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8 Best Art Podcasts to Expand Your Creative Horizons

Art podcasts are really cool, so let’s talk about them! They’re like fun art stories we can listen to. We will discover wonderful art and learn fresh things together. Are you all set? Come on!

Put on your headphones and get your art supplies. We are going to see a lot of art! There are podcasts for everyone, whether you’re an artist who is just starting out or someone who is very good at what they do. These people are great, and we’ll learn a lot about art from them.

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Understanding the Term “Art Podcasts”

Art podcasts are fun shows on the radio that talk about art. They write stories about draws, paintings, sculptures, and other types of art. On these shows, artists and history buffs who know a lot about art will talk. They even talk to street artists and people who draw faces on people.

Podcasts about art can help us learn more about it and find new artists. We can also find out what’s new and cool in art. Also, if we like art, these shows can help us come up with new ideas and vibes.

List of 8 Best Art Podcasts to Inspire and Educate You

If you love art, want to become an artist, or just appreciate the beauty of creativity, art podcasts can help you learn more about the vast and interesting world of art. Here is a list of the 10 best art shows that will help you learn more and give you ideas. Clear your ears, and let the trip begin.

ArtCurious Podcast

key aspects

  • Hosts: Jennifer Dasal
  • Topics Covered: Mysteries and stories behind famous art
  • Accessibility: Available on major platforms

ArtCurious Podcast: Take a look at this! We will go on a trip to find out hidden meanings in well-known art stories, figure out how to read tricky symbols in works of art, and learn about the fascinating lives of artists. A guide named Jennifer Dasal will lead us through the ArtCurious Podcast. We can’t stop listening to her as she tells these interesting art history stories.

The Lonely Palette

Art Podcasts to Expand Your Creative Horizons

key aspects

  • Hosts: Tamar Avishai
  • Topics Covered: In-depth exploration of individual artworks
  • Accessibility: Available on major platforms

How about you? Have you ever looked at a picture and felt like it was talking to you but you didn’t understand what it was saying? That’s when The Lonely Palette comes in! Our friend Tamar Avishai helps us understand art better. She talks about a different painting in each show, telling us about its history, how it was made, and how it makes us feel. She changes the way we see art.

Art For Your Ear

key aspects

  • Hosts: Danielle Krysa
  • Topics Covered: Interviews with contemporary artists
  • Accessibility: Available on major platforms

Listen to the show Art For Your Ear! Like going into a really cool art world with me, Danielle Krysa, aka “The Jealous Curator.” We talk to artists and find out how they make their work. It’s like seeing all the magic from behind the curtain!

Art Detective Podcast

Art Podcasts to Expand Your Creative Horizons

key aspects

  • Hosts: Dr. Janina Ramirez
  • Topics Covered: Stories behind artworks in religious and historical spaces Available on major platforms
  • Accessibility:

The Art Detective Podcast is also important not to forget! Dr. Janina Ramirez hosts it, and she’s kind of like an art secret agent. We look at beautiful old paintings and statues and learn about the people who made them. It’s like looking for wealth in the past!

Working Artists

key aspects

  • Hosts: Karen Atkinson
  • Topics Covered: Art career strategies, creative processes
  • Accessibility: Available on major podcast platforms

It’s like getting a sneak peek at how artists do their work. Kyle Carpenter, the host, talks to different artists about what it’s like to make a job as an artist. They talk about the good and bad things about being an artist. This show is for people who like art or want to learn more about how it’s made.

99% Invisible

Art Podcasts to Expand Your Creative Horizons

key aspects

  • Hosts: Roman Mars
  • Topics Covered: Architecture, Design, Urbanism, Unseen and Overlooked
  • Accessibility: High

It’s very interesting and not just about art! Roman Mars, the host, talks about things like how houses are made. He also talks about things we do every day that we might not notice but are important, like how streets are laid out. It’s like discovering secret gems everywhere! This show will change the way you see the world!

Art Detective Presents

key aspects

  • Hosts: Philip Mould
  • Topics Covered: History and secrets of various artworks
  • Accessibility: Available on major platforms

Are you interested in hearing stories about art? Art Detective Presents is kind of like a book with stories about well-known works and artists. She tells us everything we need to know about them, like a tour guide. She talks about what they mean and why they’re important. Art Detective Presents has fun stories that can teach you a lot about art, no matter how much you know about it.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Art Podcasts to Expand Your Creative Horizons

key aspects

  • Hosts: Tim Ferriss
  • Topics Covered: Wide Range of Topics
  • Accessibility: Available on major podcast platforms

How do people get great ideas and do amazing things? That’s the question that the Tim Ferriss Show asks. The host of The Tim Ferriss Show, Tim Ferriss, talks to a lot of interesting people. They share with us how they stay creative and effective. This show has a lot of cool things to learn how to do.

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Let’s watch some cool art shows! This is like a fun radio show where people talk about art. They talk and tell stories about drawing, painting, and making cool things. You can find out a lot of cool things and get art ideas. Come make art with us! “Art Podcasts” and “Creative Inspiration” Tweet or Facebook us and tell us which art shows you like the most!


How can aspiring artists benefit from art podcasts?

Art podcasts share valuable insights, tips, and experiences from seasoned artists with aspiring artists. They provide a venue for artists to learn about various artistic styles, techniques, and the art industry, ultimately assisting in the growth and development of their own practice.

Are art podcasts appropriate for beginning artists?

Absolutely! Art podcasts cater to people of all artistic skill levels. They frequently cover fundamental art topics, making them an excellent starting point for beginners interested in learning more about art history, techniques, and various art movements.

Are there any free art podcasts?

Many art podcasts are free, allowing listeners to access a wealth of content for no cost. However, some podcasts may charge a subscription fee for premium episodes or exclusive content.


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