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How to Blur Background In Photoshop: 2 easy methods

In this article we will talk about “How to Blur Background In Photoshop: 2 easy methods.”It’s weird when the person in front of the picture is very clear but everything behind them looks like a bad dream. What we do in Photoshop is called “blurring the background.” It draws more attention to the person or thing you want to see. It doesn’t matter how good you are at editing photos—learning how to Blur Background In Photoshop is very important!

It’s cool that Photoshop lets you do this in different ways. Use of something called Gaussian blur is one quick and easy one. Some need a little more work, but they let you choose what gets blocked more. We’ll learn about all of these different ways to blur backgrounds in this guide. After that, you can pick the best one for your picture! We’ll also talk about some extra things you can do to improve the look of your blurry picture!

How to Blur Background In Photoshop

Here are two common methods to Blur Background In Photoshop:

Using Blur Filters:

  1. Pick out a background! To get what you want, use tools like the Magic Tool or Magic Pen. To do it in a fancy way, you can click Select and then Select Subject.
  2. It’s time to blur! Now go to Filter and click on Blur. You can blur in different ways:
    • The Gaussian blur: It’s easy and quick. By moving a scale, you can blur things.
    • Blur from the lens: This one is fancy! You can pick where the fuzz goes and how it looks.

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Using Layer Masking:

  1. Copy: We make a twin picture so that we don’t have to think about the real one while we play.
  2. To put on the mask, we press a button that looks like a square with a circle inside it. Putting a spell on our picture is like magic!
  3. Choose the Main Character: Like in a movie, we use our special tools to point to the part we want to keep very clear.
  4. Please make the magic flip: We have a special trick that blurs and softens everything else except the main character’s friends.
  5. How to Paint: To paint over our main character’s friends, we use a black brush. It’s like using a magic pen to colour!

Enhancing Composition with Background Blur: Dos and Don’ts

Here is a table that shows the dos and don’ts of using background blur to improve composition:

1. Use wide aperture1. Overdo blur
2. Choose appropriate background2. Blur essential elements
3. Maintain focus on subject3. Neglect composition
4. Experiment with distance
5. Pay attention to light

Advanced Techniques for Fine-Tuning Background Blur Effects

Below we will mentioned some Advanced Techniques for Fine-Tuning Blur Background In Photoshop:

Masking and Selective Blurring:

  • Masks for Painting: I use a special tool to paint around things I want to stay out of the picture sometimes. In other words, only things in the background become fuzzy. It’s like drawing on the lines!
  • A Lot of Pictures: Have you ever taken a lot of pictures all at once? I can take many shots with this trick, but each one has a different focus. Then I put them all together like a puzzle, and the whole picture is very clear!
Blur Background In Photoshop
  • Helping Hands: Picture a computer that could look at your picture and tell you what’s in the front and what’s in the back by itself! That is what some cool tools can do. It makes it easy for me to hide just the parts I want.

Blur Quality and Effects:

  • Funny Shapes in the Background: What are those funny shapes in the background? Did you know that the shape of the camera hole can change how the blurry parts in the background look? It makes the blurry parts look smoother and rounder, like bubbles, if the camera has a lot of little doors. These are called aperture blades. It might look like pointy forms if there are only a few doors, though.
  • Making Things Look Small: Sometimes we can make pictures look like they show little toy worlds! To do this, we blur the top and bottom of the picture, just like our eyes blur things that are far away.
  • Blur Magic: There are special tools we can use to blur parts of a picture. One tool makes the whole picture look like a soft layer of blur. We can choose how blurry things should be and what shape the blur should have with another tool that works like a magic camera lens.
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Here you have it: an easy way to hide the background of your photos in Photoshop that works well! There are many reasons to blur the background in your photos. It can make your subject stand out, improve pictures, or add artistic effects. You’ll be amazed at how well it works if you give it a try! Share this story on Facebook and X (Twitter) so your friends can learn how to blur backgrounds in Photoshop like a pro too!


Can I blur the background in Photoshop Elements?

If you use similar methods, you can blur the background in Photoshop Elements as well, though some functions may be limited compared to Photoshop. To get the same effect, go to the Effects panel and find the Blur tool or the Depth of Field effect.

How do I create a shallow depth of field effect in Photoshop?

In Photoshop, soften the background while keeping the subject clear and sharp to get a shallow depth of field effect. To make it look like there isn’t much depth of field, use selective blur methods like the Lens Blur filter or the Gaussian Blur filter.

Can I blur the background of a photo taken with a smartphone?

Yes, photo editing apps or software like Photoshop can hide the background of a picture you took on your phone. Even though smartphones don’t give you as much power as dedicated cameras, with the right editing skills, you can still get great results.


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