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How to Draw Cartoons: 5 simple steps

Do you like to read comics and look at the funny characters? What do you think? You can also make them! It’s really fun and easy to draw pictures. Let’s study together! We’ll begin by drawing easy shapes like squares and circles. We can use these forms to make the heads and bodies of our drawing friends.

Because cartoons are unique and only use simple shapes, we don’t have to think about drawing real people. After that, we’ll give them big, silly eyes and make funny faces. We can make them laugh, cry, or even be shocked! After that, we’ll give our figures clothes and maybe even some cool poses.

Bringing them to life on paper is everything. It’s great that you don’t have to think about bad marks. Fun and new things are what drawing pictures is all about. Let’s start drawing our own crazy cartoon world!

Getting Started: Basic Materials Needed

Before we get into the process of drawing cartoons, let’s go over some of the most important equipment and supplies that you will need to get started:

Pencils:A set of pencils ranging from 2B to 6B buy now for sketching and shading.
Paper:Sketch paper or drawing pad for creating your cartoons.
Eraser:A good quality eraser for correcting mistakes and refining your drawings.
Ink Pens:Waterproof ink pens for outlining and adding details to your cartoons.
Coloring Tools:Colored pencils, markers, or digital drawing software for adding color to your cartoons.

Understanding Basic Shapes and Forms in Cartooning

Making pictures is fun, just like building with blocks! Plain shapes like circles, squares, and triangles are the first ones we learn. We can use these shapes to make lots of funny people and things! At first, we just draw the forms. Then, we add details. That helps me draw better, and our figures look great!

People with circles and ovals are nice, but people with squares and triangles can be silly or strong! Remember this when you want to draw cartoons: all you need are some simple shapes and a lot of ideas!

How to Draw Cartoons

  1. First, get your supplies ready. You will need paper, pencils and an eraser. For straight lines, make sure your pencils are sharp. In the future, you can use different pencils for shading, but right now, a normal pencil works great!
  2. Start with easy forms. Cartoons are like puzzles that are made up of simple shapes. Shape your mind into ovals, squares, rectangles, and rounds. A cartoon’s head might be a circle, and its body might be a square or triangle.
  3. Make the face: Next, pay attention to the face. In cartoons, big eyes that can show a lot are very important. There are different ways to draw them, like rounds, ovals, or squares. Make sure there are equal gaps between the eyes when you put them on top of the head. Then, use a triangle, a line, or a small circle to make a simple mouth and nose.
  4. Do not forget the body! It’s easier to draw figures than real ones. For the body, use an oval or square. Lines and simple forms can be used to add arms and legs.
  5. Practice makes perfect, so keep at it! You’ll get better at showing how you feel and making cool pictures as you draw more. Don’t stress about how good it is; just enjoy it!

Tips for Adding Personality to Your Cartoons

Draw Cartoons

Below we will mentioned some Tips for Adding Personality to Your Cartoons:

  • Make Them Unique: When we draw cartoons, we can make our figures really unique by giving them big features that show what they’re like. Someone who is grumpy might have big, curly eyebrows that are easy to scrunch up, and someone who is happy might have a big smile with lots of teeth! To make them stand out, we can also dress them in cool clothes or style their hair in funny ways.
  • Make Them Feel: Did you know that the way a person walks or stands can tell us a lot about them? A character who is sure of themselves might stand tall with their hands on their hips, while a character who is shy might slouch and hold on tight to a book.
  • Make Them Unique: Think about what our characters like to do or what strange things they do. This can help us draw them better even if we don’t write down their whole history. They might be really good at football or they always tap their foot when they’re nervous! It’s more fun to draw them with these little things.
  • It’s great to smile, but there are other ways to show how you feel besides just smiling. We can make our figures seem real and full of life by giving them frowns, wide eyes, or silly looks.
  • Move: Our figures might look dull if they stay still all the time. Let’s draw them as they do something fun, like slouching, running, or jumping. Moving them around makes them more fun!
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You can show your pictures to your family and friends when you’re drawn. They’ll enjoy seeing what you’ve made! You can also share them on Facebook and X (Twitter) to meet more people who also like to draw pictures.

Don’t forget that drawing pictures is supposed to be fun! This is how you can tell other people about this guide: “Hey, do you want to learn how to draw cartoons?” Take a look at this cool guide for beginners! Drawing #Cartoons #ArtTips”


Can I draw cartoons digitally?

Yes, drawing pictures on a computer is becoming more and more popular as technology and art software improve. To make computer cartoons, a lot of artists use programmes like Adobe Illustrator, Procreate, or Clip Studio Paint. Try out different methods and tools to discover the ones that work best for you.

How do I come up with ideas for cartoon characters?

Anywhere, from everyday things and animals to real people and made-up figures, you can get ideas for cartoon characters. Write down thoughts as they come to you in a sketchbook. Don’t be afraid to use your mind and think about different ideas and themes.

I’m not good at drawing. Can I still learn to draw cartoons?

Of course! You can learn how to draw pictures and get better at it with practice. Begin by drawing easy shapes and work your way up to more complicated ones. Don’t forget that everyone starts out small. The important thing is to keep trying new things and practice.


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