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9 Best Photography Exhibitions Around the World

Capture the World Through Stunning Lenswork: Must-See Photography Exhibitions

I’ve seen some great picture shows in some really cool places around the world. Imagine going into a room full of pictures from around the world. You would see amazing things, like how people live and how beautiful the scenery is.

The picture shows let you see into other places. From busy cities to quiet woods, they show us how people live and how beautiful our world is. Seeing these pictures makes me understand how various ways there are to live.

Let’s watch my 9 favorite TV shows together. Each one has pictures that tell a different story. Like reading a book, but the pictures are there instead of the words. Come with me on this trip where every picture is a new part of the story of our big world.

Understanding the Term: Photography Exhibitions

A photography exhibition is a show of photographs to the public, usually put together by a museum, gallery, or other group. These sites let you see the work of experienced photographers, learn about different ways to take pictures, and get ideas for your photos.

List of 9 Best Photography Exhibitions Around the World

Photography exhibitions give viewers a look at various points of view and visual stories. The world is full of interesting exhibitions that show off the artistic skills and creativity of photographers from all over the world, in both standard galleries and out-of-the-box spaces. Let’s look at ten interesting shows from around the world.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 59

The Best 10 Photography Exhibitions Around the World
Organizer:Natural History Museum, London
Type:Wildlife Photography Competition Exhibition
Focus:Global wildlife across various categories
Dates:October 12th, 2023 to June 29th, 2024
Why Visit:Stunning visuals of wildlife behavior and the natural world

The Natural History Museum in London has a really cool show called Wildlife Photographer of the Year 59. Did you know about it? It will go on until the summer of 2024! The whole point of this show is to show how amazing nature is.

People from all over the world send in their best animal shots every year. In these shots, animals are seen in the places where they live, like in jungles or deserts. These are all great pictures that you can see at this show! You’ll see big cats that look so graceful and little bugs that look so pretty.

Bird Photographer of the Year 2023

Organizer:Bird Photographer of the Year
Type:Wildlife Photography Competition Exhibition
Focus:Birds specifically
Dates:Touring Exhibition
Why Visit:See incredible photographs of birds from around the world

Bird Photographer of the Year 2023 honors the beauty of birds all over the world. Photographers show off the beauty and majesty of birds by taking pictures of different kinds in their natural environments. The competition shows how complicated bird life can be, with pictures of everything from soaring eagles to tiny hummingbirds.

The traveling show takes these stunning pictures to many places, such as Florida and the UK. People are engrossed in the vivid colors, fine details, and stunning moments frozen in time, which makes people all over the world appreciate the beauty of birds.

FotoFest 2024

The Best 10 Photography Exhibitions Around the World
Type:Photography Festival
Focus:Wide range of exhibitions, talks, and workshops
Dates:March 9th, 2024 to April 21st, 2024
Why Visit:Immerse yourself in photography through exhibitions, talks, and workshops

It’s when we take pictures with a different camera. FotoFest is the name of the big event, which is happening in Houston, Texas! To show how much people all over the world love taking pictures. Then they talk about something called “AFTERMATH.” We can learn about the past and how it still affects us today by reading picture books. They have cool walls, classes, and talks to teach us all about it!

The world does change for the better. FotoFest helps us figure out how those things change us, like how they make us feel or how they make us remember them. When we go to FotoFest, we see how powerful pictures can be for telling stories. FotoFest wants us to talk, think, and understand the world better after seeing “AFTERMATH.” That’s really cool! Along the way, like on a picture-based trip, you learn a lot of new things. Visit FotoFest official website for more details.

PHOTO International Festival of Photography

Organizer:PHOTO Australia
Type:Photography Festival
Focus:Australian and Asia-Pacific photographers
Dates:March 1st, 2024 to March 24th, 2024
Why Visit:Explore diverse photography from Australia and the Asia-Pacific region

Our really cool event is called the PHOTO International Festival of Photography and it will take place in Melbourne, Australia, from March 1 to March 24, 2024! It’s like a big party for picture-lovers. At this festival, we can see a lot of beautiful pictures made by skilled photographers from Australia and other nearby places, like Asia-Pacific. We can see how other people see the world through their cameras, which is cool.

There are many pictures that tell different stories at this event. It’s like seeing a big, bright blanket made of photos! Seeing someone’s picture can tell us a lot about what they think and feel. The best thing about the event is that everyone is welcome! People from all over the world love to share their love of pictures here. We get to know each other better and learn more about the different ways pictures can tell stories. It’s fun to meet new people with our photos!


The Best 10 Photography Exhibitions Around the World
Organizer:Saatchi Gallery, London
Type:Solo Photographer Exhibition
Focus:Environmental photography by Edward Burtynsky
Dates:February 14, 2024 to May 6, 2024
Why Visit:See thought-provoking photography on environmental issues

Have you ever seen some really cool pictures that made you think? At the Saatchi Gallery, Edward Burtynsky takes really cool pictures. He studies how companies and big machines make the world a different place. Do you know what we do with toys and clothes? These things can sometimes hurt nature when they are made.

This is how Burtynsky shows us: he takes pictures. He shows how beautiful the world can be and how our actions can make it ugly at times. Seeing his pictures makes us remember how important it is to look after our world. We need to be careful about what we do and how much we use. It’s like putting together a big puzzle to find the right way to keep everything good.

