How To Paint Galaxy Space

How To Paint Galaxy Space: 7 easy steps

You are going on a trip to paint the beauty of the universe. Let the dance of colours and light take you there. You’ll mix and swirl your way through the vastness of space with a palette of deep blues, purples, pinks, and bright whites. Layer dark backgrounds to make them look like the depth of space, and then add splashes of bright colours to make stars and nebulae far away look like they are moving through space. In this article we will discuss about how To Paint Galaxy Space.

With each stroke of your brush, feel the galaxies’ power and wonder come to life under your fingers. No matter how experienced you are as an artist or how new you are to exploring, painting galaxies gives you a lot of room to be creative and express yourself. So, let your creativity run wild as you paint the night sky one stroke at a time.

Introduction to Galaxy Space Painting

Have you ever marvelled at a star-studded night sky? Galaxy space paintings portray space’s vastness and splendour on canvas. You can create swirling nebulas, brilliant star clusters, and the inky depths of the cosmos using this art style. No galaxy painting method is universal. Beginner or experienced artist, there are techniques and styles for you.

 Paint Galaxy Space
  • Mediums: Acrylics are famous for their vivid colours and seamless blendability. Oils are classic and gritty, whereas watercolours are soft and ethereal. Inks, sprays, sponges, and crumpled paper can be used.
  • Techniques: Splatting and scumbling provide texture and depth, while wet-on-wet mixing creates smooth colour transitions. Brush stippling or speckles might symbolise many twinkling stars.
  • Colour Palettes: Endless options! Reds, oranges, and yellows capture a nascent galaxy’s brilliant hues. Create mystery with purples, blues, and pinks. Dare to experiment and build your own cosmic colour narrative.

Essential Supplies for Galaxy Space Painting

Below We will show you Essential Supplies for Galaxy Space Painting:

Canvas:Any size will work, but for beginners, an 8″ x 10″ or 11″ x 14″ is a good starting point.
Acrylic Paint:Black is essential for the background, but you’ll also need various shades of blues, purples, pinks, and whites for the galaxy itself.
Paint Brushes:A variety of sizes is helpful. A large flat brush for the background, a medium round brush for general painting, and a small round brush for details are a good starting point.
Water Container:For thinning paint and cleaning brushes.
Paper Towels:For wiping brushes and cleaning up spills.

How To Paint Galaxy Space

  1. It’s time to make something really cool! Our special tools are first needed. We’ll paint with blue, purple, pink, and white paints. Do not forget our paints, tape, and brushes!
  2. After that, we’ll get our painting ready. We’ll paint it black to make our art look even better!
  3. Allow us to now create our space background. The colours will be mixed on the board. Combine darker colours first, then lighter ones. They will look like space if you swirl them around.
  4. Time to look at stars and nebulae! You can make stars by flicking your white paint-covered brush. For nebulae, blend bright colours slowly to make shapes that look like space clouds.
  5. Let us add more information! As you make galaxies, give them different sizes and shapes. You can add shooting stars, bright star groups, and worlds far away.
  6. Not long to go! Take a step back and admire your work. Add whatever you want to make it great!
  7. Wow, the world is really cool! Give your art to other people and encourage them to go on their own space adventures!

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Inspiration and Ideas for Galaxy Space Art

Below we will suggest some Inspiration and Ideas for Galaxy Space Art:

  • The Majesty of the Cosmos: Capture the amazing size of space. Use sizes that are different from each other, like big nebulae next to swirling black holes. Think about how bright star clusters make deep shadows, like in a light and shadow play.
  • “Celestial Colours”: Don’t just use black and blue. Look into real clouds and galaxies to find bright shades of orange, pink, purple, and red. For striking colour bursts, think about bioluminescent effects or cosmic storms.
  • Legends and myths: Many cultures have stories about the stars at night. Add constellations, gods, or strange animals from other worlds to your art.
  • Scientific Accuracy: You can use your imagination, but you might want to include real cosmic events like supernovae, planetary rings, or spiral galaxy arms.
  • Feelings: Make people feel awe, surprise, or a sense of the unknown. For a wild, energising mood, use colours and textures that swirl around, or focus on light sources in the middle for a calm, meditative vibe.


I want to take you on a journey through space as we explore the secrets of painting galaxies. Stardust swirls and colours of heavenly brightness help us travel through the infinite space of the universe, telling stories of its amazing wonder. Each stroke shows how the stars and nebulae dance in the sky, like a melody of light and colour that reverberates through the universe.

Let’s show the world our work of art in space now! Use the term #GalaxyArt to show off your beautiful art on Facebook and X (Twitter). Let’s light a spark of creation that will encourage others to go on their own artistic journeys among the stars. Come with us as we create a world of our own making, where our dreams paint the wonders of the universe.

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Do I need any prior painting experience to create a galaxy space painting?

Not at all! Painting galactic space requires imagination and ingenuity. Anyone can take this celestial adventure, whether they’re an artist or explorer.

Can I use oil paints instead of acrylics for my galaxy space painting?

Acrylic paints are used for galaxy space paintings because they dry quickly, but you can try oil paints. Please note that oil paints dry slower, which may impair your painting process.

How can I achieve a realistic-looking galaxy in my painting?

Layering colours and mixing creates depth and dimension in a realistic galaxy. Explore different brushstrokes and colour combinations to depict the universe’ complex splendour.


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