Best Travel Blogs To Follow

16 Best Travel Blogs To Follow

“Discover destinations and travel tips that inspire wanderlust in these top travel blogs to follow.”

This is the place to stop searching for best travel blogs to follow. A lot of people feel the same way about going on adventures, whether they’re across the country or across town. When I go on vacation, I find that reading travel blogs is a great way to get ideas, but it also helps me stay organised and has great company. Even though there are a lot of travel blogs to choose from, the best ones often provide interesting stories, useful advice, and stunning photos that make you want to pack your bags and hit the road.

A truly remarkable book that I came discovered is “Wanderlust Chronicles.” An absolute must-read for any travel enthusiast, this blog chronicles Emma’s firsthand experiences with foods, cultures, and landscapes from all over the world. The blog “Nomadic Adventures” is another one I recommend to anyone who, like myself, loves to immerse themselves in travel. An invaluable resource for off-the-beaten-path locations and frugal travel suggestions, this blog is curated by Alex, a seasoned traveller.

Alex brings every voyage to life with his vibrant storytelling and breathtaking photographs, making them all approachable and thrilling. By providing in-depth itineraries and thoughtful insights, the author encourages readers to go beyond popular tourist locations and craft their own unique and memorable adventures. These dynamic travel blogs, such as “Wanderlust Chronicles” and “Nomadic Adventures,” guarantee to enhance your journey and stoke your wanderlust with every click, whether you’re planning a real vacation or just longing for a virtual one.

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What is Travel Blogs?

Travel blogs are online journals where members of the community write about their travels and offer advise to other travellers. The locations, sights, lodgings, and activities covered by these blogs are often documented with articles, photographs, videos, and occasionally even interactive maps. Adventures, local cuisine, culture, budgeting, and advice for other travellers are common topics for travel blogs. Transportation alternatives, visa requirements, safety warnings, packing guidance, and other practical details may also be provided.

Everyone from families to budget travellers and those on a tight budget might find something to their liking on travel blogs. Because they give first-hand accounts and viewpoints that conventional guidebooks might not, they are great tools for travel preparation. Affiliate marketing, sponsored content, advertising, freelancing, and the sale of personal goods and services are just a few ways that some travel bloggers make money off of their blogs. On the other hand, a lot of bloggers start their travel blogs only to talk about how much they love exploring new places and to encourage other people to do the same.

Importance of Following Travel Blogs

Reading travel blogs can provide you with a wealth of information and ideas for your trips. These blogs enhance travel experiences by providing insider advice on destinations, budget-saving strategies, and cultural immersion guides. As a result of the current information they supply, tourists are better able to plan their trips and find unique experiences that will help them understand and appreciate the world’s many cultures and environments.

Inspiration: Reading travel blogs can make you want to see the world and do new things. A sense of wanderlust and the desire to organise one’s own journeys might be sparked by reading about the experiences of others.

Practical Advice: Travel bloggers frequently impart wisdom and insight derived from their personal encounters. Advice on where to stay, what to eat, how to get around, what to bring, and how to act appropriately in a new culture are all part of this.

Hidden Gems: A lot of travel blogs focus on off-the-beaten-path places that you might not find in the more popular travel books. If you’re looking for off-the-beaten-path spots that cater to your interests, follow travel blogs to find them.

List of 10 Best Travel Blogs To Follow

Check out these great travel blogs to learn about exciting places with interesting stories and beautiful pictures. Get the inside scoop on must-see destinations, must-do activities, and must-have experiences to get your wanderlust on. These blogs provide helpful tips to enhance your travel experience and make every trip memorable, whether you’re looking for affordable exotic excursions or more affordable options.

Know More about Travel Blogs

Nomadic Matt

In search of ideas for affordable vacations? Matt Kepnes’s Nomadic Matt is your one-stop shop. With its comprehensive travel guides, helpful travel hacks, and interesting anecdotes, this blog has been my trusted source for a long time. I really enjoy reading Matt’s blog because of his talent for writing and his commitment to sustainable travel. Without a doubt, Nomadic Matt is among the top travel blogs to follow, regardless of your level of experience.

