Best Things to Do in Norway

9 Best Things to Do in Norway

“Explore Norway’s fjords, Northern Lights, Viking history, and scenic landscapes for unforgettable adventures and cultural experiences.”

Norway is like walking through a Scandinavian tapestry. As I toured its fjords, mountains, and beautiful cities, I discovered the best things to do in Norway. Norway has activities for every traveler, from watching the Northern Lights to trekking famous trails. Being welcomed by locals and immersed in Viking history made each moment a tribute to the country’s enduring appeal.

I was captivated by nature’s magnificence as I explored its national parks and waterfalls. Every encounter, from sailing its fjords to eating traditional Norwegian food, was full with surprise and discovery. Discover the best things to do in Norway with me on an extraordinary vacation where every minute has an adventure waiting to be explored.

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List of 9 Best Things to Do in Norway

Beautiful fjords, glacier-capped mountains, and endless coasts entice tourists to Norway. Around every corner is adventure. Hike into stunning countryside, sail through fjords, or hunt Northern Lights. Discover Viking history, delicious seafood, and picturesque Norwegian villages.

ActivityLocationAccessibilityUnique Features
Explore GeirangerfjordGeirangerAccessible by roadUNESCO World Heritage Site
Vigelandsparken SculpturesOsloUrban locationLargest sculpture park by a single artist
Visit BergenBergenWell-connectedGateway to fjords, cultural festivals
Hike to Pulpit RockPreikestolenModerate hikeIconic natural landmark, thrilling vistas
Northern Lights ViewingVarious locationsRemote destinationsUnique celestial display
Viking History TourVarious locationsAvailable in citiesInteractive exhibits, historical reenactments
Wildlife Tour in SvalbardSvalbardRemote destinationPolar expeditions, diverse wildlife
Flamsbana Train RideFlamAccessible by railSteepest railway line in the world
Alesund Architecture TourAlesundUrban locationUnique architectural style, coastal charm

Explore Geirangerfjord’s beauty

Best Things to Do in Norway


  • Stunning natural beauty
  • Iconic fjord landscape
  • Boat tours available

Situated in Norway’s beautiful mountains, Geirangerfjord is stunning. Ribbon-like waterfalls drop down sheer rocks into pristine pools. Snowcapped peaks rise above lush green woodlands. Cruise the fjord and enjoy the views. Hike picturesque pathways past abandoned farms on slopes. The Norwegian Fjord Centre explains how this UNESCO World Heritage Site was formed. Geirangerfjord promises an extraordinary experience.

Have a look at the intricate sculptures in Vigelandsparken

Best Things to Do in Norway


  • Intricate sculptures by Gustav Vigeland
  • Prominent park in Oslo
  • Rich cultural significance

Gustav Vigeland’s Vigeland Sculpture Park is a beautiful display of human passion and form. The park’s wide grounds feature over 200 bronze and granite statues depicting the life cycle from birth to adulthood. Explore elaborate sculptures and symbolic depictions, marveling at their detail. This outdoor museum gives a unique view of humanity that will leave a lasting impact.

Visit Bergen

Best Things to Do in Norway


  • Historic city on the west coast
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf, Mount Fløyen, and fish market are highlights

Bergen, surrounded by Norway’s stunning fjords, is charming. Discover Bryggen wharf, a UNESCO World Heritage site with colourful wooden buildings on the harbour. Ride the funicular up Mount Fløyen for stunning city and fjord views. Enjoy fresh seafood at the busy Fish Market.

In Bergen, the KODE art museums display treasures and composer residences like Troldhaugen honor Edvard Grieg. Hike one of the seven nearby mountains or take an exciting fjord cruise to experience Norwegian nature. Bergen’s unique blend of urban bustle, historical interest, and stunning countryside guarantees an amazing journey.

Hike to Pulpit Rock

Best Things to Do in Norway


  • Dramatic cliff overlooking Lysefjord
  • Popular hiking destination
  • Spectacular panoramic views

Hikers must see Pulpit Rock across the Lysefjord in Norway. The 8km round-trip climb takes 4-5 hours and is moderately strenuous. Despite the difficult ascent, the path passes woods, plateaus, and Sherpa-built stone stairs. The reward? Epic views from the 604-meter cliff make it unforgettable. This trek requires comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate clothes.

See the Northern Lights

Best Things to Do in Norway


  • Natural phenomenon visible in northern Norway
  • Best seen during winter months
  • Tromsø and Lofoten are prime viewing locations

The Northern Lights in Norway are spectacular. Auroras twirl and whirl in the night sky. Travel north to Tromso, the “Arctic Capital,” for exceptional views. You can go dog sledding, snowmobiling, and looking for the aurora borealis here. Another stunning alternative is the Lofoten Islands, where the lights reflect in the pure waters. Norway guarantees a magnificent aurora borealis night regardless of location.

