10 Art Podcasts to Expand Your Creative Horizons

Art podcasts

“Listen, Learn, Create: Unveiling the World of Art Through Podcasts”

In this article “Art Podcasts to Expand Your Creative Horizons”, we’ll explore the world of art podcasts and show you some of the best ones that will definitely inspire and teach you. Let’s go on an artistic adventure! Get your favorite art supplies ready and put on your headphones.

You can listen to art podcasts to get new ideas for your art, whether you’re an aspiring artist, a seasoned pro, or just someone who enjoys the beauty of visual arts. People who love art of all kinds can learn a lot from these audio gems and have fun at the same time.

Understanding the Term “Art Podcasts”

Art podcasts are audio shows that talk about a lot of different aspects of art, from art history and criticism to modern art and the art market. Artists, art historians, curators, and other experts in the field can host them, and artists either they’re street artists or portrait artists, curators, and other guests are often interviewed on them.

Art podcasts can help you learn more about art, find new artists and works of art, and keep up with the latest art world trends. Also, artists and people who like art can find ideas and inspiration in them.

Why Listen to Art Podcasts?

A potent and distinctive way to interact with art is through art podcasts. Whether you’re an artist looking for ideas or a fan wanting to learn more, they can help you in fun and enriching ways:

  • Diverse Points of View: Hear from artists, historians, and critics who have different ideas about art styles and history.
  • Accessible Learning: You can easily learn about art on your way to or from work, during breaks, or during your free time.
  • In-Depth Looks at Art History: Learn about the historical and cultural influences on different art movements, periods, and artists.
  • Inspiration and Creativity Boost: Hearing the stories of artists can inspire and boost your own creativity by giving you new ideas and ways of doing things.
  • Keep Up With Art Events: To get the most out of your art experience, keep up with art events, exhibitions, and new artists.
  • Community and Connection: Make friends with other art lovers by sharing your thoughts and experiences and building a sense of community.

Top 10 Art Podcasts to Inspire and Educate You

Listening to art podcasts can help you explore the wide and fascinating world of art, whether you’re an art lover, an aspiring artist, or just someone who enjoys the beauty of creativity. We’ve put together a list of the 10 best art podcasts that will get you started and teach you something new. Get your headphones ready and let the adventure begin.

1. The Art History Babes

Art Podcasts to Expand Your Creative Horizons

This podcast, which features four enthusiastic art historians as hosts, is a great combination of education and entertainment. The Art History Babes talk about a lot of different topics in an interesting and easy-to-understand way. They cover everything from ancient civilizations to modern art.

key aspects: The Art History Babes

Hosts:Four art historians
Topics Covered:Art history, ancient to contemporary art
Accessibility:Available on major platforms
Educational Value:Informative and engaging
Inclusivity:Diverse voices welcomed
Episode Length:Varies (usually 1-2 hours)

2. ArtCurious Podcast

Jennifer Dasal is your host, and she will take you on a journey to find out the mysteries and interesting stories behind famous works of art. ArtCurious looks into the strange and interesting parts of the art world, so anyone who likes art should listen to it.

key aspects: ArtCurious Podcast

Hosts:Jennifer Dasal
Topics Covered:Mysteries and stories behind famous art
Accessibility:Available on major platforms
Educational Value:Thought-provoking narratives
Episode Length:Varies (usually 30-45 mins)

3. The Lonely Palette

Art Podcasts to Expand Your Creative Horizons

The Lonely Palette is a one-of-a-kind podcast where each episode is all about a different piece of art. Host Tamar Avishai talks about these works in a way that is personal and relatable, which makes art easy for everyone to understand and enjoy.

If you like art podcasts, you should check out “The Lonely Palette” Scores and reviews can be found: The The Lonely Palette IMDb page

key aspects: The Lonely Palette

Hosts:Tamar Avishai
Topics Covered:In-depth exploration of individual artworks
Accessibility:Available on major platforms
Educational Value:Personal and relatable insights
Episode Length:Varies (usually 30-45 mins)

4. Art For Your Ear

Danielle Krysa, the host of this podcast, has sincere conversations with contemporary artists. Listen as these artists talk about how they come up with ideas, what inspires them, and the stories behind their work.

