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How to Draw Manga Characters: 5 simple steps

How many of you have read a manga and been blown away by the cool pictures, funny characters, and exciting stories? You may have wished to use those pictures to make up your own stories. Let’s explore the fun world of comic art! You can use this guide to learn How to Draw Manga Characters like in manga books.

We’ll begin by drawing the body and head one line at a time. After, we’ll learn how to draw different kinds of faces, like happy ones with big eyes and sly smiles. Besides hair, clothes, and poses, we’ll draw new ones for our figures to make them look lively and interesting. Are you thrilled? 🎨 Start thinking outside the box and learn how to draw cool manga figures! It won’t take long for you to be able to draw your own cool manga friends if you follow these tips. 🌟

Essential Tools for Drawing Manga Characters

We need to get the following things together before we start drawing comic characters:

Drawing Paper:Smooth, high-quality paper for sketching and drawing.Buy Now
Pencils:A set of graphite pencils in various hardness grades for sketching and shading.Buy Now
Eraser:A soft eraser for correcting mistakes and refining details.Buy Now
Ink Pens:Fine-tip ink pens for outlining and adding details to your drawings.Buy Now
Coloring Tools:Optional: Markers, colored pencils, or digital painting software for adding color to your manga characters.Buy Now

How to Draw Manga Characters

Let’s look at how to draw your own manga figures step by step:

Step 1: Draw Simple Shapes

To make my drawing friend’s body, I start by drawing simple shapes. I draw a big form for the body, arms, and legs as lines. The head is a circle. It’s easy for me to change things later because I write quickly.

Step 2: Make It Special

My sketched friend is made more engaging with the addition of features such as eyes, a mouth, hair, and clothes. When I need to figure out where items are located, I use picture or toy sets.

Step 3: Clean Lines

I go over my picture with a darker pencil or pen to make it look good after I’m done adding all the different parts. I slowly go over the lines I want to keep, which makes my drawing friend look clean and bright.

Step 4: Shadows and Patterns

I use shadows and shapes to make my drawing friend stand out. It looks like some parts are in the sun and some are in the shade because I have some lines close together and some farther apart. This is fun and makes my picture look more real.

Step 5: Check and Fix

The last thing I do is look at my drawing to see what I would change or improve. I might fix a part I don’t like or add more information. I sign my name to show that I made it when I’m done.

Anatomy of Manga Characters

Draw Manga Characters

You will find an explanation of the anatomy of manga characters below.

Head Proportions

  • The heads of manga figures are bigger than their bodies.
  • Their eyes are in the middle of their heads.
  • First, there is the forehead, which is on top. The eyes are in the middle, and the nose and mouth are at the bottom.

Body Proportions

  • People in manga have long arms and legs and are not very fat.
  • Most of the time, their bodies are six to seven heads tall.
  • Their legs make up about half of their height.

Facial Expressions

  • Big eyes and mouth shapes help manga figures show how they feel.
  • How and where the features of the face are placed can tell us about different feelings.
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We get to make up our own characters and bring them to life on paper when we draw manga figures. It’s like a fun game. We can make up a lot of cool figures with big eyes and spiky hair as we please. We’ll need pencils and paper first. After that, we can draw our figures by following the steps.

We should believe in ourselves and know we can do it! There are social networks like Facebook and X (Twitter) where we can share our pictures with our friends once they are done. So, we can get other people interested in drawing manga figures! Let’s draw together and have fun! 🎨🖊


Where can I find inspiration for manga characters?

You can get ideas for manga characters from all over, from daily life and pop culture to mythology and nature. Remember to bring a sketchbook with you so you can write down thoughts and notes, and don’t be afraid to try out different types of art and themes to see what speaks to you.

Can I draw manga characters digitally?

Yes, a lot of manga artists use drawing tools and programmes like Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, and Procreate to make their characters digitally. Digital drawing gives you a lot of freedom and ease by making it easy to fix mistakes and try out new techniques.

How can I improve my manga drawing skills?

To get better at drawing comics, you need to keep practicing, try new things, and look at the work of other artists. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and strive to understand the basics of anatomy, perspective, and composition.


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