Create Levitation Photography

How to Create Levitation Photography (11 steps)

🎈Today, In this article we will share you how to Create Levitation Photography. Did you ever want to take a really cool picture where someone looks like they’re flying or where things just seem to float in the air? That’s what shooting of levitation is all about, then! What a cool way to make your own magic picture that makes people go “Wow!”

📸 We don’t need fancy words or hard to understand things to do this. This is just a fun way to play around with our camera and some smart tricks to make things look like they’re flying. Picture a dancer dancing in the sky, a hot cocoa cup that stays in the air, or even a child jumping and looking like they’re flying! It’s like making up our own little world.

🎨 Let’s jump right into the world of levitation photos! We’ll find out what we need, how to take the coolest shots, and even how to make them look even better afterward. We will start our own magic picture-making adventure with this step-by-step plan! 💀

What You will Need

To get started with levitation photography, gather the following essential equipment:

  • Camera: You need a certain kind of camera, like a DSLR or a compact one.
  • Tripod: To keep your camera steady, get a strong stand. Anyone who wants to buy a tripod can check the price and buy it right now on Amazon.
  • Remote Shutter Release: This lets you take pictures without having to move the camera.
  • Props: Pick things that are easy to move around and fit with your idea.
  • Editing Software: Adobe Photoshop is a programme that you can use to improve the look of your photos after you take them.

How to Create Levitation Photography

Let’s make pictures where it looks like we’re floating in the air! We need to do a few things to make these cool photos:

  1. Come up with a cool idea for our picture. It will help us remember if we draw it.
  2. Find a nice place where there isn’t much going on around you. We also need good light.
  3. Set up a stand for our camera so it doesn’t move. We’ll decide how the pictures are taken.
  4. Place the people and things we want in the picture where they belong. We need some room around them.
  5. First, take a picture of just the background.
  6. Let’s ask our friend to jump or lie down and act like they’re flying while we take a picture of them.
  7. The best picture will be picked from many that we take.
  8. We’ll use a unique computer programme to mix up our shots. It’s like putting together a puzzle.
  9. We can change and move things in the picture to make our friend look like they’re really flying.
  10. We’ll add some finishing touches, like colours, to make our picture look great.
  11. We can save it and show it to everyone online or in our favourite picture album when we’re done!

How Does Levitation Photography Work?

We need to first know what we’re doing. You can make things look like they’re floating in levitation photos by giving them strings or something else to hold them up. It’s like using a camera to do magic. We make this happen with our imagination and some tricks. We think about where to put everything in the picture and use cool props to help.

Create Levitation Photography

After that, we use a computer to make everything look even more magical! We’re making our own little world where anything can happen in a picture. So let’s get started and make some cool pictures that move!

Tips and Tricks for Perfecting Levitation Photography

Below we will explain best Tips and Tricks for Perfecting Levitation Photography:

In-Camera Techniques:

  • Jump High!: Tell your friend to do a superman jump! Take a quick shot of them when they’re at the very top. They look like they’re flying! To do this, press a fast picture button, like 1/200th.
  • Stand Tall!: Have your friend stand on a chair or a stool that is high. We can get rid of the stool or chair when we play with our pictures on the computer later! Photoshop is a special kind of computer magic that lets us do this.
  • Sunshine Tips: Sometimes it’s better to take shots when it’s not so sunny. So there aren’t any harsh shadows in our shots, the light is soft and gentle. Shades that are too strong can make our cool shots look bad.

Editing Magic:

  • I think we should make “floating pictures”! First, we get a picture of someone who is sitting up with something behind them, like a chair. After that, we take a shot of the background only. Then, we use a special computer programme to combine the two shots in a way that makes it look like the person is floating.
  • We should think about how someone’s body looks when we take a picture of them jumping. Sometimes we can change a few things about the picture on the computer to make it look more like they’re flying.
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It’s like magic to make drawings that float. You need to practise, get ready, and act like you know how to do it. Your own unique idea is the most important thing, though. Take a picture, think of something cool, and make something that makes you feel like you’re flying! Then, post your beautiful pictures on Facebook and X (Twitter) and let everyone see them. Who knows, maybe someone else will want to draw magical things too! 📸✨


Can I create levitation photography with just my smartphone?

Of course! A lot of smartphones have custom settings or apps that let you change the shutter speed. For editing, there are a number of mobile apps that can be used to change and improve images, which can be used to make the floating effect.

How can I ensure safety during levitation shoots?

Your safety should always come first. If your person is jumping, make sure there are no dangerous things in the area where they will land. Make sure that props like stools and ladders are steady, and have someone watch your subject to make sure they don’t fall.

Do I need advanced editing skills for levitation photography?

You don’t have to be a Photoshop genius to edit photos, but you do need to know how to do some things, like removing supports or combining pictures. You can find a lot of lessons online that can help you learn the basics.


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