key aspects: Art For Your Ear

Hosts:Danielle Krysa
Topics Covered:Interviews with contemporary artists
Accessibility:Available on major platforms
Educational Value:Insights into artists’ processes
Episode Length:Varies (usually 45-60 mins)

5. Art Detective Podcast

Art Podcasts to Expand Your Creative Horizons

Come with Dr. Janina Ramirez as she finds out the secrets behind the art in churches, cathedrals, and other holy places. Art Detective is a fascinating show that looks at how art is connected to religion and history.

key aspects: Art Detective Podcast

Hosts:Dr. Janina Ramirez
Topics Covered:Stories behind artworks in religious and historical spaces
Accessibility:Available on major platforms
Educational Value:Historical and religious context
Episode Length:Varies (usually 30-45 mins)

6. Working Artists

People who are artists and want to make a living from their work should listen to this podcast. Carolyn Edlund, the show’s host, talks to successful artists about how they run their businesses, how they market their work, and how they stay motivated.

key aspects: The Jealous Curator

Hosts:Karen Atkinson
Topics Covered:Art career strategies, creative processes
Accessibility:Available on major podcast platforms
Educational Value:offers practical advice,
Inclusivity: Welcomes
Episode Length:30-60 minutes

7. 99% Invisible

Art Podcasts to Expand Your Creative Horizons

This podcast is about all the thought that goes into things we don’t notice, like everyday items, infrastructure, and architecture. Roman Mars, the host, tells interesting stories about the world around us in a way that is both educational and fun.

key aspects: 99% Invisible

Hosts:Roman Mars
Topics Covered:Architecture, Design, Urbanism, Unseen and Overlooked
Accessibility:Widely available online
Educational Value:High
Inclusivity:Diverse audience
Episode Length:Typically 20-30 min

8. Art Detective Presents

This is a series that the Art Detective Podcast has put together. Each episode looks into a different art-related mystery or event. Get ready to be captivated by the mysterious side of art.

key aspects: Art Detective Presents

Hosts:Philip Mould
Topics Covered:History and secrets of various artworks
Accessibility:Available on major platforms
Educational Value:Art forgery and intrigue
Episode Length:Varies (usually 30-45 mins)

9. The Tim Ferriss Show

Art Podcasts to Expand Your Creative Horizons

Tim Ferriss, an author and businessman, hosts this podcast and talks to a lot of different people, such as artists, athletes, and business leaders. People learn how to do their best work and reach their goals by answering deep questions.

key aspects: The Tim Ferriss Show

Hosts:Tim Ferriss
Topics Covered:Wide Range of Topics
Accessibility:Available on major podcast platforms
Educational Value:High, featuring interviews with experts
Format:Conversational Interviews
Inclusivity:Inclusive of Diverse Guests
Episode Length:Varies (typically 1-2 hours)

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10. TED Talks Daily

Art Podcasts to Expand Your Creative Horizons

The best TED Talks from all over the world can be found on this podcast. Short, inspiring talks called TED Talks cover a lot of different subjects, such as art, design, and creativity.

key aspects: TED Talks Daily

Hosts: Various TED Speakers
Topics Covered: Wide range of topics including science, tech, culture, and more
Accessibility: Widely available on podcast platforms
Educational Value: High; features renowned experts and innovators
Format: Talks and interviews
Inclusivity: Diverse speakers
Episode Length: Usually 10-20 minutes

Art podcasts are like a hidden doorway to the wide and exciting world of creativity. They make it easy and fun to learn about, enjoy, and interact with art, whether you’ve been interested in it your whole life or are just starting out. Since you’ve read these tips, you’re well on your way to becoming more creative and discovering the beauty and mystery of the art world. Why wait then? Listen in and let your mind wander!


How can aspiring artists benefit from art podcasts?

Art podcasts share valuable insights, tips, and experiences from seasoned artists with aspiring artists. They provide a venue for artists to learn about various artistic styles, techniques, and the art industry, ultimately assisting in the growth and development of their own practice.

Are art podcasts appropriate for beginning artists?

Absolutely! Art podcasts cater to people of all artistic skill levels. They frequently cover fundamental art topics, making them an excellent starting point for beginners interested in learning more about art history, techniques, and various art movements.

Are there any free art podcasts?

Many art podcasts are free, allowing listeners to access a wealth of content for no cost. However, some podcasts may charge a subscription fee for premium episodes or exclusive content.

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