Shoot Infrared Photos

How To Shoot Infrared Photos: 9 easy steps

In this article we will discuss with you about How To Shoot Infrared Photos. These pictures let us see things that our eyes can’t. It’s like seeing a secret world before anyone else! Instead of regular light, it picks up light waves that our eyes can’t see. It looks like scenes from another world because of how magical and strange everything looks! However, taking infrared pictures is not the same as taking regular pictures. To do it right, you need certain tools and know-how. It is very different to pick out the right camera and lens and then change the shots.

When you take a picture of something normal with infrared light, it looks unique. It would be cool if your yard had a magical forest or friends that glow like they’re from a sci-fi movie! You need to change the way you see things. Learn about infrared photography if you want to see things in new ways.

This is true whether you want to paint images that look like they came from another world or scenes that look like they belong in another world. Are you ready to explore this wonderful world with us? Let’s begin and learn how to take lovely pictures that are different from what we usually see!

What is Infrared Photography?

It could be one of the coolest things you can do to take shots with infrared light. There is a type of light that it can pick up that we can’t see. Each shot is now different and unique! This means that other cameras won’t be able to catch this light. To do that, you need certain equipment. Some things, like trees, can look very bright and the sky can look very dark.

Shoot Infrared Photos

It’s like seeing the world in a new way! One-of-a-kind pictures are used for many things, like to learn about science, take beautiful pictures of nature, and even to sneak up on other people and scare them. Artists also like it because it can change the colour of their work from light to dark. If we take an IR picture, we can see things that we have never seen before. The world is now visible to us. If you’re considering purchasing a best to shoot infrared photos, then you can consider Canon G15 and you might want to explore deals available on Amazon.

Steps To Shoot Infrared Photos

Choose the Right Gear

  1. Get a digital camera that lets you shoot by hand.
  2. Make sure your camera can take pictures in the infrared range, or fix it if it can’t.
  3. Which lens should you use? A wide-angle lens is best for landscapes, while a long lens is best for close-ups.

Time and Conditions

  1. The best light to shoot in is either direct sunlight or strong artificial light.
  2. Shoot on clear days or at night.
  3. Find scenes with lots of green plants to make the differences stand out.

Set Up Your Camera

  1. If you want full freedom, switch to manual mode.
  2. To cut down on noise, keep the ISO low (around 100 or 200).
  3. For steadiness, use a tripod, especially when the shutter speed is slow.
  4. Put an infrared screen on your lens if your camera hasn’t been changed.

Adjust White Balance

  1. To fix the red or pink tint, change the white balance by hand.
  2. You can try different themes or make your own setting by using a picture of plants as a guide.

Pay attention

  1. Autofocus might not work well with infrared light, so use manual focus instead.
  2. Make use of the IR focusing mark on your lens if it has one. To be sure, use live view mode instead.

Compose Your Shot

  1. Pay attention to contrasts and textures when you think about design.
  2. Try different views to find the best compositions.

Take the Shot!

  1. Take the picture when everything is ready!
  2. To keep from shaking, use a remote trigger or a self-timer.
  3. For the best picture, you may need to take several shots.


  1. With changing software like Photoshop or Lightroom, you can change colours, boost contrast, and make other small changes.
  2. Try new things and enjoy yourself!

Experiment and Have Fun

It’s fun to try new things with infrared photos.
Have fun taking strange and unique pictures!

Equipment Needed for Infrared Photography

Digital CameraInfrared-capable or modified for infrared photography
Infrared FilterBlocks visible light, allowing only infrared to pass
TripodStabilizes the camera for long exposure times
Remote Shutter ReleaseMinimizes camera shake during exposure
LensAny compatible lens for your camera
Infrared Light SourceOptional for low-light situations
Post-Processing SoftwareTo enhance and adjust infrared images
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To sum up, knowing about How to Shoot Infrared Photos can help you make art and have fun in new ways. It can be fun to learn how to take infrared pictures, whether you like the way plants look like they’re dreaming or the way surroundings look like they’re from another world. To get your attention, we showed you some of this great style of photography.

Don’t be afraid to share your stories as you learn more about this cool world. On sites like Facebook and X(Twitter), you can find other people who like infrared photos. You can get help, give advice, and show off your own cool pictures there. We should let everyone know how much we love infrared photography and tell them they should try it too! This story can get your friends interested in infrared photos.


What is the best time of day for shooting infrared photos?

The sun should be very bright for infrared pictures to work well. Take pictures when the sun is high in the sky, around noon. This makes the cool infrared effect stand out and lets you get a lot of detail in your shots.

How do I calibrate white balance for infrared photography?

Make adjustments to the white balance to achieve the desired colour saturation in infrared photographs. Consider using a grey card or presets. This serves to compensate for the absence of the typical light.


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