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How to Start Selling Art Online: streamline your process in 7 steps

In this article we will talk about “How to Start Selling Art Online: 7 easy steps”. Are you artsy and crafty as a child? Would you rather look at cool pictures? What I’m about to say will make you love it if you said yes! We are going to talk about how to use the internet to show off your great art to everyone!

Telling your friends about your favourite toy, but on a computer! We are going to learn how to put your art online in a way that gets a lot of attention. It’s going to be really cool! Alright, are you ready? Let us begin our journey to share art with the world!

Understanding Your Art and Audience

Understanding Your Art and Audience is talked about below:

How to Know Your Voice

  • Inspiration and Purpose: What makes you want to make things? Is it a comment on society, a study of emotions, or just beautiful art? Figure out your “why” to help shape the “what” of your art.
  • Matter at Hand: What do you want to draw? Who might be interested in that field already?

Knowing Who You’re Writing For

  • Audience in mind: Think about hobbies and demographics. Do you have history buffs, animal lovers, or fantasy fans in mind when you write?
Start Selling Art Online
  • Engagement: How do you want people to feel when they watch? To be pushed, calmed down, or left with questions?

How to Stand Still

  • Authenticity vs. Accessibility: It’s important to think about your audience, but don’t give up your artistic vision completely. Some people will like the way you do things.
  • Getting to Know People: Tell us about your artistic process. Talks by artists, social media, and even feedback from the crowd can help you connect with and learn more about your audience.

Choosing the Right Online Platform

The table below can help you pick the best online platform:

Platform TypeFeaturesBest For
Marketplaces (Etsy, Amazon Handmade, eBay)Large established audience, Easy to set up, Built-in marketing & trafficBeginners, handmade crafts, affordable art
Print-on-Demand (Society6, Redbubble, Zazzle)Easy to sell reproductions on various products, Low upfront costs, Handles fulfillment & shippingArtworks that translate well to prints, building a fan base
Your Own Website (Shopify)Full control over branding & pricing, Professional presentation, Can build email listEstablished artists, high-value originals, control over customer experience
Art-Specific Platforms (Saatchi Art, Fine Art America)Curated audience of art collectors, Potential for gallery representationEstablished or serious artists, fine art originals
Social Media (Instagram, Facebook Shops)Free to use (may require ad spend), Direct connection with potential buyers, Build brand awareness & communityBuilding a following, showcasing work, driving traffic to website

How to start Selling Art Online

Here are the steps you need to take to start selling art online:

  1. Discover what makes you unique: Start by figuring out what makes your art special. Make cool sculptures or paint pretty landscapes? People can find you easier if you know what makes your art unique.
  2. Show Off Your Art: Take a picture and post it online! It’s like putting your art on the web! It’s simple with sites like Etsy and Shopify. Get some great shots of your art to show off how great it is!
  3. Figure Out How Much to Charge: It can be hard to figure out how much to charge. You should think about how much time and stuff you used. You want everyone to be treated fairly, including your customers!
  4. Get Acknowledged: Let’s get people to remember you! Make your page look nice, write a little about yourself, and talk to people on Instagram or TikTok!
  5. Tell Everyone About Your Art: Your art is now online, so let’s tell everyone about it! Spread the word about your art by emailing, posting on social media, or teaming up with cool people.
  6. Make Customers Happy: Make sure people are happy when they purchased your art! Make sure they can pay safely, answer their questions quickly, and send their art quickly and safety!
  7. Don’t forget to have fun and learn! Selling art is fun! Do new things, learn new things, and have fun! Art changes all the time, so let’s too!


Good for you! You can now sell your art online. That’s really cool! First, let’s talk about what makes your art unique. After that, we’ll put it on a page just for you! We’ll then let everyone know about it, so they can see how great your art is!

Don’t forget to be yourself and not give up when things get hard. Have a great time! Now let’s get your friends to read this guide so they can join in the fun! Get the word out on X (Twitter) and Facebook! Let’s make the world more creative! Have fun selling!

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Do I need to have professional art training to sell my art online?

While formal art training can be beneficial, it’s not a prerequisite for selling art online. What matters most is your passion, creativity, and dedication to honing your craft.

How do I protect my artwork from copyright infringement when selling online?

Copyright and watermark or digitally sign your original artwork to prevent unauthorised use. Understanding the copyright policies of the internet venues you use to sell your art is also important.

What are some tips for pricing my artwork competitively?

You may estimate market prices and set competitive prices for your artwork by researching comparable works in your field. Materials, size, and complexity should influence your price strategy.


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