How to Create Woodblock Prints: a DIY guide

How to Create Woodblock Prints: 5 easy steps

Printing on wood blocks is like making magic art! 🎨 It has been around for a very long time. It began in China many years ago. I know How to Create Woodblock Prints! 🖼 First, I use a carving tool to make a unique pattern on a piece of wood. After that, I cover the image with ink and press it onto fabric or paper.

One cut block can be used to make many copies of the same picture. 😊 I can be really artistic when I print on woodblocks. I can draw really easy pictures or ones with a lot of going on. I enjoy carving my pattern into the wood; it makes me feel calm and happy. 🌟

Introduction to Woodblock Printing

A unique picture is carved into a piece of wood by me. After that, I colour the block and press it on fabric or paper. The cut parts stay empty, but the raised parts make a cool picture! We call this printing with woodblocks. From easy shapes to full pictures, I can make all sorts of designs with it. What a fun thing to do! I love it!

Necessary Materials and Tools for Woodblock Printing

Before we begin, let’s gather the necessary materials for creating woodblock prints:

Wood BlocksSmooth, flat blocks of wood (e.g., linoleum or MDF) for carving the design.
Carving ToolsSharp carving tools such as gouges, knives, and chisels for cutting into the wood.
InkWater-based or oil-based printing ink in various colors for creating the prints.
BrayerA rubber roller (brayer) for evenly applying ink to the carved woodblock.
Printing PaperHigh-quality paper or fabric for printing the images.
Baren or PressA baren (hand-held tool) or printing press for applying pressure to transfer the ink from the block to the paper.

How to Create Woodblock Prints

Let’s use wood to make some cool art! This is how we can do it:

Step 1: Draw Your Picture

You should start by drawing what you want to make on paper or a computer. Don’t forget to keep it simple by using straight lines and simple forms. Then, use a pencil or special paper to copy your picture onto a special piece of wood.

Step 2: Cut the Wood

Now, we carefully cut away the parts of the wood that we don’t want to colour with special tools. First we do the big parts, then we do the little ones. To keep from getting hurt, you should go slowly and watch out.

Step 3: Color the Wood

It’s time to add colour after cutting! We put a little paint on a flat area and used a roller to make it even. Next, we use a roller to paint our wood piece, making sure to cover all the cut parts.

Step 4: Make the Print

After painting the wood, we put a special kind of paper on top and use a clean brush or spoon to press it down evenly. Our picture will be on the paper when we lift it up!

Step 5: Try Again and Have Fun

We can make lots of different pictures by cutting and colouring in different ways. The mistakes we make won’t matter because we can fix them and draw better next time. Come up with some fun ideas!

Printing Your Woodblock: Techniques and Considerations

How to Create Woodblock Prints: a DIY guide


  • Prepare the Ink: We need to prepare our ink! First, I’ll put some ink on something shiny and smooth, like glass or tile. After that, I’ll use a brayer to make the ink thin and even.
  • Inking the Block: I’m going to gently pick up my wooden block now. Following that, I will use the inked brayer to cover all the cut parts of the block with ink. We want it to be smooth and even
  • Printing: After that, I’ll carefully put my paper on top of the block that has been marked. If I’m drawing a picture with lots of colours, I’ll put it just right.


  • Pressure: To get a good picture, make sure you press down evenly. To do this, I can either use my hands or a machine called a printing press. I’ll try both and pick the favourite.
  • Multi-Color Prints: I need to make different blocks for each colour if I want my picture to have more than one. Then I’ll print each colour one at a time, making sure they all line up just right. That will make my picture look really cool and full of colour
  • Paper Selection: What kind of paper I use affects how my picture looks. You can use different types of paper to find the one you like best.
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It’s really fun to make pictures out of wood. By following a few simple steps, we can make our own unique patterns. First, we need to get all of our supplies together, such as paint, cutting tools, and wood. After that, we can carefully carve our image into the wood. Now that we’ve carved, we can paint the wood and press it against paper to make our picture!

Remember to tell your friends how cool it is to print with wood blocks! You can even post your pictures on Facebook and Twitter to show off your great work. Let’s carve and print some fun things! 🎨🌳


Can I reuse a woodblock to create multiple prints?

Would you believe that a certain kind of wooden block can be used to make many pictures? Every time, we only need to clean it and paint it a new colour. We can keep making pictures with the block as long as we take care of it. The block might get worn out over time and lose some of its features.

Can I use any type of wood for woodblock printing?

Many people make these blocks out of strong woods like cherry or maple, but some use linoleum or special board instead because it’s easier to work with.

How should I store and care for my woodblock prints?

We need to keep our pictures safe after we’re done with them. They need to be kept somewhere cool and dry where the sun can’t get to them. We need to be very careful with them so the colours don’t run. If we want, we can put them in a special frame with glass to make them last a long time.


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