like triangles, circles, and squares to make them easier. We also make the important parts of them stand out by making them bigger. This helps us show how they feel and what kind of person they are.

How to Simplify Animation Figures

Simplify Animation Figures

Here is the few steps to Simplify Animation Figures:

Step 1: Let’s Find What Makes Our Character Special

First, we need to look at what makes our character unique. Think about what makes them unique from other figures and how they look, like their face and body.

Step 2: Check How Detailed Our Character Is

Now let us check out how thorough our character is. We want you to be able to understand it easily. We still want our figure to look cool, so we can take out parts that are too hard to understand.

Step 3: Make Our Character’s Shape and Outline Clear

We’ll think about the shape of our character and make it out of simple shapes like squares and circles. It will be simple to see and understand. We’ll simplify things if there are too many small ones.

Step 4: Clean Up Our Character’s Lines and Details

We’ll clean up our character by getting rid of lines we don’t need and making the details stand out more. To make our figure look neat, we’ll use bold colours and smooth lines.

Step 5: Make Our Character’s Special Features Really Stand Out

Now let’s make the important parts of our personality stand out even more. We’re going to make their eyes, smile, or body move in different ways. In this way, everyone can see what makes us unique!

You can get this app from the Google Play Store if you want to simplify animation figures and use the Draw Cartoons 2 app.

Tips for Simplifying Complex Animation Poses

 Simplify Animation Figures

Below we will show you best Tips for Simplifying Complex Animation Poses:

  • Thinking of our bodies as shapes like rounds, tubes, and blocks can help us start drawing. The forms in this set help us draw well.
  • Action Lines: We can show the direction our characters are going by drawing lines. It’s like making arrows to show them the way.
  • Readability: We want our drawings to be simple enough that anyone can understand them. That’s why we make sure the arms and knees look big enough.
  • Like shadows, our drawings can be seen in this way. Does it matter what our figures do? We can fix it to make it clear if it’s not.
  • Get rid of details that aren’t needed: There isn’t a need to add too many small things, like extra fingers or messed-up clothes. It looks better when we keep our pictures simple.
  • Attention to Key Points: Let’s draw the feet, hands, and head really well. These parts show what our heroes are doing the most.
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This is how we do it: On the first try, we draw our figures with fewer details, like making their eyes bigger and their shapes simpler. Then we make sure they can still really show how they feel, like whether they’re happy or sad. It’s like making a happy face and giving it legs and arms! Let’s try it together!

Grab your sketchbook! Show your friends what you’ve drawn. They might want to do it too! Lots of fun with making simple drawings! 🎨🎬 On Facebook and X (Twitter), tell your friends about this cool way to draw! Spread the fun of making pictures! 🌟


Are there any tools or software programs that can help simplify character designs?

You can’t find any software tools specifically made for making animation figures easier to understand, but you can use drawing and animation programmes like Adobe Illustrator or Toon Boom Harmony to make and change simple shapes and forms. To get the level of reduction you want, try out different tools and methods.

Can I apply simplification techniques to existing animation figures?

Yes, you can use simplification methods on animation figures that already exist by looking at their designs and finding places where extraneous details can be taken out or made simpler. Try out different ways of simplifying to see which one fits the character’s style and attitude the best.

How do I know when I’ve simplified an animation figure enough?

Simplifying something is personal and relies on the style and needs of your animation project. Trust your gut and try to find a mix between being clear and looking good. Get feedback from friends or mentors to help you figure out how well your efforts to simplify are working.


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