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How to Make Social Media Graphic: 6 simple steps

There are lots of things to look at on phones and computers. We want people to see our stuff, though! That’s why we use what are called “Make Social Media Graphic.” People must stop and look at them because they look like magic. It doesn’t matter how much you know about this subject; cool pictures are still very important. Words that help us say what we want to say in a short list.

We’ll learn how to make great pictures for social media in this book. We’ll learn how to make our pictures look good and find the best places to put them. Also, we’ll learn how to choose the best pictures and write emails that everyone can understand. We’ll even find out about some cool tools that can help us make these pictures.

That means not only pros but anyone can do it! Your picture-taking skills for social media will be very good by the end of this journey. Everyone will love them and think they look great. Are you happy? Have fun making cool pictures and let’s get started! 🎨🚀

How to Make Social Media Graphic

In the following, we will talk about steps for creating graphics for social media.

Step 1: Pick a Tool

First, we need to pick out a picture-making tool. You can use Canva, which is like a really simple colouring book, or Adobe Photoshop, which is like magic crayons for colouring. These tools will help us make our pictures look great!

Step 2: Choose a Picture or Start with a Blank Page

Next, we choose whether to begin with an existing picture or a brand-new page. We can pick to colour on a page from a colouring book or start with a clean sheet of paper.

Step 3: Add Words and Pictures

It’s now time to add words and pictures to our picture! It’s cool because we can write what we want to say and add fun pictures. We want our pictures to be really fun and our words to be easy to read.

Step 4: Make it Look Just Right

We can make it look even better after we’re done! Till it looks great, we can change the colours, the size of the words, and the order of the things in it. Plus, we can add cool effects like shadows and shiny things!

Step 5: Check Everything

We need to make sure everything is right before we finish. We make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes and that everything is correct. We also check how it looks on various phones and computers.

Step 6: Save and Show Off

We save our picture when we’re done and everything looks great. We can then post it on social media and let everyone see it! So that they all look their best, we can even make different ones for each place. Let’s work together to make some great shots!

Adobe Illustrator is the most popular and widely used software for graphic design. If you want to download it, you may go to the official website for Adobe Illustrator.

Analyzing and Improving Social Media Graphic Performance

Make Social Media Graphic

It’s the best. Looking at and improving the performance of social media graphics:

Analysis: Diving into the Data

  • First, let’s decide what we want the pictures to do. Do we want people to know about our brand, check out our website, or share, like, and comment on our photos? We can check some important numbers to see how well our shots are doing once we know that.
  • There are tools on each social media site that let us know how many people see our posts, how many different people see them, how many like, comment on, or share them, and how many click on any links we include in the posts.
  • We can also compare our pictures to those of other people or to how they looked in the past. We can see if we’re getting better or if there’s anything else we can do to improve our shots.

Optimizing for Success

  • Let’s draw things that kids like! We need to think about who is going to see our photos. What do they enjoy? What are their favourite things to do?
  • They need to be really cool and good. We can show what we want to say with pretty pictures. Don’t put too many things in our shots. We could use drawings or photos, among other types of pictures.
  • People only look at pictures on the web for a short time. Let’s keep our message short and simple. We’ll use pretty pictures and not many words.
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An important part of any good social media marketing strategy is making graphics that people want to share. By following the steps and tips in this guide, you can make graphics that look professional, get people’s attention, keep them interested, and help you reach your business goals. Get out your favourite design tool, let your imagination run wild, and start making images for social media that people will remember!

Make sure you show your audience the graphics you make for social media and ask them to share your content with their networks. Have fun making! 🎨📱 Get people to share the article on X (Twitter) and Facebook:


What are some common mistakes to avoid when creating social media graphics?

Avoid making these common mistakes: using low-quality images, putting too much text and graphics on your graphics, not optimising for mobile devices, and branding that isn’t uniform. Pay close attention to these mistakes when you plan and create your images.

Can I use stock photos and graphics in my social media graphics?

You can use stock photos and graphics to make your social media images better, yes. Just make sure that the pictures and graphics you use are licenced for business use and follow the rules about copyright.

Do I need design experience to create social media graphics?

No, you don’t have to be a skilled designer to make graphics for social media. A lot of design tools have tutorials, templates, and easy-to-use interfaces that make it simple for anyone to make images that look professional.


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