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9 Best Photography YouTube Channels for Beginners

Let’s talk about cool YouTube channels that can help you learn about taking pictures! YouTube is a great place where you can learn lots of new things. We found some awesome channels all about photography. They teach you how to take great pictures and make you want to capture special moments in your life. These channels will teach you everything from basic picture-taking skills to really cool tricks to make your photos amazing!

Photography documentaries are movies or other visual shows that look into the lives, works, and methods of photographers or photography as an art form or a job in general. Most of the time, these documentaries show how artists work, how history affects their work, and how certain photographers or photography groups have changed the world. They can learn about many things about photography, like its cultural importance, how it has changed over time, its effect on society, or the personal stories behind famous photos

List of 9 best Photography YouTube Channels for Beginners

Want to get better at shooting, learn new things, and get new ideas? Good luck if so! There are many photography-related sites on YouTube, which makes it a great spot to learn. There is a YouTube page for everyone. The following is a list of 10 photography YouTube channels that you should follow.

Peter McKinnon

 Photography YouTube Channels
Content:Photography tutorials, tips, and editing tricks
Style:Energetic, engaging presentation
Frequency:Regular uploads
Community:Large and active subscriber base

Peter McKinnon has a special channel on the computer where he shows fun stuff to more than 5.5 million friends! He talks about taking pictures and videos, shows cool things he uses, and tells exciting stories about his adventures. When you watch Peter, you feel happy and want to try new things too! He teaches you lots of neat ideas and secrets about taking pictures. You can see both pictures that don’t move and ones that do.

The Art of Photography

Content:Photography education, gear reviews, and critiques
Style:Informative and in-depth analysis
Frequency:Regular schedule of uploads
Community:Supportive and engaged audience

There’s a cool show called “The Art of Photography”! It’s all about taking pictures with cameras. This guy named Ted Forbes teaches us lots of things about photography. He’s really good at it! He talks about how to use cameras, make photos look bright, and even how to make them better afterwards. Ted makes it easy to understand, so we can get better at taking pictures too!


 Photography YouTube Channels
Content:Photography tutorials, gear reviews, and tips
Style:Professional and informative presentation
Frequency:Regularly updated content
Community:Active engagement with viewers

Adorama’s YouTube account is a one-of-a-kind place on the web. It’s a treasure chest full of fun things for people who love taking pictures! You can watch videos on these sites that show you how to use cool cameras and other gear. You can also watch films that teach you how to use various lighting to get great shots. Also, do you know what? There are even pictures where well-known photographers talk about their work. You should be here if you want to get better at shooting!

B&H Photo Video

Content:Photography tutorials, gear reviews, and tips
Style:Informative and well-produced videos
Frequency:Consistent upload schedule
Community:Robust community interaction

B&H Photo Video is a really big store for cameras and videos. They have a special place on the internet called YouTube where they teach people about taking pictures. Their videos show lots of different things about cameras and how to use them. You can learn about taking pictures of animals, people, and beautiful places like mountains and beaches. Watching their videos can make you better at taking pictures and help you learn new ways to take them.


 Photography YouTube Channels
Content:Photography and Photoshop tutorials and guides
Style:Creative and detailed instruction
Frequency:Regularly updated content
Community:Supportive online community

There is a YouTube station called PHLEARN that is just for people who like to take pictures. A man named Patrick, who is great at taking pictures, launched it. People can also use the programme to improve their picture-taking skills. There are many movies there that show you how to use your camera, make your pictures bright, and even make them look even better after you take them! They make everything clear and show you how to do it step by step. You’ll feel like you have a fun teacher showing you how to make great art!

Jared Polin

Content:Photography tips, gear reviews, and critiques
Style:Bold and entertaining presentation
Frequency:Regular uploads
Community:Active and engaged subscriber base

Jared Polin has become a household name because to his humorous and insightful tutorials about photography and filmmaking that he has uploaded to YouTube. His channel is a hub for evaluations of photography equipment, photography challenges, and tutorials on a variety of topics, such as how to use flashes and edit photographs and movies. Because of Polin’s engaging attitude and sound instruction, his films are not only enjoyable to watch but also quite helpful to aspiring photographers.


 Photography YouTube Channels
Content:Photography tutorials, gear reviews, and news
Style:Professional and polished production
Frequency:Regularly updated content
Community:Vibrant and involved audience

Fstoppers’ YouTube channel dives into the financial and technical sides of photography, with a concentration on professional photography as its primary focus. Their films cover a variety of photography-related topics, including advanced lighting methods, pricing your work, and marketing your photography business. Their guidance will assist you in navigating the professional photography landscape and achieving success in the field that you have chosen.

The Slanted Lens

Content:Photography tutorials, lighting techniques, tips
Style:Informative and instructional
Frequency:Regularly updated content
Community:Engaged and supportive viewer base

The Slanted Lens is like a fun TV show on the internet called YouTube. It helps people who like taking pictures, called photographers, to get better at it. The show is led by two friendly photographers named Jay P. Morgan and Jeff Carlson.

They teach lots of cool things like how to tell stories with your pictures, how to make them look even better after you take them, and how to use light and where to put things in your pictures. They really love photography and they want to help you get really good at it too!

Mango Street

 Photography YouTube Channels
Content:Photography tutorials, vlogs, and creative tips
Style:Creative and visually appealing presentation
Frequency:Regular uploads
Community:Interactive and supportive audience

Mango Street is like a special TV show on the internet made by Mango Wallace. Mango is really good at taking pictures and teaching people about it. People like her videos because they are funny, easy to understand, and give good tips.

She talks about lots of things, starting from the very basics of taking pictures for people who are just starting, and then she talks about more tricky stuff like how to control the camera yourself and make pictures look good in different kinds of light. Her videos are great for people who want to learn how to take pictures better.

Bonus Tip: FroKnowsPhoto

People who take pictures and share them on FroKnowsPhoto on YouTube are known as Frederick Frost. A lot of people watch his movies because they teach them smart ways to use cameras. He shows people how to do many things, such as how to make pictures on the computer look better and brighter. His videos are great if you want to learn more about how to take pictures.


These 9 YouTube channels are like treasure chests full of cool stuff about taking pictures! It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting or if you’re already really good at taking photos, these channels have something for everyone.

So, let’s not waste any time! Go watch their videos, get inspired, and become even better at taking pictures! And if you liked this list, tell your friends about it on Facebook and X(Twitter)! Have fun taking pictures!


Are these channels appropriate for beginners?

Without a doubt! These channels are geared at photographers of all skill levels, and they provide beginners with in-depth tutorials and lessons to assist them in getting started on their photographic journey.

Can these channels teach me editing techniques?

Without a doubt! A good number of these channels offer in-depth training on various editing tools, which you may use to improve and alter the photographs you upload.

Are these channels devoted to a certain genre of photography?

The vast majority of photography channels offer a broad range of topics, making them suitable for photographers who are interested in a variety of photographic techniques and genres. While some channels are dedicated to certain types of photography, such as landscape or portrait photography, others cover a broad range of topics.

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