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10 Famous Instagram Photographers You Must Follow for Inspiring Shots

Do Famous Instagram Photographers’ captivating images excite you? I love how they effortlessly tell stories with their photographs, transporting us to exotic countries and evoking feelings we never realised we had. The varied styles and subjects these photographers tackle captivate me as I go through my feed. Well Known Instagram Photographers have perfected visual storytelling with stunning landscapes and personal portraiture.

Their ability to freeze time in pixels is amazing. Each photo tells a story, whether it’s a crowded cityscape at sunset or a lone figure against a spectacular backdrop. Famous Instagram photographers are known for their composition and light skills as well as technical skill. They may perceive beauty in everyday scenes and convert them into masterpieces. I’m constantly amazed by their creativity as I explore their feeds.

Famous Instagram Photographers’ dedication to their work is my favourite thing about them. They persist despite obstacles because they want to capture and share the world’s beauty. Their passion motivates me to take up photography. Famous Instagram Photographers inspire and enchant in a world full with visuals. They show us other worlds and invite us to see the world through their eyes. So next time you go through your feed, enjoy these great people’s work.

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List of 10 Most Famous Instagram Photographers for Inspiration

As an Instagram user, you’re always looking for captivating content, and nothing beats famous photographers’ work. Their gorgeous photos and enlightening comments transport you to breathtaking landscapes, bustling city streets, and personal moments in time. These posts depict unique stories with brilliant colours, dramatic compositions, and intense emotions. These photographers have perfected visual storytelling, inspiring and awe-inspiring you with every scroll through your page with close-up portraits that evoke empathy or panoramic landscapes that inspire wanderlust.

Tobias Hägg


  • Drone photography
  • Scandinavian landscapes
  • Moody atmospheres

Instagram user “airpixels” Tobias Hägg is known for his stunning aerial and landscape photography. Hägg’s Swedish work depicts nature with a unique perspective, typically including adventure and exploration.

His photos reveal rough mountains and peaceful seascapes in wonderful light and colours. Hägg’s photos captivate visitors with his keen composition skills and adventurous energy. Hägg, a drone photography expert, inspires and captivates Instagram users with his stunning visual storytelling.

Forrest Mankins


  • Adventure & nature
  • Minimalistic style
  • Global exploration

Forrest Mankins is a famous Instagram photographer known for his outdoor and adventure photos. Mankins’ images capture stunning landscapes, remote wilderness places, and personal moments in nature with a good eye for composition and a love of nature.

His unique approach merges breathtaking environment with human presence, inviting viewers to experience the outdoors and adventure. Mankins’ emotive tale and stunning pictures have won him a significant Instagram following. He inspires others to explore and enjoy nature through his photography.

Theron Humphrey


  • Storytelling
  • Pets & people
  • Daily life

Instagram photographer Theron Humphrey tells interesting stories. He’s most known for his project “This Wild Idea,” where he traverses America to photograph landscapes and individuals he meets. He has over 200k followers. His ability to combine visuals with poignant stories has won praise.

Humphrey’s close photographs of people and animals highlight life’s diversity. He invites viewers to experience his subjects and their surroundings through his lens. His Instagram page shows how photography fosters empathy and understanding.

David Guttenfelder


  • Conflict zones
  • Global events
  • Photojournalism

Photojournalist David Guttenfelder is famous for his Instagram photos. Guttenfelder has covered major events including the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and North Korean daily life for the Associated Press for over two decades.

His Instagram page shows his attention to detail and ability to capture true human emotions in varied contexts. Guttenfelder’s work presents fascinating stories that appeal globally. His Instagram visual storytelling inspires budding photographers and fans.

Chris Burkard


  • Surfing scenes
  • Landscape adventures
  • Natural wonders

Chris Burkard is famous for his stunning landscape photography, especially of isolated and pristine settings. Burkard’s gorgeous Instagram photos inspire travel and adventure with over 3 million followers.

His work depicts nature’s awe-inspiring force with mountains, waves, and light. Burkard has won many accolades for his unique style and ability to capture emotion in photography. He is a talented photographer, filmmaker, speaker, and author who inspires many to enjoy nature.

Peter McKinnon


  • Cinematic style
  • Travel & vlogs
  • Photography tutorials

Famous Canadian photographer, filmmaker, and YouTuber Peter McKinnon creates stunning visuals. McKinnon’s Instagram feed has over 6 million followers, showcasing his outstanding landscape, portrait, and moment photography. He uses brilliant colours, dramatic lighting, and dynamic compositions to create images that appeal worldwide.

In addition to photography, McKinnon teaches aspiring photographers and filmmakers skills, gear reviews, and creative processes on YouTube. He is one of the most influential digital photographers due to his infectious excitement and true passion for the profession.

Brandon Woelfel


  • Neon portraits
  • Bokeh photography
  • Creative lighting

Brandon Woelfel is known for his surreal photography with brilliant colours, bokeh effects, and imaginative lighting. He is famous for his breathtaking photos and urban landscapes with over 3.8 million Instagram followers.

Woelfel’s fantasy and whimsy create magical and enchanting visuals. He has worked with huge businesses and shot famous people. Woelfel has become one of Instagram’s most prominent photographers, inspiring millions with his ingenuity and unique vision.

Jessica Kobeissi


  • Fashion photography
  • Portraits
  • YouTube tutorials

Photographer Jessica Kobeissi is famous for her Instagram photos. Over a million followers have helped her stand out in photography. Kobeissi’s photos are visually spectacular and emotionally moving due to her use of brilliant colours, dynamic settings, and human emotions.

Her captivating portrait photography garnered her cooperation with major brands and newspapers. Beyond Instagram, Kobeissi inspires young photographers worldwide with her courses and workshops. She remains a leading figure in contemporary photography because to her talent and passion.

Mike Browne


  • Photography education
  • Tutorials & courses
  • Practical tips

Mike Browne, a talented Instagram photographer, is known for his eye and creativity. Browne’s unique style blends creativity and technical aptitude to create captivating visual narratives. His work includes stunning vistas and intimate portraits that tell stories or evoke emotions.

Every photo showcases Browne’s composition, lighting, and post-processing skills, earning him a big Instagram following. Browne inspires young photographers worldwide with his educational content and amazing photography. His photography influence goes beyond Instagram, making him respected.

Aimee Song


  • Fashion & lifestyle
  • Travel adventures
  • Influencer style

Fashion and lifestyle photographer Aimee Song became famous on Instagram. She has almost 5 million followers and is known for her brilliant colours, exquisite compositions, and immaculate style. Aimee’s feed showcases her creativity and attention to detail in fashion, travel, and interior design.

She’s a renowned entrepreneur, novelist, and fashion designer known for her brand collaborations and philanthropy beyond Instagram. Aimee is one of the most powerful internet celebrities, impacting trends and the fashion industry beyond social media.


Instagram photographers’ beautiful photos attract millions. Bright colours, stunning vistas, and intimate pictures fill their feeds, capturing life in a square frame. These artists attract followers with their unique perspectives and narrative skills. Their photos stir emotions, travel, and conversations. You double-tap, remark, and share their work, making everyday situations viral. Each post is like a window into another world, making you want to explore or appreciate nature. They set Instagram trends and standards for aspiring photographers.


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