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Best 10 Photography Podcasts to Boost Your Skills

From Beginner to Master: 10 Photography Podcasts to Launch Your Journey

Begin a journey of photographic enlightenment with podcasts, which are great for both amateurs and pros. Through these audio sites, I’ve learned a lot about the craft and gained tips, tricks, and ideas from experienced photographers all over the world. There’s always something new to find and learn, no matter how experienced you are.

Get lost in the world of photography as professionals and amateurs share their stories, tips, and points of view. These podcasts can help you improve your skills and become a better artist by teaching you everything from how to compose music to how to use lights. You’ll get new ideas and points of view from each show, which will help you be more creative.

Join the lively group of photography fans and learn new things through interesting interviews and discussions. These podcasts talk about a lot of different types of photography, from scenery to street. They have something for every niche and interest in the huge world of photography. Listen to these top 10 podcasts, take them all in, and let your love of photography grow.

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Photography podcasts are a great way to learn about the field, hear motivational tales from other photographers, and keep up with the latest trends. No matter how experienced or new you are as a shooter, there are podcasts for you.

Benefits of Listening to Photography Podcasts

Podcasts about photography can help you in many ways, no matter how experienced you are or how new you are to using a camera. Here are some of the best reasons why:

  • Take it from the best: Podcasts have interviews with skilled photographers, so you can hear how they come up with ideas, how they do things technically, and how they run their businesses.
  • Learn new skills: A lot of podcasts give useful tips on everything from how to set up your camera and light it to how to compose your shots and do the editing afterward.
  • Stay inspired: Listening to photographers who are really into their work can spark your creativity and give you new ideas for your next shoot.
  • Easy to get to and use: Podcasts are a great way to learn while you’re on the go. You can listen to them on the way to work, while doing jobs, or even while working on your photos.

Best 10 Photography Podcasts to Boost Your Skills

Podcasts are a great way to get ideas for photos or learn new skills while you’re on the go. There’s a photography podcast out there for everyone, from people who are just starting to people who have been doing it for years. This list has 10 of the best photography podcasts that will help you get better.

1. The Beginner Photography Podcast

Best 10 Photography Podcasts to Boost Your Skills
Host:Raymond Hatfield
Focus:Beginner photography
Topics Covered:Camera basics, composition, lighting

Raymond Hatfield hosts the Beginner Photography Podcast, which is a great resource for people who are just starting as shooters. Covering a wide range of topics, Hatfield skillfully guides readers through the basics of cameras, letting them understand their gear and how it works. Audience members learn about all the important parts of shooting, from aperture to shutter speed.

Hatfield also talks about the artistic side of things, explaining ideas like lighting and design. He gives aspiring photographers the tools they need to take interesting pictures by breaking down methods and giving them useful advice. The podcast creates a helpful learning space for people who are just starting with photography by having talks that are easy to understand and fun to listen to.

2. The Art of Photography

Host:Ted Forbes
Focus:Interviews with professional photographers
Topics Covered:Creative process, business tips

Ted Forbes is the smart host of “The Art of Photography,” which features talks with professional photographers that keep listeners interested. Through a variety of interviews, the podcast sheds light on the complicated creative process and gives listeners useful information about the thoughts of the people who make art. Listeners are exposed to a wide range of techniques, ideas, and difficulties, which helps them appreciate the craft more.

Aside from discussing artistic details, “The Art of Photography” also talks about practical matters and gives photographers important business advice. From how to market to how to deal with clients, each episode gives listeners useful information that gives them the confidence to make it in the working world. The show takes a broad view by combining art and business, which benefits both the artists’ work and the listeners’ ability to make a living.

3. B&H Photography Podcast

Best 10 Photography Podcasts to Boost Your Skills
Host:B&H Photo
Focus:Photography equipment
Topics Covered:Latest gear, interviews with photographers and industry experts

The B&H Photography Podcast covers a lot of ground when it comes to photography and filming. It’s a great resource for both amateurs and professionals. Focusing on the newest tools and methods keeps listeners up to date on changes in the business. Through insightful interviews with photographers and experts in the field, the show gives listeners useful information about how to be creative and how visual storytelling is changing.

As one of the biggest stores in the US, B&H Photo’s podcast shows that it cares about teaching and getting involved in the community. It creates an active learning environment by exploring a wide range of themes, from reviews of art supplies to philosophical ideas about art. Whether people are looking for useful tips or creative ideas, the podcast is a reliable guide on their photography journey that helps them learn and enjoy the art more.

4. Photobiz Xposed

Host:Andrew Hellmich
Focus:Business of Photography
Topics Covered:Interviews with successful photographers, business tips

Photobiz Xposed is a podcast that breaks down the complicated workings of photography companies. The show is hosted by Andrew Hellmich and has insightful talks with accomplished photographers from a wide range of fields. In each show, guests share their plans and experiences, which is a great way to learn how to build a successful photography business. People who listen learn a lot about the different parts of running a successful photography business, from how to sell to how to deal with clients.

Photobiz Xposed shows the problems and practicalities that shooters face in today’s competitive market through honest interviews. Audience members hear from professionals in the field about how to deal with clients, set prices, and use digital platforms to get the most publicity.

5. Six Figure Photography Podcast

Best 10 Photography Podcasts to Boost Your Skills
Host:Pye Jirsa
Focus:Business of photography
Topics Covered:Interviews with successful photographers, making money with photography

The Six Figure Photography Podcast is a great resource for photographers who want to turn their hobby into a profitable business. The show, which is hosted by Pye Jirsa, talks about important parts of the photography business. People who listen learn effective marketing strategies that are specific to their craft from experts. This gives them the tools they need to stand out in a crowded industry.

