Use Surrealist Techniques

How to Use Surrealist Techniques in Painting: beginner’s guide

In this article we will show you how to Use Surrealist Techniques in Painting. Surrealism is a really cool thing to talk about! It’s like going on an exciting trip in your dreams and thoughts. Crazy works that make you think in new ways are what we get to do. We don’t have to draw things just like they are in real life. We can make them as crazy as we want! Surrealism is all about coming up with new ideas and doing weird things.

Like in real art, we don’t have to think about being perfect.We’re not exactly copying our dreams, but we are catching how fun and strange they are! It’s like putting things together that don’t normally go together, making up weird stories, and letting our thoughts wander. Let’s not worry about what art should be and just use our ideas! There are cool tricks we can use to make our art even cooler and stranger!

Understanding Surrealist Techniques

Below we will Understanding Surrealist Techniques

  • “Automatism” means: It’s like when artists let their hand move on the paper by itself. They don’t think about it too much and let it go where it will. It’s like drawing without really thinking about it.
  • Putting things next to each other: Putting things together that don’t normally go together is called juxtaposition. It’s like drawing toys and food together. “Wow, that’s different!”
  • How things change: Transformation means turning something you know into something strange and new. Making a cat look like a dragon in a picture is the same thing. It changes the way you see things!

How to Use Surrealist Techniques in Painting

Below we will show you how to Use Surrealist Techniques in Painting:

  1. Before you let your thoughts flow, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Picture yourself in a quiet spot. Think and feel about things as often as clouds in the sky come and go. We’re going to paint with the help of our inner voice.
  2. Have fun and try new things. Don’t worry about getting everything just right. We’ll think outside the box and try new things! Don’t be afraid to try new things with your tool. Do not worry too much about how the patterns and shapes look. Let’s just make them.
  3. Use your paintings to tell stories. Think about what your picture might mean. Telling a story can be done with animals, things, or even whole areas. A bird flying high could mean freedom, or a big tree could mean power.
  4. Change the Way Things Look: Let’s add some magic and strangeness to our drawings! We can change how things look from far away or how big or small they are. Making our own world on the painting is like that.
  5. Mix Real Life and Dreams: We’re going to mix real life with our dreams! We could paint a flower that looks real next to a magical house. Putting together what we know and what we think about is fun.

Tips for Achieving Surrealist Effects in Your Paintings

Use Surrealist Techniques

Here are some fun ideas to make cool paintings like Salvador Dalí:

  • Pay attention to both big and small things! Mix them up to make your painting look really dreamy! Watch a tiny car drive on a big road or a huge clock melt on the beach. Check out Amazon’s best deal if you need paint colours.
  • Show how you feel with colour! People can be surprised by bright colours or calmed down by soft colours.
  • Mix things that don’t normally go together! Like putting lobsters on phones or clocks to make them look like places!
  • Dream about the things you want. You can get great art ideas from your dreams. Have fun with your thoughts, just like in your dreams!
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To make our drawings stand out, we will use colours, shapes, and patterns. We are free to be as crazy and artistic as we like! We can show our friends and family our drawings when we’re done. They will be shocked by what we’ve made! They might also want to give it a try! Don’t forget to post your awesome drawings on Facebook and X (Twitter) to get other people to join in the fun! Let’s get more people to enjoy drawing! #Art #Surrealist #PaintingTips


How can I overcome creative blocks when using surrealist techniques?

If you’re having trouble coming up with new ideas, take a break and do something that gets your mind working, like reading, listening to music, or going for a walk in the woods. Trust that ideas will come to you when you least expect them, and don’t try to push yourself to find them.

Can I combine surrealist techniques with other artistic styles?

Of course! Surrealist methods can be mixed with many other art styles, like realism, abstraction, and expressionism, to make paintings that are both unique and interesting to look at. Try out different mixes until you find the one that works best for you.

Do I need to have prior painting experience to use surrealist techniques?

It can help to have painted before, but you don’t have to use surrealist methods in your work. Surrealist painting is less about following standard painting rules and more about getting in touch with your subconscious mind and expressing yourself naturally.


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