Best Public Art Installations

8 Best Public Art Installations: you won’t want to miss

It’s not always true that art is only found in museums and galleries. It can also be outside, where everyone can see it! These unique works of art make everyday places look really cool and imaginative. They could be big statues, bright wall art, or even things you can play with and touch. This article we will show you 8 Best Public Art Installations.

They’re not just there to look nice. They may make us happy or make us think about important things like how we live together. Also, guess what? All over the world, there are many of these beautiful works of art.

Let us talk about a few of them. Some of them are really big, some make cool sounds, and some light up. A lot of art is just really fun to play with, while others tell us important things. Enjoy these works of art, whether you’re an art lover or just interested. They will be cool to see and remember.

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8 Best Public Art Installations Around the World

Do you want to join me on a big adventure? We’re going to see some cool, big buildings that people all over the world love!

The Angel of Independence

Best Public Art Installations

Key Details

  • Located in Mexico City, it’s a symbol of Mexico’s independence from Spain.
  • Constructed in 1910 to commemorate the centennial of the beginning of Mexico’s War of Independence.
  • Depicts the Winged Victory atop a tall column.

Bigger than life, the Angel of Independence stands tall in Mexico City. It makes us think of how hard Mexico fought to get rid of Spain a long time ago. A big figure with wings holds a circle of leaves and a broken chain in its hands. We’re proud and happy because it shows that Mexico beat the bad leaders.

Cloud Gate

Key Details

  • Also known as “The Bean,” located in Millennium Park, Chicago.
  • Sculpture by artist Anish Kapoor, resembling a polished stainless steel bean.
  • Reflects and distorts the city’s skyline and the viewer’s image.

Cloud Gate, which is sometimes called “The Bean,” is a cool Chicago park feature. It looks like a big bean and is made of shiny metal. It was made by a smart British artist. Its shiny surface lets you see the houses around you. There, people like to hang out and have fun while making new friends. This is a unique spot in the city where everyone can be happy at the same time.


Best Public Art Installations

Key Details

  • Officially John F. Kennedy Plaza, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Famous for Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture, an iconic symbol of love.
  • Popular skateboarding spot and gathering place.

There is a big, pretty fountain in LOVE Park that spells “LOVE” out front. Due to its fame, people come from all over the world to see it! People who like to skateboard will also enjoy the park. Even though the park was just fixed up, it still has that special feel of love and community.

The Gateway Arch

Key Details

  • Located in St. Louis, Missouri, it’s the tallest arch in the world.
  • Symbolizes the westward expansion of the United States.
  • Completed in 1965, designed by Eero Saarinen.

There is a big, shiny arch in St. Louis, Missouri, called the Gateway Arch. If you put 63 giraffes on top of each other, it’s that tall! The arch makes us think of the brave people who came to America a long time ago and built it up. We feel like we can do anything because it looks like something from the future.

The Monument to the Unknown Soldier

Best Public Art Installations

Key Details

  • Honors unidentified soldiers who died in wars.
  • Found in various countries, notably in Arlington National Cemetery in the United States and in many European nations.
  • Often features a cenotaph or tomb, symbolizing the grave of an unknown soldier.

People remember the brave soldiers who died for their country at the Monument to the Unknown Soldier. People all over the world have built these things. They make us think about how sad wars are and why we should honour those who fought. There are some with a flame that never goes out and some with the names of troops written on them. They are quiet places to think about the people who died for their country and show our respect for them.

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Key Details

  • Located in Hiroshima, Japan, dedicated to the victims of the atomic bomb.
  • Includes the Genbaku Dome, the only structure left standing near the bomb’s hypocenter.
  • Promotes peace and understanding to prevent future nuclear disasters.

Japan’s Hiroshima Peace Park makes us think of a big blast from a long time ago. It’s a peaceful spot with ponds and trees. Genbaku Dome is a unique building that looks like it’s made of bones. This makes us think of how strong people can be after bad things happen. We should work hard to make sure there aren’t any more big blasts like that one. The park helps us remember that. We care about everyone’s safety and happiness.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Best Public Art Installations

Key Details

  • Located in Washington, D.C., it honors U.S. service members who died in the Vietnam War.
  • Designed by Maya Lin and dedicated in 1982.
  • Features the names of over 58,000 soldiers engraved in black granite.

Japan’s Hiroshima Peace Park is a unique spot. A big bomb went off there a long time ago, but now it’s quiet. Some old buildings, like the Genbaku Dome, were damaged by the bomb but are still standing. We always remember how bad wars and bombs are when we go to the park. It makes us want to make the world a safer place without any scary weapons.

Christ the Redeemer

Key Details

  • Iconic statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Stands atop the Corcovado mountain, overlooking the city.
  • Completed in 1931, designed by Brazilian engineer Heitor da Silva Costa and French sculptor Paul Landowski.

Think of a huge figure called Christ the Redeemer that stands tall in the busy city of Rio de Janeiro in the country of Brazil. It looks like a big sign of love and hope. Christ is shown with his arms open wide, as if he were giving the city a big hug. It’s on a rock called Corcovado. In 1931, when it was all done, a long time ago. Each year, a huge number of people flock to see it because it’s so unique and makes them feel good. Nobody cares where they’re from or what they believe when they look at it. It makes them feel good.

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What is the purpose of monumental public art installations?

Monumental installations in public art are intended to have a large visual impact and elicit strong emotional responses. They frequently convey messages, reflect societal values, honor history, challenge assumptions, and beautify public spaces.

What impact do monumental installations have on the community?

Monumental installations benefit the community by encouraging dialogue and engagement, improving public spaces, attracting tourists, and serving as landmarks that contribute to local pride and cultural heritage.

How are monumental installations financed and built?

Government grants, private donors, public-private partnerships, and philanthropic organizations are among the sources of funding for monumental installations. Collaboration between artists, architects, engineers, and the community is often facilitated through a design competition or commissioning process.


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