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8 Best Creativity Apps: for Your Mobile Phone

Do you like to think of new things, draw, or write stories? What do you know? Phones let you do all of those fun things! Yeah, these days phones are used for more than just talking. They can spark ideas like magic wands! I’m going to talk about Best Creativity Apps that help us be creative. Each one is like a unique tool for making cool things.

There are eight of them. They help us write stories, draw pictures, and even think of great ideas. It’s like having a whole art studio in our sleeves! We should check out these cool apps together and decide which one we like best. We can make lots of cool things with them after that! 🎨✏📝

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Comparative Analysis: Best Creativity Apps

Let’s look at some cool art and creativity apps side by side to help you decide which one you like best. We’ll check out what each app can do, how fun it is, and how simple it is to use. This will help you pick the best app for your phone or computer that will let you be really creative!

FeatureTypeFocusSkill LevelPlatformsOfficial Link
Adobe Fresco🎨Drawing & PaintingProfessional Artists, IllustratorsBeginner to AdvancediPad, iPhoneDownload Now
Autodesk SketchBook📐Drawing & PaintingArtists, DesignersBeginner to AdvancediPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, macOSDownload Now
VSCO📷Photo EditingPhoto Editing, FiltersAll LevelsiOS, AndroidDownload Now
Snapseed🎶Photo EditingPhoto Editing, FiltersAll LevelsiOS, Android, Windows, macOS, WebDownload Now
Evernote📝Note TakingNote Taking, OrganizationAll LevelsiOS, Android, Windows, macOS, WebDownload Now
BandLab💻Music CreationMusic ProductionBeginner to AdvancediOS, AndroidDownload Now
Canva🎤Design & GraphicsGraphic Design, Social MediaBeginner to AdvancediOS, Android, WebDownload Now
Todoist📅Task ManagementTasks, Lists, RemindersBeginner to AdvancediOS, Android, WebDownload Now

List of 8 Best Creativity Apps

I’d like to tell you about some fun apps that let you be really artistic. There are eight of them, and all of them are great. They let you do cool things like draw, make music, and even make your own games. You can make anything you can think of and try out new things with them.

Adobe Fresco

Best Creativity Apps


  • Supports both raster and vector brushes.
  • Painting and drawing app
  • Adobe Creative Cloud for seamless workflow

It’s a unique computer programme that makes drawing look easy! We feel like we’re working with real paints and brushes when we use it, even though we’re on a computer screen. We can pick brushes for charcoal, oil paints, and watercolours, among other things. Also, guess what?

It’s really simple to fix if we make a mistake! Like when we paint on paper, colours can mix in Fresco. The coolest part is that our pictures are kept in the cloud. We can work on them anywhere on our computer or tablet. It’s like taking our art room with us everywhere!

Autodesk SketchBook


  • Professional-grade drawing and painting app.
  • Offers a large selection of brushes and customizable tools.
  • Supports layers, symmetry tools, and perspective guides.

SketchBook is a tablet app that works like a magic drawing book. It makes it easy to draw lots of cool things. You can concentrate on your art because the drawing area is neat and easy to use. But inside, you’ll find lots of cool tools that you can use to improve the look of your drawings. Choose from different brushes, just like you can choose from different pens or crayons. You can draw things that look soft like feathers or sharp like a superhero’s cape!

Lines can get thicker or thinner, just like with real pens and pencils, depending on how hard you press on the screen. There are tricks in SketchBook that can help you draw straight lines and shapes that are only a little off. It comes with rulers and guides to help you draw straight lines. Plus, it has a cool feature that makes your lines smoother even if your hand is shaking.


Best Creativity Apps


  • Photography app for capturing and editing photos.
  • Offers high-quality filters and editing tools.
  • Social platform for sharing photos

VSCO is a cool app that can help you make your photos look really cool. Other apps have a lot of buttons that are hard to understand. It’s simple to use! It’s easy to make your pictures look fancy. There are cool “presets” in VSCO that can change the way your photos come out.

They look like magic filters! They give your photos a cool new look or make them look like they were taken with an old camera. There are more than 200 of them. We can help you make your picture look old-fashioned or really cool with VSCO!