Pye Jirsa helps people understand how complicated pricing is, so photographers can easily set the right price for their services. The show also gives listeners useful tips on how to get a steady flow of clients, which is important for long-term success and growth. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone who wants to have a successful job as a photographer. It focuses on being useful and smart about business.

6. The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast

Host:Martin Bailey
Focus:Insights from a legendary photographer
Topics Covered:Stories, career advice

Martin Bailey, a famous photographer, shares a lot of valuable information on the Martin Bailey Photography Podcast. Bailey gives us a new way to look at shooting some of the most famous people in the world through his interesting stories. Through his camera, he teaches people very important lessons about how to tell stories, which helps them understand the skill and its power better.

Bailey’s podcast is a great way for aspiring photographers to improve their skills because it is full of stories about famous times that he has captured. His stories are full of emotion and knowledge, and they give useful advice that goes beyond the specifics. Through the podcast, photography fans go on a trip of discovery, learning about the art and meaning of telling stories visually in the field of photography.

7. The Candid Frame

Best 10 Photography Podcasts to Boost Your Skills
Host:Ibarionex Perello
Focus:Street and documentary photography
Topics Covered:Interviews with photographers, tips and techniques

Through in-depth interviews, “The Candid Frame” podcast, led by Ibarionex Perello, looks into how photographers come up with their ideas. Perello brings a unique point of view to talks as a working photographer, giving people a look into the wide world of photography. With guests from a wide range of genres, the podcast looks into the reasons, challenges, and inspirations behind each photographer’s work, giving viewers a wide range of experiences to draw from.

By having interesting talks, “The Candid Frame” not only gives useful advice but also gives both new and experienced photographers ideas. Listeners are invited to learn about the different journeys, techniques, and ideas that shape the art of image-making in each show. This helps viewers appreciate the craft more and sparks their creativity.

8. FroKnowsPhoto

Host:Jessica Kobeissi
Focus:Engaging and informative photography content
Topics Covered:Photography basics, creative inspiration

FroKnowsPhoto, a popular YouTube program, now also does podcasts, and Jared Polin’s lively hosting style keeps people interested. A big part of Polin’s show is that she adds depth to gear reviews with her interesting personality. An excellent mix of fun and useful information makes the FroKnowsPhoto show a popular resource for people who love photography.

People who listen to Polin’s show benefit from his insightful commentary and industry knowledge, which helps them learn about photography trends and methods. Polin keeps up the channel’s image by giving complete and easy-to-understand information through the podcast, which helps build a community of passionate photographers who want to improve their skills.

9. This Week in Photo (TWiP)

Host:Panel of experts
Focus:Photography industry news and trends
Topics Covered:Latest gear, techniques, industry events

“This Week in Photo” (TWiP) is a well-known show that keeps you up to date on the latest news and trends in photography. Its lasting appeal comes from the panel style, in which photographers get together to talk about the week’s most important stories. With each episode, listeners learn about new gear, changing techniques, and changes in the business, which keeps them up to date on the ever-changing world of photography.

TWiP works best when its panelists are from different backgrounds. This makes sure that the talks are interesting for both amateur and professional photographers. The show covers everything from new software to emerging genres in a way that is both concise and thorough. This makes it an essential resource for anyone interested in the art and business of photography.

10. The Digital Story

Host:Derrick Story
Focus:Photography education
Topics Covered:Camera basics, post-processing techniques

The podcast “The Digital Story,” which is hosted by Derrick Story, is a treasure trove of shooting tips. The story knows a lot about photography, from basic tips for beginners to advanced methods. With his vast knowledge, he gives podcast users useful information. This makes the podcast an essential tool for photographers at all stages of their careers.

The Digital Story is for both amateurs and professionals of photography because it covers a wide range of themes. The story’s interesting delivery and wide-ranging topics make sure that people get useful information and creative ideas. Derrick Story is building a strong group of photographers who are dedicated to improving their skills through this podcast.

Bonus: Light & Land Podcast

It is put out by the Royal Photographic Society in the UK and talks about all kinds of photos. Photographers, curators, and other creative workers share their thoughts on the work through in-depth interviews. There are historical contexts, theoretical insights, and technical details covered in the talks, which give a full picture of how complex photography is.

A wide range of topics are covered, from how photographic methods have changed over time to the study of aesthetic principles. The podcast is a great resource for both amateurs and masters of photography. It helps people understand and appreciate the art form better while also showing how photography is changing today.

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Final Words

Listening to photography podcasts is a great way to improve your skills, get new ideas, and meet with other photographers all over the world. There is a lot of information and inspiration in these top 10 photography podcasts, whether you are a newbie who wants to learn the basics or an experienced pro who wants to learn new things.

Talk about your favorite podcasts with other photography fans on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s keep exploring the endless possibilities of this fascinating art form.


How many different types of photography podcasts are there?

Technique podcasts: These cover photography basics including exposure, aperture, and shutter speed.
Business podcasts: These include marketing, pricing, and running a photographic business.
Genre-specific podcasts: These cover landscape, portrait, or wedding photography.
Interview podcasts: Professional photographers are interviewed.

How do I find photography podcasts?

An app for podcasts, like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts, can help you find photography podcasts. You can also use the Internet to look for photography podcasts.

What tools are required to listen to podcasts about photography?

Any device that can play music, like a computer, phone, or tablet, can be used to listen to a photography podcast.


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