How to Draw Caricatures: A Fun and Easy Guide

Would you like to draw someone in a really funny way? It’s called a cartoon! It’s when you draw someone with big features to make them look funny and silly. You can draw yourself, your family, or even your friends! Let’s take it one step to Draw Caricatures! We’ll start by making the face out of simple shapes. Then we’ll make the mouth, eyes, and nose really big or small to make them look funny.

Then we’ll add faces to our drawings to make them even sillier! Don’t worry if you’ve never drawn before! You’ll be shocked at how quickly your cartoons can make people laugh. Let your creativity run wild and grab your pencils. Let’s make some funny drawings together!

Essential Tools for Drawing Caricatures

First, let’s get our supplies ready for some artistic fun before we start drawing caricatures:

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How to Draw Caricatures

Below we will mentioned some steps to Draw caricatures:

Step 1: Take a good look!

First, let’s get really close to the person we want to draw. Check out their face, including their eyes, nose, mouth, and other parts. Check to see if there’s anything unique or fun about them that we can draw bigger or more clearly.

Step 2: Make shapes!

Let’s start drawing the face’s basic shapes now. They have round, oval, and triangle faces that we make with shapes. Before we add anything else, we want to make sure that everything looks good.

Step 3: Make it funny!

It’s time to make our drawing really funny! We can make their smile very big, their eyes bigger, or their nose longer. Let’s have fun and make them look stupid while still being themselves.

Step 4: Add some unique items

Now let’s add their hair, clothes, and any cool things they always wear, like hats or glasses. These small features will make our drawing stand out even more, and it will look just like them!

Step 5: Add the finishing touches!

Almost there! Let’s look at our picture again and make the lines a little darker. We can also shade it to make it look more real. Now is the time to fix or add anything we want!

Tips and Techniques for Creating Expressive Caricatures

Draw Caricatures

What a fun and expressive form of art cartoons are! To help you get started, here are some tips and tricks:

  • It’s very important to observe!: I give the thing I’m going to draw a lot of thought before I start. What’s unique about this person’s face? Do they smile or have big ears? These things stand out to me because they make them look like them!
  • How to Make Things Look Funny: Making fun of things even more is what drawing cartoons is all about! I make noses even bigger when someone has a big one. When they smile, I make it go from ear to ear! I need to be careful not to make it too strange, though.
  • Beginning with Easy Shapes: First, I just lightly draw the forms of their heads. For eyes, I use circles. For the face, I use an oval. For the nose and mouth, I use lines. It feels like putting together the base of a LEGO tower!
  • Make it funny: Now the fun starts! What I saw about them helps me make their traits even sillier. I make things bigger and smaller. I can also make their heads look funny by changing their shape.
  • Remember how they move: Draw more than just faces in your caricatures! Also, I think about how they stand or move. They might be shy if they slouch. They might feel really proud if they puff out their chest.
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It’s so much fun to draw funny pictures of people! They can look silly and still like themselves. You only need pencils and paper. Let’s make art together! Show your funny drawings to your family and friends when you’re done. They’ll also love them! Have fun drawing! Tell your friends about this fun thing to do on X (Twitter) and Facebook!


Can I draw caricatures of people without their permission?

Before drawing a caricature of someone, you should always ask their permission, especially if you want to share or post the art in public. People may not like being drew in a caricature, so it’s important to honour their wants and give them space.

Are there different styles of caricature drawing?

Yes, there are a lot of different ways to draw a caricature. They can be realistic and full of details, or they can be over the top and comical. Try out a variety of styles and methods until you find the one that fits your artistic vision and personal tastes the best.

Do I need to have formal art training to draw caricatures?

No, you don’t need to have studied art in school to draw cartoons. Anyone can learn to draw cartoons with practice and time, but it helps to already know how to draw and understand the basics of art.


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