Go on a Viking history tour

Best Things to Do in Norway


  • Insight into Norway’s Viking heritage
  • Museums, archaeological sites, and reenactments
  • Available in various cities like Oslo, Stavanger, and Trondheim

Norwegian history is rich, and a Viking history trip may take you back to ferocious warriors and daring explorers. Experience the Viking Age at Oslo’s Viking Ship Museum’s well-preserved longships. Visit Kaupang, Norway’s earliest urban community, or the Lofotr Viking Museum to learn about daily life. Folk food, historical reenactments, and a sense of the Viking spirit can all be found at a Viking market or fair.

Take a tour in Svalbard to see wildlife

Best Things to Do in Norway


  • Arctic archipelago with diverse wildlife
  • Polar bears, Arctic foxes, walruses, and more
  • Boat tours, safaris, and expeditions offered

Svalbard isn’t your typical safari destination. It offers unforgettable wildlife experiences for adventurers. Imagine sailing through snowy fjords with stunning mountains, watching for polar bears hunting seals on the pack ice. Svalbard reindeer with spectacular antlers and Arctic foxes, a flash of white against the tundra, may be seen on land. Orcas and minke whales can be seen in the cold seas. Despite its extremes, Svalbard’s wildlife safaris offer a unique look into the arctic ecology.

Take a train ride on the Flamsbana

Best Things to Do in Norway


  • Scenic train journey through Norwegian countryside
  • Stunning views of mountains, waterfalls, and valleys
  • Route includes Flåm and Myrdal stations

Take a train ride on the Flamsbana, one of the world’s most scenic railways. Watch the Norwegian scenery change dramatically as your train ascends from Flam hamlet at sea level. Falling waterfalls and snow-capped mountains replace lush fields. The train passes through 20 tunnels with spectacular views. Visit the majestic Kjosfossen waterfall to see Norway’s fjords in their raw beauty. Myrdal station, 867 meters above sea level, will amaze you with its natural beauty.

Be surprised by the intricate architecture in Alesund

Best Things to Do in Norway


  • Unique Art Nouveau architecture
  • Postcard-perfect coastal town
  • Known for its picturesque streets and colorful buildings

Explore the charming coastal village of Alesund, Norway, for breathtaking architecture. Walking through the town core, the Art Nouveau buildings’ natural lines and flowing curves will astound you. The ornate decoration and brilliant colors of these monuments contrast with Norwegian architecture. The town Centre of Alesund was completely rebuilt after a fire in 1904, resulting in its unique architectural history. The reconstruction architects were significantly influenced by the then-popular Art Nouveau movement, creating the unique cityscape visitors enjoy today.

Insider Tips for Traveling in Norway

Use public transit, pack for weather, see off-the-beaten-path sites, and enjoy local cuisine in Norway. Travel secrets for Norway:

Plan for the weather: No matter the season, Norway’s weather can change quickly, so bring layers. Wear a jumper or jacket in summer because evenings might be cool. Expect snow and frigid temperatures in winter.

Embrace the outdoors: Norway is a great place to enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, fishing, and kayaking. There are many national parks and forests to explore, and the scenery is stunning.

Think about cost: Visitors visiting Norway must budget because it’s pricey. Dining out, lodging, and transportation are expensive. Staying in hostels, cooking, and using public transit can save money.

Take advantage of the right to roam: Norway’s “allemannsretten” statute, or “everyman’s right,” lets you freely traverse most outdoor regions, including forests, mountains, and beaches. If you leave no trace and respect private property, you can camp practically anyplace.

Learn a few basic Norwegian phrases: Even though most Norwegians speak English fluently, knowing a few simple words will help. Norwegians appreciate it and it helps you connect with locals.

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Visiting Norway’s national parks, seeing the Northern Lights, and travelling through its beautiful fjords are all memorable experiences. Dog sledding amid icy settings and eating traditional Norwegian food are unforgettable. Visiting gorgeous seaside towns, learning about Viking history, and meeting pleasant locals enrich the trip. Norway’s natural and cultural features promise a wonderful vacation.


Is Norway expensive to vacation?

Scandinavia is known for high visitor prices. Norway has a higher level and expense of life than many countries due to high earnings. Norway is known for being pricey, but you may still have an economical holiday there.

Is Education in Norway free?

Norway offered free education to international students until 2022. International students must pay tuition at Norwegian public universities starting in 2023. It costs less than studying in the UK, US, or Canada.

How do I become a citizen of Norway?

A foreigner must live in Norway for at least seven of the last ten years and have a legal work or housing permit for one year to become a citizen.


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