Best Trails and Hikes in Portland

5 Best Trails and Hikes in Portland

Want to find the best Trails and Hikes in Portland that you may not have known about? There are 210 beautiful trails in the Portland area that I’ve found through personal exploration. They are great for hiking, biking, trail running, or just getting back to nature. Dive into carefully created trail maps that are made better by the comments and beautiful photos that nature lovers like you have shared. Start one of the 101 easy hiking trails I’ve seen in Portland, or look for family-friendly trails that are perfect for your next great adventure.

You can explore Portland’s nature areas, which are excellent for hikers and other outdoor lovers of all ability levels, or stroll along routes replete with historical buildings. Portland’s hiking trails are quite breathtaking, yet getting there only takes two hours by car from the city center. I’ve spent a lot of time touring the capital city of Oregon, and I find its distinctive blend of urban and verdant areas to be incredibly appealing.

Portland is a terrific spot for folks who wish to get away to nature areas and discover new hiking routes because of the warm and dry summers. Hikers of all ability levels may find a trail to reach the largest waterfall in the state or climb an extinct volcano for a glimpse over Portland, I assure you. The best Trails and Hikes in Portland are listed here.

Comparative Analysis: Best Trails and Hikes in Portland

Before we start comparing, I want to say that hiking in Portland has been a great adventure for me, and I think you’ll enjoy each of these hikes in its own way. Forest Park has beautiful plants, and Council Crest has amazing views. This park has something for every nature fan.

TrailSceneryDifficultyDog-FriendlyBest FeatureApprox. Length
Forest ParkLush woodlandsModerateYesWildlife & solitude30+ miles (varies)
Tryon Creek State ParkDense forestEasy to moderateYesWaterfall2-8 miles
Washington ParkDiverseEasy to moderateYesGardens & zoo1-15 miles
Lower Macleay to Pittock MansionUrban to natureModerateYesHistoric mansion5 miles round trip
Council CrestPanoramic viewsModerateYesHighest point views3 miles round trip
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List of 5 Best Trails and Hikes in Portland

It was a thrilling journey to explore Portland’s colorful trails and hikes. Every path, from the lush Forest Park to the beautiful Powell Butte, showed me something new. The challenging Wildwood Trail took hikers through old woods, and the famous Multnomah Falls Trail wowed visitors with its beautiful falls. Portland’s trails are full of different types of terrain and stunning natural scenery, making them perfect for serious hikers.

Forest Park

Best Trails and Hikes in Portland

Key Highlights:

  • Vast Urban Wilderness
  • Diverse Flora and Fauna
  • Accessible Trails
  • Wildwood Trail

The vast, picturesque Forest Park, which spans 5,100 acres and has more than 80 miles of meandering pathways, is tucked away in Portland. Discovering its varied landscapes has been a favorite activity for me as a native. Every visit offers a different experience, whether I’m running among the tall trees, on a dog walk with a friend, or spending time with family. Families, environment enthusiasts, and hikers are all drawn to this urban forest due to its unmistakable charm.

With careful markings, every trail offers a voyage of exploration and a chance to commune with the natural world. Unquestionably one of Portland’s top hiking and path systems is Forest Park, a haven for outdoor aficionados. This is the best Trails and Hikes in Portland in our list.

Tryon Creek State Park

Best Trails and Hikes in Portland

Key Highlights:

  • Natural Beauty
  • Trillium Festival
  • Educational Programs
  • Trail Variety

Tryon Creek State Park is a hidden gem when it comes to the exciting experience that is Portland’s Best Trails & Hikes. It provides a refuge for nature lovers with its 658 acres of beautiful forest. I have personally hiked eight kilometers of its paths and enjoyed the tranquil atmosphere. There are plenty of opportunities for exploring on the 3-mile paved bicycle trail and the 3.5-mile equestrian trails.

The 5.7-mile outer loop hike is one of its highlights; it provides a thorough exploration of this charming park. Tryon Creek is a destination that outdoor enthusiasts should not miss as the breathtaking natural scenery of Portland is revealed at every turn.