Making Space: Photographs of Architecture

Organizer:Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh
Type:Architectural Photography Exhibition
Focus:Photography depicting architecture throughout history
Dates:October 7, 2023 to March 3, 2024
Why Visit:Gain a new perspective on architecture through photography

Photographs of Buildings” is a cool picture show. Have you heard of it? There is a special place in Edinburgh called the Scottish National Portrait Gallery where it is kept. This show is all about pictures of houses that were taken by certain people. These photographers take pictures of buildings that show how cool they look. These people take shots of well-known buildings as well as ones we see every day.

Each picture captures a split second of time. You can see how towns change and how people live in them in a single picture. Photographers use space (how much room there is), light (how bright or dark it is), and shape (what the building looks like) to make buildings look really beautiful. It’s almost like poetry in pictures!

Photo City: How Images Shape the Urban World

The Best 10 Photography Exhibitions Around the World
Organizer:Victoria and Albert Museum, Dundee
Focus:Photography’s impact on our perception of cities
Dates:March 29th, 2024 to October 27th, 2024
Why Visit:Explore how photography influences our understanding of cities

Know what a museum is? Awesome spot where we can see many interesting things. There is a unique museum in Dundee called the Victoria and Albert Museum. Something called “Photo City: How Images Shape the Urban World” is being shown there. Images have changed how we see places, including the one where we live.

Many photos taken by various individuals are featured in this show. Some of them happen right now, and some happened a long time ago! They display many aspects of city life, including buildings, people, and how they interact with each other.

Saul Leiter: An Unfinished World

Organizer:MK Gallery, Milton Keynes
Type:Solo Photographer Exhibition
Focus:Color photography by Saul Leiter
Dates:February 17, 2024 onwards
Why Visit:See influential color photography by a pioneer of the art form

Saul Leiter? Have you heard of him? In the 1950s and 1960s, he took some really cool shots in New York City. Everything looks so pretty and full of color in the pictures he took. It makes me feel like I’m in a magical world where everyday things are amazing when I look at his pictures.

It was like magic for Saul Leiter with his camera. He made New York City look like a beautiful and mysterious dream. I want to go explore the city and find out all of its secrets after seeing his pictures. The pictures he takes take us back in time and show us how great New York City can be.

Astronomy Photographer of the Year

The Best 10 Photography Exhibitions Around the World
Organizer:National Maritime Museum, Greenwich
Type:Astronomy Photography Competition Exhibition
Focus:Night sky photography
Dates:March 13, 2024 onwards
Why Visit:Witness awe-inspiring celestial photography

Beautiful pictures of the night sky are shown at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich as part of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition. Each picture shows the grandeur and beauty of something in space, from stars that shine to galaxies that move, making us feel amazed and interested. These beautiful pictures take people to the farthest reaches of the universe and show them amazing things that happen in space.

Liverpool Through the Lens by Leroy Cooper

Organizer:Museum of Liverpool
Type:Solo Photographer Exhibition
Focus:Documentary photography of Liverpool
Dates:April 1, 2023
Why Visit:See a historical and personal perspective on Liverpool through photography

The Museum of Liverpool’s “Liverpool Through the Lens” exhibit shows Leroy Cooper’s deep photographic trip over 50 years. Cooper’s lens shows how the city has changed over time, from its industrial past to its lively present. People can see how Liverpool’s architecture, culture, and society have changed over time through his sharp eye, and these changes are captured in vivid detail.

Cooper’s photographs, which show his hard work and insight, tell a timeless story of Liverpool’s energy and strength. Each picture shows something about the city’s past, present, and future, making you think about its rich history and how it is changing all the time. “Liverpool Through the Lens” is a tribute to Cooper’s lasting impact and the power of photography to teach people about a place over time.

Bonus: Edward Burtynsky: New Works

Okay, let’s talk about some cool pics! Some pictures of Earth’s change have been shown to you. That kind of picture is taken by a man called Edward Burtynsky. He just had a show in London where his beautiful photos were shown. Here are some pictures that show how pollution and other things people do are changing our world in big ways. All of us need to remember to take better care of our Earth from this.

When you look at Burtynsky’s pictures, they make you think about how we are linked to nature. Each picture shows a different way that the world is strong and weak. It makes us aware of the things we need to change to protect the Earth. We don’t just look at pretty pictures when we go to Flowers Gallery to see these photos. People start to talk and think about what they can do to help the Earth.

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These ten photography exhibitions cover a wide range of institutions, festivals, and galleries that highlight the strength and beauty of photography. Every place you go, from New York City to Tokyo to London to Paris, gives you a new way to look at photos. Whether you’re an experienced collector or just starting to become interested in photography, these shows are sure to spark your interest, challenge you, and make you want to learn more.

Share this story with your friends on Facebook and Twitter if it makes you feel good. Remember that the world of photography is huge and always changing, so don’t be afraid to look around, find what moves you, and take pictures of it.


Are these exhibitions appropriate for people of all ages?

Even though the vast majority of photographic exhibitions are suitable for people of all ages, it is nevertheless best practice to confirm the needs of individual exhibitions to ensure that they are suitable for particular audiences, particularly younger visitors.

Can people buy prints or images from these exhibitions?

Prints and photos are sold at some shows. This is different for each show and gallery. Contact the show organizers or go to the event’s gift shops to learn more about the many things you can buy.

Can I take pictures at a photography show?

Copyright laws, fragile artwork, and artists’ want to mean that exhibition photography rules vary from place to place. At some shows, you can’t take pictures of yourself without a flash. Before you take pictures, read the exhibition’s rules at the door or online. Ask staff for more information.


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