Orton Effect in Lightroom

How to Create Orton Effect in Lightroom: 5 useful methods

“Lightroom’s Secret Weapon: Orton Effect”

In this article we will discuss about “How to Create Orton Effect in Lightroom.” Have you ever wished your photos looked really magical and dreamy? The Orton Effect is a cool thing that can do that! It’s like giving your pictures a little fairy dust! ✨ In the past, a smart guy named Michael Orton found this cool way to use cameras. He mixed two photos together, one that was clear and sharp and one that was all fuzzy. This made the pictures look soft and dreamy.

These days, we have a tool on our computers called Adobe Lightroom that lets us do this magic. Picture-making is like having a magic stick!✨ Your pictures can look like lovely drawings with the Orton Effect, which adds lots of color and a soft, glowing light to them. It’s like making a story out of your pictures!✨ We will learn how to use the Orton Effect in Lightroom official website in this lesson. Plus, it will make your shots look even cooler and more magical! This tip will make your pictures sparkle and stand out, no matter how good a shooter you are or how much fun you have taking pictures.

What is the Orton Effect?

The Orton Effect is a term you may have heard of. Making pictures look dreamy and colorful is like adding a special magic✨. Just picture taking two shots of the same thing. Everything is very clear and sharp in one picture. Things are a little fuzzy in the other shot, like seeing through fog. Then, we put these two pictures together, like making a yummy sandwich.

Something great happens when we do this! With its soft edges and bright colors, the picture turns into a lovely drawing. It feels like entering a fantasy world! Someone named Michael Orton came up with this magic trick. A long time ago, people did this with special film. These days, we can do it with our computers or cameras! That’s pretty cool, right? It’s a fun way for us to make our photos look extra special and make people feel happy when they see them.

How to Create Orton Effect in Lightroom

Let’s use the Orton Effect to make your picture look like a dream! To do it in Lightroom, follow these steps:

The basic Orton effect

  1. Bring your picture into Lightroom.
  2. Change the settings for exposure, color, and other things as you like.
  3. Right-click on your picture and choose “Create Virtual Copy.” This will make a copy of the picture.
  4. To soften the details, move the slider for sharpness down to about -30 to -50.
  5. If you need to, make the picture a little brighter.
  6. Raise the source photo’s clarity to about +30 to +50 to get more contrast and detail.
  7. Move the two pictures around until they look the way you want them to.

The Orton Effect Adjustment Brush

  1. Bring in your picture and make some simple changes.
  2. Take out the Adjustment Brush.
  3. Make the clarity -100.
  4. Use a brush to add the dreamy effect to the places you want it.
  5. Change the options for exposure, contrast, and other things as needed.
  6. To make some parts sharper, make a new brush that is clearer and paint over them.

Orton Effect with Graduated Filter

  1. Bring in your picture and make some simple changes.
  2. Make use of the Gradient Filter tool.
  3. Lower the sharpness to between -50 and -100.
  4. Put the tint on things like the background or sky.
  5. Make small changes to the brightness, sharpness, and exposure.

The Orton effect of a radial filter

  1. Bring in your picture and make some simple changes.
  2. Pick out the Radial Filter tool.
  3. Lower the sharpness to between -50 and -100.
  4. Put a circle around the part you want to see more of.
  5. Change any other settings that need it.


  1. Look online for settings or make your own.
  2. Put the setting on your picture.
  3. Make any changes you want to make the look right.

Benefits of Using the Orton Effect in Photography

Orton Effect in Lightroom

Many photographers use the Orton Effect to give their pictures a dreamy, soft, and slightly fuzzy look. Here are some easy ways that the Orton Effect can help you:

  1. Better mood: It gives pictures a dreamy feel that can make them feel more romantic, nostalgic, or magical.
  2. Attention on Subject: The Orton Effect can make the main subject stand out more by reducing the background or some parts of it.
  3. Expression of Art: It lets photographers add a unique artistic touch to their photos, making everyday scenes into beautiful works of art.
  4. Emotional Impact: The blur and softness can make you feel things like peace, calmness, or warmth, which makes the picture more emotionally powerful.
  5. Hide Flaws: By making things less detailed, it can help hide small flaws or distractions in the picture, like blemishes or backgrounds that are too crowded.
  6. Creative Control: Photographers have creative control over how the final picture looks and feels because they can change the blur and brightness to suit their needs.
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In Conclusion, Do you enjoy taking pictures? I agree! There’s a cool thing you can do with your pictures that will make them look even better. The Orton Effect is a term you may have heard of. Giving your photos a magical touch that makes them look dreamy and unique is like adding a magic touch. Lightroom has an effect called “Orton Effect” that makes your pictures look soft and pretty, like they’re from a fairy story! You might think it’s hard, but believe me, it’s not! You’ll see how fun it is after you try it.

Your shots can become something special with your help! Check out what beautiful pictures you can make by changing the brightness, blur, light, and shadow. You can be creative with the Orton Effect whether you’ve been taking pictures for a long time or this is your first time. Let’s get started and have fun with our pictures! Also, if you liked learning about the Orton Effect, why not tell your photography-loving friends about it? You can share it on X(Twitter) and Facebook about it. Let’s get other people excited about shooting and encourage them to try new things!


What kind of photos work best with the Orton Effect?

With the Orton Effect, photos look better with lots of contrast and interesting details. You can try it with any picture to see what works best for your style. It works well for scenery and portrait shots.

Can I achieve the Orton Effect in other photo editing software?

Instead of relying solely on Lightroom, you can create the Orton Effect using other tools such as Photoshop or GIMP. Obtain the smooth, dreamlike style by blending together multiple photos.

Is the Orton Effect suitable for all types of photography?

You can add mood to your photos with the Orton Effect, but it won’t work on all of them. It adds mood, so before you use it, make sure it fits with the style and theme of your picture.


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