Washington Park

Best Trails and Hikes in Portland

Key Highlights:

  • Iconic Attractions
  • Panoramic Views
  • Family-Friendly
  • Accessible Trails

Washington Park is a unique urban sanctuary in Portland that is within a short drive from the city center. With over fifteen miles of varied paths, it accommodates a range of abilities and tastes. These trails meander through verdant vegetation, linking hikers to famous sites such as Pittock Mansion and Hoyt Arboretum. Enjoy the park’s attractions, which include peaceful Japanese gardens and informative museums, after your experience.

For those who love flowers, don’t miss the renowned International Rose Test Garden. Because parking is limited, arriving early guarantees a hassle-free experience. Washington Park is a great place to go hiking and offers an amazing outdoor experience for people looking for the greatest trails in Portland.

Lower Macleay to Pittock Mansion

Best Trails and Hikes in Portland

Key Highlights:

  • Historic Mansion
  • Rich Biodiversity
  • Scenic Route
  • Cultural Significance

The climb to Pittock Mansion, known for its breathtaking views, is one of Portland’s must-do excursions. The trailhead is at Lower Macleay Trailhead. It winds past the interesting Witch’s Castle, which is said to be haunted, and down a picturesque creek among old Douglas firs. The walk becomes increasingly difficult with switchbacks as you approach Pittock Mansion, but the stunning panoramic view of Portland’s center makes the effort worthwhile.

It’s a popular destination for both locals and visitors, so expect crowds. Still, this trip is among Portland’s greatest trails and climbs because of the breathtaking views to behold. Overall, this is one of the best Trails and Hikes in Portland.

Council Crest

Best Trails and Hikes in Portland

Key Highlights:

  • Highest Point
  • Historical Site
  • Peaceful Retreat
  • Accessible Trails

The Council Crest route is a personal favorite of mine; start one of the Best Trails and Hikes in Portland. This path offers a satisfying ride through the verdant West Hills, where a peaceful canopy of Douglas fir, big leaf maple, and western hemlock trees may be found. There are sporadic city street crossings throughout the gradual ascent that leads to Council Crest’s summit.

Views of Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, and Downtown Portland are impressive, but they are even more satisfying after a strenuous trek. Any outdoor enthusiast should try it because it’s a rejuvenating experience for both the body and the spirit.

Safety Tips for Enjoying Portland’s Hiking Trails

Check Trail Conditions: Before you go hiking in Portland, check to see if any trails are closed, if there are any weather warnings, or if there have been any recent changes to the trail conditions. The weather in Portland can change quickly, so it’s important to know what the forecast says before you go hiking.

Respect for Nature and Trail Etiquette: Be polite on the trail, give way to other hikers, and be careful not to damage the natural surroundings. To protect the ecosystem and keep wildlife from getting hurt, stay on the routes that have been marked. Pack up all of your trash and throw it away in the right way to leave no sign.

Stay Hydrated: The weather in Portland isn’t always stable, so it’s important to stay hydrated. Bring a lot of water with you, especially during the warmer months, so you don’t get dehydrated. To help the earth, think about using a water bottle that you can reuse.

Tell Someone About Your Plans: Tell a friend, family member, or hotel staff member about your hiking plans. They should know what trail you’ll be on, when you expect to return, and who to call in case of an emergency. This makes sure that someone knows where you are in case something bad happens.

Wear the Right Clothes: Layer your clothes to be ready for Portland’s changing weather. Bring a hat, sunscreen, and a jacket that will keep you dry. Wear climbing boots that are strong to make it easier to get around and lower your risk of slipping or falling.

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I can attest to the varied beauty and thrilling experiences offered by Portland’s top trails and hikes since I have personally experienced them. Every path offers a different kind of adventure, from the verdant woodlands of Forest Park to the stunning views from Council Crest. Portland’s hiking paths offer unique opportunities for exploration and discovery, regardless of experience level.


What is the longest trail in Portland?

The Wildwood Trail winds through Forest Park for more than 30 miles. It is in the northwest area of Portland. The Wildwood Trail in Forest Park is something that most Portlanders have hiked at least part of. But all together, it’s 30.2 miles long. At that length, it’s the longest urban forest trail in the United States.

Does Oregon have good hiking trails?

Oregon has a lot of different types of the best hiking trails, so you can find one that fits your needs. This weekend, take the family on one of 1,256 hikes that are good for them. Take a look at these 189 wheelchair-friendly tracks that come with helpful accessibility information.


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