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Best 10 Tips for Shooting Product Photography

You’ve arrived to the right place if you’ve ever pondered the question of how to take that one picture that perfectly captures one of your favourite products or how to produce images that are captivating for your online business. Hello, and thank you for taking the time to go through our article on the “Top 10 Tips for Shooting Product Photography.”

We have something for everyone, whether you’re just starting out and want to improve your talents or you’re an experienced veteran trying to pick up some new techniques. Let’s take a thrilling journey into the world of product photography and find out how to make your wares sparkle.

Even in today’s fast-paced society, which is characterised by swiftly expanding technologies and fashions, the art of capturing candid moments is still highly regarded because of its enduring qualities. This is because candid moments tend to be more honest and genuine.

Candid photography, which involves capturing natural moments without the subject being posed, has the capacity to encapsulate genuine emotions and create memories that will last a lifetime. This type of photography is also known as reportage photography.

10 Product Photography Tips for Beginners

You’ve got a fantastic product that you can’t wait to flaunt to the rest of the world, but you’re not entirely sure how to shoot it in a way that does it justice and conveys the essence of what it is. Trainee photographers, put your worries aside and take pictures! To assist you in becoming a better product photographer, we have compiled the following list of ten essential tips that have been created with beginners in mind:

1. Use good lighting

Product Photography

Lighting is one of the key issues in product photography, which places a significant emphasis on the importance of this aspect. If you have adequate illumination, your products will look their absolute best, and the defining characteristics of those items will be brought to the fore. It is in your best interest to avoid making use of harsh lighting because it may lead to the formation of shadows and cause your products to appear to have only two dimensions. Instead, you should take use of the light that is soft and diffused.

2. Use a tripod

With the support of a tripod, you will have an easier time maintaining the stability of your camera, which is required in order to produce high-quality images. In addition to this, it is helpful for shooting a large number of shots of the same item from a variety of angles.

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3. Use a white background

Product Photography

When it comes to taking pictures of products, a white background is nearly always used. It makes the process of photo editing much simpler while also helping to highlight the distinctive aspects of your products. You could take pictures against a white wall, or you could use a continuous sheet of white paper as a backdrop instead. Both options are available to you.

4. Compose your shots carefully

Take into consideration the several possibilities for the display of your product that are available to you within the frame. You want to make sure that the product is the primary focus of the photograph, and you don’t want the background to draw attention away from the product in any way. Composing images in a way that is visually appealing can be accomplished by the use of a variety of techniques, such as the rule of thirds and leading lines, amongst others.

5. Shoot from different angles

Product Photography

You shouldn’t just take images of the front of your products to sell them online. Take photographs of the items being sold from a variety of different vantage points, so that potential purchasers may form a more full mental image of what the items look like. You also have the choice to take close-up shots of specific elements or particulars of the subject matter.

6. Use a shallow depth of field

Use a depth of field that is relatively shallow in your photograph. If you select a shallow depth of field, the background will be blurred, which will assist your product stand out from the rest of the image. In order to obtain a shallow depth of field, it is necessary to make use of a large aperture (for example, f/2.8).

7. Edit your photos

Product Photography

After you have taken the photographs, you will have the ability to make adjustments to them in order to raise the overall quality of the photographs. The parameters for the brightness, contrast, and saturation, amongst others, are all under your control. You also have the option of erasing anything from the backdrop that is unwelcome in its current state.

8. Use high-resolution images

When using photos, make sure they have a decent resolution. It is important that the image of the product that you use has a high quality in order to provide potential customers with an unobstructed view of the nuances of your offerings. Your objective should be to take pictures with a resolution of at least 2000 pixels across the widest part of the image.

9. Save your photos in the right format

Product Photography

Check that your images have been saved in the correct format. When saving images of your products, you should do so in either the JPEG or PNG file format. These are the most widely used image formats, and support for them can be found in practically every major online browser.

10. Use descriptive filenames

Before you save any of your product images, make sure to give each one a name that appropriately defines what it is. This will help you keep order among your photographs and will make it easy for potential customers to find the images they desire.

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You have now reached the end of our list of the top 10 recommendations for shooting products, and we thank you for your time. You are well on your way to shooting products in a manner that is engaging and visually appealing now that you have these bits of information. Always keep in mind that the most essential component is to enjoy what you’re doing as much as possible, to put in the effort to develop your skills, and to let your creative side shine through the lens of the camera.


Do I need a high-end camera to take nice product photographs?

Your photographs will surely be enhanced by using a high-quality camera; nevertheless, this is not the only element to consider. Mastering abilities in composition, lighting, and editing can allow you to produce excellent results even when using a mobile device like a smartphone.

How do I make my product photographs pop on social media?

It is critical to be consistent. Develop a visual style that is consistent throughout, make use of eye-catching compositions, and engage in conversation with your audience. Take into consideration the image dimensions and resolution guidelines provided by the site as well.

How should I shoot reflecting or shiny products?

It is possible that working with reflective surfaces will be challenging. Experiment with different lighting angles, use diffusers to make reflections less harsh, and think about capturing multiple exposures so that you can combine them later in post-processing to achieve a more polished image.


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