The Best 10 Photography Podcasts for Gear Reviews

Photography Podcasts

“Capturing Excellence: The Best 10 Photography Podcasts for Gear Reviews”

Ahead of the curve is of the utmost importance in the ever-changing world of digital imaging, and there is no better way to stay ahead of the curve than by listening to some of the most excellent photography podcasts that are currently available. We have a special gift in store for you if you are looking for in-depth gear evaluations, informative debates, and expert comments on the most recent photographic equipment. A list of the top ten photography podcasts has been compiled by us.

Photography is a type of art that facilitates the preservation of memories and the dissemination of one’s point of view to global audiences. However, you will need the appropriate equipment in order to shoot photographs of a high quality. Considering the wide variety of cameras, lenses, and accessories that are currently available on the market, it might be difficult to determine where to begin. These podcasts are a great way to accomplish this.

From novices who are just starting out and wanting to learn the fundamentals to seasoned professionals who are looking for new insights and creative ideas, podcasts about photography may be a useful resource for photographers of all levels. Professionals may find podcasts about photography to be particularly helpful. In order to make it easier for you to get started in photography.

Dive into the World of Photography Gear with These Top 10 Photography Podcasts

In a world where technology advances at a rate that is faster than you can say “aperture,” it is crucial for any photographer to remain current with the latest developments. These top 10 podcasts are your passport to the most recent gear reviews, informative debates, and a community that shares your unfettered love for all things photography. Whether you are an experienced professional or just beginning to dip your toes into the mesmerising waters of photography, these podcasts are your passport to discovering the latest gear reviews.

1. The Photography Podcast

Photography Podcasts

Chris Marquardt, a photographer, and Frank Doorhof, who is also a co-host, are the individuals who are in responsibility of hosting this podcast. They discuss a wide range of topics, as evidenced by the fact that they cover everything from photographing approaches to individual pieces of equipment. In addition, interviews are conducted with a number of the most accomplished individuals in the photographic profession.

When you visit the Instagram feed of Chris Marquardt, an experienced photographer and storyteller, you will be able to embark on a visual journey via the lens of his photographs. You will be taken into a world where pixels turn into enthralling narratives with each scroll that you perform with your mouse. A mosaic of photography brilliance can be found in Chris’s feed, which includes everything from beautiful vistas to intimate portraiture. His Instagram profile promises a visual feast that transcends the limitations of pixels and pixels, delivering a glimpse into the art and soul of his photographic expertise.

2. Camera Gear Nerd

Photography Podcasts

This podcast is hosted by a photographer by the name of Gavin Hoey, for those who are interested. Due to the fact that he is a gear nerd, he usually participates in discussions concerning the most current and cutting-edge cameras and lenses. In addition to that, he offers reviews of various accessories and provides guidance on how to get the most of the equipment you have.

3. Fstoppers

This podcast is hosted by a gentleman who goes by the name of Mark Wallace, who is a photographer. Due to the fact that he is a business photographer, he possesses a great lot of experience working with a wide range of photographic equipment. He shares his guidance on what he considers to be the most successful methods for a variety of photographic techniques using his own personal experience.

4. The Professional Photographer Podcast

An individual by the name of Brent Cameron, who is a photographer, is the host of this podcast. As a result of the fact that he is an expert in wedding and portrait photography, he provides guidance on how to get the most of your equipment in order to create images of people that are of high quality.

5. The Phoblographer

Photography Podcasts

David duChemin, who is also a photographer, is the one who is hosting this interview podcast. The microphone is in his possession at this moment. Due to the fact that he is a street photographer, he provides assistance on how to make the most of your equipment in order to snap images of the location that you are in.

6. Photo Geek Weekly

Matt Granger and Jeff Carlson, both of whom are trained photographers, are the individuals in charge of hosting this podcast. The responsibility for its contents is with them. Because they are both gear aficionados, they take great joy in discussing the most latest and cutting-edge versions of cameras and lenses. This is because they are both enthusiasts of gear. Additionally, they offer evaluations of accessories and information on how to get the most out of your equipment by providing advice and recommendations. In addition to this, they offer reviews of accessories.

7. The Candid Frame

Photography Podcasts

This podcast is hosted by Richelle Sigler and Imogen Cunningham, both of whom are photographers. They are the ones who are in charge of the podcast. Both of them are documentary photographers, and as such, they provide instruction on how to get the most out of your equipment in order to create stories through the photographs you shoot.

8. The Beginner Photography Podcast

The person who hosts this podcast is a photographer by the name of Brent Mail. He makes his home in the United States. Because he is a starting photographer himself, he is familiar with the feeling of being overwhelmed by all of the equipment that is accessible to him by virtue of the fact that he is a beginner photographer himself. Within the field of photography, he provides assistance on how to choose the proper equipment and how to enter oneself into the world of photography.

9. The Professional Photographer’s Podcast

Photography Podcasts

Specifically, a photographer by the name of Lindsay Adler is the one who hosts this particular podcast. In light of the fact that she is a business photographer, she offers advice on how to get the most out of your equipment in order to generate income from the images that you take of yourself.

10. The Portrait Photography Podcast

Photography Podcasts

This podcast is hosted by Sue Bryce, who is a photographer with a strong enthusiasm for her craft. Due to the fact that she is a portrait photographer, she provides guidance on how to get the most of your equipment in order to create images of people that are of high quality.

Photography documentaries are movies or other visual shows that look into the lives, works, and methods of photographers or photography as an art form or a job in general. The vast majority of the time, these movies demonstrate how artists create their works, how history influences their work, and how certain photographers or photography groups have altered the world.

As a result of the lightning-fast pace at which the photography industry operates, it is very essential to stay current with the most latest photographic equipment. Not only will the following list of the top 10 photography podcasts keep you up to speed, but it will also excite and motivate you and keep you interested in photography. Participate in the conversations, get knowledge from the specialists, and allow your desire for photography to grow with the necessary equipment.

These podcasts are hosted by seasoned photographers who will give you with comprehensive information about the most modern photographic equipment and assist you in picking the best gear for your requirements. They will also provide you with the opportunity to ask questions about the equipment. Additionally, if you want to improve the quality of the images you take, you will get knowledge about various methods and recommendations for making use of your equipment.


Are these podcasts appropriate for beginners?

Unquestionably! Despite the fact that certain podcasts may delve into technical details, the most of them are presented in a manner that is understandable to photographers of varying levels of expertise. One can find anything that suits their needs, regardless of whether they are a seasoned professional or just starting out.

How frequently are new episodes of these podcasts released?

Despite the fact that the frequency of episodes varies, the majority of podcasts aim to release episodes on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. You can find the most recent schedules by visiting the numerous websites that serve as podcasts.

Can I listen to these podcasts on several platforms at the same time?

Without a doubt! It is possible to locate the vast majority of these podcasts on well-known platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and other similar sites. Select the platform that best suits your needs, and then delve headfirst into the fascinating world of photographic equipment.


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