The Blonde Abroad

Check out Kiersten Rich’s The Blonde Abroad if you’re a woman looking for ideas and tips for travelling the world on your own. For someone like myself, who enjoys venturing out on my own, Kiersten’s blog has been a lifesaver. She encourages women to embrace their freedom and embark on life-changing travels through her stunning photography, destination itineraries, and recommendations for solo travellers. For female explorers venturing off on their own, it is undeniably a top travel blog to follow.

Expert Vagabond

Under the direction of Matthew Karsten, Expert Vagabond is an invaluable collection of travelogues filled with exciting adventures and stunning photography. Matthew’s fearless adventures and practical travel tips encourage readers to leave their comfort zones and experience the excitement of exploration. Immerse yourself in the world’s most breathtaking destinations with Expert Vagabond, whether you’re hiking across inaccessible landscapes or diving into colourful civilizations.

A Dangerous Business

Popular among those in search of excitement, Amanda Williams’s A Dangerous Business blends first-person accounts with useful travel advice. Off-the-beaten-path destinations and immersive travel experiences are brought to life through Amanda’s frank narrative and in-depth itinerary guides. In A Dangerous Business, the author urges readers to embrace adventure and seek out exceptional experiences, whether it’s climbing across tough terrain or trying foreign cuisine.

Wandering Earl

The story of Wandering Earl follows Derek Baron as he continues his never-ending quest to explore the world. As a nomad with over 20 years of experience, Derek regales listeners with fascinating stories of his travels and offers sound advise for those who wish to follow in his footsteps. Through his experiences with cultural sensitivity training and volunteer work in underserved areas, Wandering Earl provides a window into the life-altering potential of extended travel.

Be My Travel Muse

Kristin Addis’s Be My Travel Muse is the perfect resource for anyone looking to plan off-the-beaten-path solo excursions. The courage to bravely embark on solo female travels was inspired by Kristin’s blog, which has been my trusted companion during my journeys. Her honest stories and helpful advice have given me the courage to go alone and have stoked my wanderlust. For women who live for the excitement of exploring the world on their own and who are looking for a little inspiration, Be My Travel Muse is a must-read travel blog.

The Points Guy

For astute vacationers seeking to make the most of their points and perks, Brian Kelly’s The Points Guy is an indispensable resource. The Points Guy is a travel resource that lets people earn free or discounted flights, hotels, and credit card points through various loyalty programmes. This site is a great resource for travellers who want to maximise their trips, whether that’s via getting free flights or getting luxury upgrades.

Legal Nomads

With her education and experience in law and culinary arts, Jodi Ettenberg brings her love of travel together with Legal Nomads. Astounding photos and enthralling narratives allow Jodi to probe the meeting point of culture, food, and adventure. From promoting sustainable tourism to dealing with foreign dietary restrictions, Legal Nomads provides a new angle on the pleasures and perils of immersive travel.

Y Travel Blog

Y Travel Blog was started by Caz and Craig Makepeace with the intention of encouraging parents to take young children on adventures across the globe. Family travel is a great way to make experiences that will last a lifetime, and Y Travel Blog is here to help with destination guides, helpful hints for travelling with kids, and inspiring family stories. This site is all about the adventures that families can have on the road, whether it’s a cross-continental road trip or an educational expedition to other places.

Travel Fashion Girl

For trend-conscious vacationers in need of helpful packing tips and fashionable travel accessories, Alexandra Jimenez’s Travel Fashion Girl is the go-to resource. Alexandra offers a variety of travel suggestions to help her readers save time and look great while on the go. Travel Fashion Girl is here to make sure you look and feel amazing no matter where your travels take you, be it Southeast Asia on a backpack or the metropolis of Europe.

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The top travel blogs provide a treasure trove of information, from interesting stories to professional travel advice. Their captivating narratives and vivid images take readers to exotic locales and undiscovered treasures. From off-the-beaten-path activities to helpful tips on lodging and local cuisine, their first-hand experiences are priceless. Whether you’re an experienced traveller or just starting out, these blogs will be great resources for exploring the world and experiencing its many wonders.


What can I learn from travel blogs?

You can discover new places to visit, useful travel advice, and ideas for your own trips by reading travel blogs. Various civilizations and ways of living can also be learned.

Are travel blogs still popular?

Let us put this to rest by saying that, yes, travel blogs did and do have a following. Travel blogs are ever-changing, but their success isn’t always guaranteed; changes in reader behaviour, new technologies, and fads all have an influence.


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