Famous Artworks by Leonardo da Vinci

10 Famous Artworks by Leonardo da Vinci

In this article” 10 Famous Artworks by Leonardo da Vinci”. A lot of people believe that Leonardo da Vinci was the best Renaissance thinker because he knew so much about many things. He is known for both the amazing art he made and the science that he found that changed the world. People will always remember da Vinci’s work. He was a great painter, so his works will always be important in the art world and will make people think. This page is about “Famous Works of Art by Leonardo da Vinci.” There will be a lot of forms and colours that remind us of different times.

We want to know how great of an artist Leonardo da Vinci really was and how his works have changed art and culture in big ways that will last for a long time. Da Vinci was a famous artist in his time and beyond. Today, we look at some of his most famous works and enjoy his great artistry and creativity.

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10 Most Famous Artworks by Leonardo da Vinci

He was one of the greatest artists who ever lived, and his most famous works still amaze and move people all over the world. Here are 10 of the most famous things that Leonardo da Vinci made:

Mona Lisa

Famous Artworks by Leonardo da Vinci

Key Attributes:

  • Year: c. 1503-1506
  • Medium: Oil on poplar wood
  • Subject: Portrait of a woman, likely Lisa Gherardini

Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa. He was a very famous artist a long time ago. There are a lot of people around the world who know about this picture. The smile on the woman’s face in the picture is one thing that makes it unique. We can’t help but wonder what she’s feeling or thinking with that smile. It was easy for Leonardo da Vinci to make his drawings look like real people. The Mona Lisa is a great example of this.

And that’s cool that Leonardo made some parts of this picture look soft and fuzzy, like in a dream. Our first thought when we see the Mona Lisa is that it looks like a live person who could talk to us at any time!

The Last Supper

Key Attributes:

  • Year: 1495-1498
  • Medium: Fresco
  • Subject: Biblical scene of The Last Supper

“The Last Supper” is the name of the picture by Leonardo da Vinci. Like at a big family dinner, picture a big picture with a long table and lots of people sitting around it. Jesus is having a special dinner with his friends right before something very important takes place in this picture. It looks like a picture from a very long time ago.

People know this picture because it has a story in it. It’s more than just eating together; it’s a poignant and important moment. The guy with his friends in the middle is often a very important character. It looks like each of them is feeling something different. All of them look shocked, scared, and sad. The picture seems to say a lot.

Vitruvian Man

Famous Artworks by Leonardo da Vinci

Key Attributes:

  • Year: Circa 1490
  • Medium: Pen and ink on paper
  • Subject: Human anatomy and proportions

About 1490 years ago, Leonardo da Vinci made a picture that is very interesting. It is called the Vitruvian Man. It shows a person with their arms and legs spread out in a wide shape inside a square and a circle.

Some people use this drawing to get a better idea of how our bodies are shaped. The building is named for a smart person named Vitruvius who knew a lot about how things are put together.

Self Portrait

Key Attributes:

  • Year: 1512
  • Medium: Red chalk on paper
  • Subject: Self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci

Let’s talk about a cool picture! You can call it “The Self Portrait” by Leonardo da Vinci. A long time ago, Leonardo was a very well-known artist. He drew himself in this picture. It’s one of the first times an artist in Europe drew themselves this way!

The cool thing about this picture is how well Leonardo drew his face. Because he was so good at drawing faces and bodies, it looked just like him.

The Virgin of the Rocks

Key Attributes:

  • Year: Early 1480s
  • Medium: Oil on panel
  • Subject: Virgin Mary, Christ, angels, and landscape

The well-known picture is called “The Virgin of the Rocks.” It has a picture of Mary, Jesus the child, John the Baptist, and an angel. There is peace in the picture as Mary holds Jesus, and Saint John is on his knees next to them. The magic comes from the figure in the background. Many people really enjoy this painting since it has many unique and small features.

“The Virgin of the Rocks” is cool because it tells a story about how special Mary is. The rocks and trees nearby show how good and clean Mary is. They look and are put in a way that shows how important Mary is for helping us connect with something bigger than ourselves.

Lady with an Ermine

Famous Artworks by Leonardo da Vinci

Key Attributes:

  • Year: 1489-1490
  • Medium: Oil on wood
  • Subject: Portrait of Cecilia Gallerani with an ermine

There is a well-known picture by Leonardo Da Vinci called “Lady with an Ermine.” Can you hear it? An ermine, a cute white animal, is held by a young woman in this picture. Its fur is soft and white, and the tips of its tail are black. People used to think that the ermine was a sign of how pure and noble a person was.

We feel like we’re in the picture because the woman looks right at us. He was very good at painting small details, like the woman’s soft face and the ermine’s thick fur. He was very good at recording what he saw because he used light and dark colours to make everything look real.

Salvator Mundi

Key Attributes:

  • Year: circa 1500
  • Medium: Oil on walnut panel
  • Subject: Salvator Mundi (Christ as Savior of the World)

The famous painting “Salvator Mundi” portrays Jesus as the One who saves everyone. One of the best artists in history, Leonardo da Vinci, made it. Some people think it’s the coolest picture of him ever! There is only one person who can save and help everyone.

It’s pretty cool that “Salvator Mundi” sold at auction for a LOT of money. A lot of people love this picture and think it’s important because it shows how good da Vinci was at using art to tell stories.

Ginevra de’ Benci

Key Attributes:

  • Year: 1474
  • Medium: Oil on wood panel
  • Subject: Portrait of Ginevra de’ Benci

Sure, let’s talk about a cool painting! “Ginevra de’ Benci” is a special painting made by Leonardo da Vinci. It shows a young lady named Ginevra from a place called Florence. The painting looks so real, like a photo! Ginevra is looking at us with a calm face, and da Vinci drew her very carefully to look just like a real person.

In the painting, there’s a bush with small branches called juniper behind Ginevra. That’s because in Italian, “ginepro” means juniper, like her name. There’s also a paper with words in Latin saying “Beauty Adorns Virtue,” which means being kind and good inside is as important as looking pretty outside. It’s like a secret message in the painting!

The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne

Famous Artworks by Leonardo da Vinci

Key Attributes:

  • Year: Circa 1503-1519
  • Medium: Oil on wood panel
  • Subject: The Virgin Mary, the Christ Child, and Saint Anne

The name of this picture by Leonardo da Vinci is “The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne.” There is a picture of Mary holding Jesus and her mother, Saint Anne, next to them. People love the picture because it’s very detailed and shows a special moment with family.

Mary is shown in the picture holding Jesus close, like a loving mother. Saint Anne is glad to see her daughter and grandson together. She looks wise and kind. The picture makes us think of warm and loving times with family.

The Codex Arundel

Key Attributes:

  • Year: circa 1508 – 1518
  • Medium: Manuscript; ink and pencil on paper
  • Subject: Leonardo da Vinci’s scientific and artistic explorations

Leonardo da Vinci was smart and lived a long time ago. The Codex Arundel is a wonderful book that is full of great ideas. This book has a lot of cool drawings and writings by Leonardo. It’s about tools, science, art, and more. It’s not just any book; it’s like a special key that opens the door to Leonardo’s mind.

It would be interesting to know what da Vinci thought about planes that look a lot like the ones in our favourite movies. He also made plans of our bodies from the inside and the outside. Leonardo had a lot of thoughts that could make the world a better place. He drew his ideas to show how he did this.

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We talk about someone called Leonardo da Vinci who liked to discover new things and give them a try. He tried very hard to understand everything going on around him. A lot of people love his works, and they still make them happy and amazed. It’s helpful to look at his works and see how he made them. A lot of people still think Leonardo da Vinci was great at art and study.

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