Edit Underwater Photos

How to Edit Underwater Photos: best beginner tips

A process called “photo editing” will teach us how to Edit Underwater Photos. It works like magic to make your dive photos look better! We’ll figure out how to make the colours in your pictures look great, like the colours of coral reefs and shiny fish. We will also learn how to make your pictures look less blue by using natural light.

We will also learn how to make your pictures tell cool stories by putting things where they belong. Like turning every picture into a trip! Get ready, all of you explorers! If you know how to edit them, your shots of the ocean will look just as good as the ocean itself. Let’s go take some cool pictures!

How to Edit Underwater Photos

Below we will mention steps to Edit Underwater Photos:

  1. Setting the “white balance”: To make the colours in our pictures look realistic, we need to make this change. The colours can be changed until we’re happy with them.
  2. Making Brightness Just Right: Being able to adjust the brightness is hard because the light is different underwater. We can make parts of our picture lighter or darker so that we can see everything clearly.
  3. Detail Making: We can improve the look of our underwater photos by emphasising the smaller things. Still, we need to be careful not to do it too much or it will look weird!
  4. Getting Rid of Eye-Cracking Spots: It’s normal for underwater photos to have small spots that are visible. There is a tool that can get rid of them and make our pictures look better.
  5. Using Special Filters: To fix the colours and make our underwater pictures look better, we can use special things called filters.
  6. Parts of the Picture Can Be Fixed: We can change only certain parts of our picture if we want to. To do it, we can use certain tools.
  7. Enhancing Colours: Increasing their brightness can boost the beauty of the colours in our underwater photos. We shouldn’t make them too bright, though!
  8. How to Make Pictures Clearer: We can make the details in our underwater pictures stand out more without making the pictures look weird.

Essential Equipment for Editing Underwater Photos

Here is the mention Essential Equipment for Editing Underwater Photos:

Computer:A powerful computer capable of running photo editing software smoothly.
Monitor:A high-resolution monitor with accurate color reproduction for precise editing.
Photo Editing Software:Software such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom official site for editing RAW underwater images.
External Hard Drive:Storage for your photo library, as underwater photos can take up significant space.
Backup Solution:Cloud storage or additional external drives for backup, ensuring your edited photos are safe and secure.
Underwater Housing Maintenance Tools:If you’re also maintaining your underwater housing, tools for cleaning and upkeep are essential.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Editing Underwater Photos

Edit Underwater Photos

Below we will mentioned Common Mistakes to Avoid in Editing Underwater Photos:

  • If you change too much, don’t do it: When we’re happy, we want to change the colours and make everything very bright. We need to be careful not to make it look fake, though. We want the pictures we take underwater to look real.
  • Fixing colors: Water can change the colours in our pictures so they look blue or green instead of the colours we see. There are tools that can make the colours look like they do in real life.
  • Be careful of tiny dots: When we take pictures underwater, these white dots show up all over the place. What you see is called backscatter! We can stay away from them by being careful with the light from our camera.
  • Get it clear where it matters: We can clear up our shots if they’re a little fuzzy. Not too rough, though. We should only cut away the parts we want, like fish eyes.
  • Even everything out: When we change things in our picture, we need to be careful. We need to be careful because big spots of colour could make it look funny. We want everything to look good and smooth!
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What do you think? We’ve found a way to make our pictures from underwater look cool! Want to know how? I’ll tell you! First, we need to use some tips and tricks. Then our dull pictures of the ocean will be turned into beautiful works of art that show how great the ocean is. Let’s get our cameras, jump in the water, and start taking cool pictures! Also, don’t keep these cool tricks to yourself! Let’s post them on Facebook and X (Twitter) and invite our friends to join us in taking cool underwater pictures!


Can I edit underwater photos taken with a smartphone?

Of course! Professional cameras may have more advanced editing tools, but photo editing apps for both iOS and Android phones can still be used to improve colours, contrast, and clarity in smartphone pictures.

Are there any specific editing techniques for correcting underwater lighting issues?

Yes, changing the white balance and brightness can help fix problems with the lighting underwater and bring back the photos’ natural colours. You can also even out the lighting in your underwater photos by using graduated filters or the dodging and burning method.


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