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How to Find Your Art Style: easy steps

cute artist! It can be hard to Find Your Art Style. It’s like trying to catch a cloud in the air. Don’t worry, though; I can help! Drawing and painting is like going on a big trip. Sometimes it might feel tricky, but it’s super fun too! Okay, let’s begin! We’ll look at a bunch of cool paintings and drawings to find out what you like. After that, we will have fun making art in different ways. It’s okay to make mistakes when we paint or draw.

Those mistakes could lead to something great. It’s kind of like making a plan for our trip. The pictures you’ve already given us will help us figure out what your style is like. Then we’ll talk about all the kinds of art that make you feel good. Also, guess what? Like you, your work style can grow and change. Take out your pencils, paintbrushes, and paper, and let your creativity soar! We are going to discover your unique art style, and it will be wonderful!

What Is an Art Style?

A style of art is a unique way that artists make their work. What matters is how they choose to use lines, shapes, colours, and other things to show what they want to make. Some artists pick a style based on where they come from or the things they like. How do you draw with pencils, markers, or paints? You have your own style, right?

Styles of art can help us figure out when or where something was made. Paintings from a long time ago look very different from one another because they were made at different times. We can also talk about how the works of different artists are different. One picture has a lot of curly lines, while another has big blocks of colour.

How to Find Your Art Style

Here are some steps you can take to find your art style:

Step 1: Make art in different ways!

Have fun and try out new art techniques! You could paint, use crayons, create with clay, or make digital art on a computer. You could also mix these things to make something new! You can try new or different things. There’s only one way to get better at making art: try it and make mistakes. Crayons hues can be purchased on Amazon if you are interested.

Step 2: Find out about artists and their work!

We can learn about artists from the past and artists working now. Paints, statues, drawings, and many other types of art are all out there. Let us talk about the kinds of art we like and what gets us excited. A lot of different artists can help us come up with our own unique art.

Step 3: Think About What Makes Us Special!

Let’s think about what we like and what makes us unique. We might enjoy pets, the ocean, or making people happy. Those things can help us make art. What do we want our art to say? We might want to show or make people happy! Art is a way for us to show what we value and care about.

Step 4: Give it another shot!

When we make art, it’s fine to try out a lot of different ideas. We can make things in different colours, sizes, and ways. There are times when we do wrong, but that’s okay! We learn something new every time we make art. We learn more about what we like and what we want to make next with each picture we make.

Step 5: Share Our Art and Listen to Others!

People can look at our art and tell us what they think. They might like it or come up with ways to improve it! Let’s hear what other people think about our art. If we don’t want to change it, that’s fine. Our art is unique since it’s ours!

Step 6: Be Happy About What Makes Us Unique!

Every one of us is unique, just like our art. We don’t need to be like everyone else. Our art is unique because it comes from us and what we think and feel. Things are fine even if we mess up or things don’t look perfect! Our art is unique and different from everyone else’s because of this. We should be proud of our work and keep making it our own way.

Exploring Different Art Styles

Let’s go on a fun adventure to discover different kinds of art! Each type of art is special in its own way. Some are old, some are new, and all of them are super cool. Let’s check out a few:


I want to talk to you about something called Realism. Some people in Europe liked this type of art a long time ago, in the 1800s. It was not the same as Romanticism, which was another style. Realism, on the other hand, tried to show things as they really were, while Romanticism was all about strong feelings and flowery stories. Courbet and other artists painted everyday people doing normal things. To show the world as it really was, they paid close attention to the little things.

Find Your Art Style

Lots of things were changing in society during the Industrial Revolution, which is why this change took place. People were becoming more interested in what life was really like. It wasn’t quite like taking a picture, but realism did its best to show things as they really were. That’s why it felt like looking into the past!


How much do you know about Impressionism? A very cool thing began in France a long time ago. Imagine that artists didn’t want to paint with the same smooth lines and fine features they always did. They wanted to try something new. Their goal was to show how things felt at the time, like how water sparkles in the sun or how leaves look when light shines through them.

These artists did not work in a studio like Monet did. Nope! They took their paints and easels outside to paint what they saw right then. Putting art to life with nature was like that!

Abstract Expressionism

Some American artists began drawing in a very different way after the big war called World War II. Things they didn’t paint were house and people. To paint, they used big sheets of paper and big, strong lines. They added drips and splatters to their art as well. When they were happy or sad, this kind of art showed it.

With just colours and shapes, it looked like they were telling stories. They were brave and unique because they didn’t paint like everyone else. Their works made New York City famous for art and changed the world of art for good. Abstract Expressionism is a very important part of art history. It’s a genre of drawing that stands out.

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It takes time, work, and getting to know yourself before you can find your art style. It’s a very unique and satisfying process. Follow the steps and tips in this guide and trust your imagination and gut feelings. This will help you find your own style as an artist and make work that really shows who you are.

Relax, stay true to who you are, and let your mind run wild! Don’t forget to share your story with other artists. This will help them find their own style in art. Have fun making things! Encourage people to tweet and post about the article: “This long book for artists will help you find your style.” “Style, Art, and Creativity”.


How can I make my art style more recognizable?

To make your art style easier to spot, work on creating signature elements or patterns that are only you. One example of this could be a unique set of colours, a repeating theme or subject, or a certain way of making marks. Using these features in your art on a regular basis will help people recognise you as an artist.

Can I change my art style over time?

Of course! Styles of art don’t stay the same, and it’s normal for artists to grow and change over time. Your art style may change naturally as you gain experience, try out new skills, and get better at what you want to do. Accept these changes as a part of your artistic progress.

How long does it take to find my art style?

Finding your own style as an artist is a personal process that never ends and is different for each person. It may take years of trying different things and exploring for some artists to find their style. Believe in your artistic path and give yourself time and room to grow as an artist.


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