Dreamy Backlit Portraits

How to Create Dreamy Backlit Portraits: 6 easy steps

Have you ever seen a picture that seemed like it came from a dream? That’s what we call backlit photography that makes us dream! It works like magic! ✪ Imagine taking a picture of someone whose hair looks beautiful and shiny because the sun is shining through it. In this article we will show you how to Create Dreamy Backlit Portraits.

You could also take a shot by a window, where the soft light makes everything look like a painting. Knowing how light works lets us make these unique pictures. Light can make our pictures look deep and full of feeling if we use it just right. Let’s get our cameras and start making our own magical shots! ✨️

Equipment Needed for Backlit Portraits

To create dreamy backlit portraits, you’ll need the following equipment:

CameraA DSLR or mirrorless camera with manual controls.
LensA fast prime lens with a wide aperture (e.g., f/1.8) for shallow depth of field.
ReflectorA reflector to bounce light onto the subject and fill in shadows.
TripodA sturdy tripod to keep your camera stable during the shoot.
Remote Shutter ReleaseA remote shutter release to minimize camera shake.

How to Create Dreamy Backlit Portraits

Now, let’s explore the steps for capturing dreamy backlit portraits:

Step 1: Find a Good Spot

Let’s start by finding a nice spot with soft light. We can stand next to a house or under a big tree. This way, our shots won’t have too many bright or dark spots. When the light is soft, the best times to take pictures are early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Step 2: Get Ready to Take Pictures

After that, stand so that the sun is behind you. In pictures, this will make you look shiny and nice, like there is a special light around you. Take it easy and enjoy yourself. I’ll take your picture when you’re being yourself.

Step 3: Set Up the Camera

I’ll make some changes to my camera so the shot looks great. It will be blurry in the background so that everyone can see you. After that, I’ll make the picture brighter or darker so you can see everything well.

Step 4: Add Some Extra Light

There are times when we need to add a little extra light to your face to make you look even better in the picture. We can shine something on your face to make light hit it. You’ll look great and glow.

Step 5: Focus on Your Eyes

To make the picture look better, I’ll make sure your eyes stand out. They are the most important part. To make the picture more interesting, we can move around or look in different directions while still taking it.

Step 6: Take Natural Pictures

Last but not least, please be yourself and enjoy yourself. I’ll take shots of you as you laugh or play. You don’t have to be very still. We’ll get a picture of the real you, showing how silly and happy you can be.

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Tips for Creating Dreamy Backlit Portraits

Dreamy Backlit Portraits

Below we will mentioned some Tips for Creating Dreamy Backlit Portraits:

  • Catch the Sun’s Twinkles: If we catch the sun’s sparkles in our pictures, they’ll look like they came from a fairy tale. Come on, let’s go outside and take a picture where we can see the sun coming through trees or buildings. Our picture will look like it has magic dust on it!
  • Play Shadow Tag: Let’s play Shadow Tag and turn our friends or toys into scary shadows! We need to put our friend or a toy in front of a very bright spot. The person will appear as a dark shape in the picture. To make it more fun, we can try different poses, like superhero stances or funny dances.
  • Be a Photo Explorer: Let’s act like we’re on a treasure hunt, but we’re looking for cool ways to take pictures instead of cash. There are two ways to take pictures: from below, like a mouse, or from above, like a giant. We can also make our picture look really cool by putting cool things in front of it, like leaves or toys.
  • There are magic touch-ups we can do on the computer or tablet after we take the shot to make it even better. We can make it lighter if it’s too dark, or the colours look better. We can even make it look like something from a dream. You can colour our pictures instead of crayons.
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Find a spot with some sun that’s not too bright and get our camera ready. It could even be the camera on our phone. It could be in our garden or a park. Then, we make sure our friends and family look fabulous by taking pictures of them with the sun behind them.It feels good to show off our own magic!

Also, guess what? We can show everyone how to make their own magic pictures! We can add magic words like “#FairyTaleLight” or “#SunshineMagic” to our pictures on Facebook or X (Twitter) so that everyone can find them and make their own. Let’s use our cams to make some magic!


Can I create dreamy backlit portraits indoors?

There is nothing better than natural light for making dreamy backlit photos, but you can still get beautiful results indoors with softboxes or studio strobes. Try out different lighting sets and light modifiers to get light that looks like natural sunlight: soft, diffused light.

How do I ensure my subject is properly exposed in backlit portraits?

Use a reflector or fill light to bounce light onto your subject’s face and fill in shadows in backlit photos. This will make sure the subject is properly exposed. You can change the camera’s settings to get the exposure you want, and then use spot metering or exposure correction to make sure the subject is properly exposed.

What time of day is best for shooting backlit portraits?

The most beautiful and flattering light for backlit portraits is during the golden hour, which is the hour after sunrise and before dusk. At this point in time, the sun is low in the sky, giving your pictures a warm, soft glow that makes them look better.


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