  • Photo editing app developed by Google.
  • Offers a wide range of tools for editing photos
  • Non-destructive editing capabilities

Do you like using your phone to take pictures? Hey, I want to tell you something really cool! One great app is called Snapseed, and it’s completely free! You can make your pictures look even better with Snapseed! Do you know how some shots need a little something extra to really stand out? Yes, Snapseed has a lot of tools that can help you do that. The best part is that it’s simple to use!

You can change easy things about the picture, like the colours or how bright it is. There’s more, though! You can also get rid of small mistakes or things you don’t want in the picture. It works like magic! There are also effects in Snapseed that you can use to make your picture look old or really cool. Or, if you want to get really artistic, you can add lots of cool designs and textures.


Best Creativity Apps


  • Note-taking app for organizing thoughts, ideas, and tasks.
  • Supports text, images, audio, and file attachments.
  • Syncs across devices and offers collaboration features.

With Evernote, you can keep notes on your computer or tablet. It helps you keep your thoughts safe and simple to find. Let’s say you have a great thought while you’re playing outside. If you talk to Evernote, it will remember what you said! Evernote can turn your thought into a digital note even if you write it down on paper.

Even if you don’t have time to read a cool story right away, Evernote will save it and wait for you. It’s like carrying a library around with you! It does more than just keep notes, though. You can save different things, like your favourite toys or games, in different files. You can even add words that will help you find your notes more quickly.



  • Music creation and collaboration platform.
  • Offers a digital audio workstation
  • Social features for collaborating

What a cool music app! With BandLab, we can play music together even though we’re not in the same room! We can all train in our own homes, even if we live in different places. It would be like having band practice without being in the same room. We don’t need big music machines or to stick to tight times. We can record our song ideas with BandLab at any time and in any place, like on our way home from work or even during lunch. Our recordings can sound great, like they were made by real music stars, thanks to the app’s cool effects.

The best part is that our friends can help us make songs. We can add more sounds and beats to each other’s music and send it back and forth until we make a really cool song. BandLab lets us make music with our friends wherever they are. It’s like carrying around our own portable recording studio!


Best Creativity Apps


  • Graphic design platform for creating a wide range of visual content.
  • Offers templates for various design projects
  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface

You like to draw and make cool things? Canva is amazing because it lets us make great pictures even if we’re not very good at it. Canva is very simple to use, so we don’t have to worry about hard software. Things are moved around by dragging and dropping them. We don’t have to start from scratch because Canva has a lot of drawings that are already made. That means you can make designs for anything, like pictures for Facebook or Instagram or even cool slideshows to show off to family and friends.

There’s more, though! We can add different kinds of letters, cute pictures, and fun drawings to our designs to make them even more unique. This means that Canva has everything we need to make a great card for a birthday party or a sign for a lemonade stand. Also, guess what? We can change every part to make it the way we want it. We can become super-duper artists with the help of Canva without being scared. Let’s use Canva to have fun and make cool things!



  • Task management app for organizing
  • Supports creating tasks, setting due dates
  • Integrates with various platforms

Do you notice that we forget to do things like finish our schoolwork or call our friend Sarah? Yes, there is a great app called Todoist that can help us remember everything! It’s like having a personal assistant on our phone or computer. The best thing about Todoist is that it’s very simple to use. Todoist is there to help us, even if we’re not very good at getting things done. We don’t need to work hard to figure out complicated codes or signs.

Just type in what we need to do, like “call Sarah at 2pm,” and Todoist will keep track of it! Also, guess what? Todoist works on our computer, phone, and everything else. We can always see our list of things to do and cross them off, no matter where we are. So we won’t miss anything important, whether we’re at home or off having fun.

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Our phones have lots of fun apps that can help us be really creative. There is an app for everyone who likes to take pictures, draw pictures, make songs, write stories, or just make cool things. We can pick one we like and download it right away!


How do I choose the right app for my creative needs?

When picking an app, think about your unique creative goals, the style of art you like, and your budget. Check out a bunch of different apps to find the one that fits your wants and tastes the best.

Can I use these apps for professional work?

Yes, many of the apps on this list are used by professional singers, designers, photographers, and artists to make great work for clients and projects.

Are these apps available for both iOS and Android devices?

Yes, most of the apps in this piece can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices, so a lot of people can use them.


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