Best Things to Do in Mumbai

10 Best Things to Do in Mumbai

“Explore the vibrant culture, history and cuisine of Mumbai with these world-class attractions and activities.”

Okay, so you want to go to Mumbai, right? Hold on tight, because I’m about to tell you the Best Things to Do in Mumbai. Believe me, this busy city will be very exciting for you. Mumbai has a wide range of experiences that will take your breath away, from busy street markets to peaceful seaside promenades. The first thing on my list of the Best Things to Do in Mumbai is to check out the city’s lively street food scene.

I promise you that you haven’t really experienced Mumbai until you’ve tried its delicious vada pav or hot pav bhaji. The smells and tastes are like nothing else in the world. Next, let’s talk about the well-known features. When you go to Mumbai, you have to see the beautiful Gateway of India and walk along the Marine Drive. In addition to being beautiful works of architecture, these sites are also very important to the people of Mumbai.

If you like culture as much as I do, you’ll love how lively the arts and nightlife scene is in Mumbai. There is always something going on in this city, from cutting-edge art galleries to exciting Bollywood shows. Last but not least, don’t miss the chance to experience Mumbai’s exciting nightlife. This city has a lot of different types of bars, from cool rooftop spots to cosy pubs. Well, that’s it! The Best Things to Do in Mumbai are as varied and exciting as the city itself. Mumbai is ready to charm you, so get ready to be enchanted.

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Best Things to Do in Mumbai

Exploring Mumbai’s busy streets and eating street food are musts. Shop for souvenirs and haggle at busy markets. Seeing the Gateway of India and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus are unforgettable. Watch a Bollywood film in one of the city’s old cinemas to experience Indian film culture. Finally, strolling along Marine Drive as the sun sets is a lovely way to end a day in this vibrant city.

AttractionLocationAccessibilityRecommended Time
Gateway of IndiaColabaEasily accessible by road and sea1-2 hours
Marine DriveSouth MumbaiEasily reachable by car or footAnytime, especially sunset
Bollywood TourVarious locations in MumbaiDepends on the tour package3-4 hours
Elephanta CavesElephanta IslandAccessible by ferry from MumbaiHalf to full day
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu SangrahalayaFortCentral location, easily reachable2-3 hours
Dhobi GhatMahalaxmiNearby railway station, walkable1-2 hours
Haji Ali DargahWorliConnected by road, accessible1-2 hours
Crawford MarketSouth MumbaiEasily accessible by road and rail1-2 hours
Sanjay Gandhi National ParkBorivaliAccessible by car or public transportHalf to full day
Street Food TourVarious locations in MumbaiDepends on the tour, walking mainly3-4 hours

Mumbai, a vibrant metropolis on the west coast of India, offers a lively mix of culture, history and modernity. Experience it: Official Website

Gateway of India

Best Things to Do in Mumbai


  • Iconic arch monument
  • Historical significance
  • Majestic sea views

If you go to Mumbai, you have to see the famous Gateway of India somewhere. This beautiful arch was built in 1924 to honour King George V and Queen Mary’s visit. It stands tall and looks out over the Arabian Sea. People can take a stroll along the waterfront promenade and enjoy the view of the sea. They can also see how busy the nearby Colaba Causeway, which is a famous shopping area, is.

Marine Drive

Best Things to Do in Mumbai


  • Scenic promenade along the Arabian Sea
  • Popular spot for evening strolls
  • Spectacular sunset views

Marine Drive is one of the most famous places in Mumbai. At night, its lights make it look like a line of pearls, giving it the name “Queen’s Necklace.” This beautiful street runs along the Arabian Sea and has stunning views of both the water and the city skyline. Marine Drive is a must-see for both locals and tourists, whether you’re looking for a lovely place to walk in the evening or just want to enjoy the sea breeze.

Bollywood Tour

Best Things to Do in Mumbai


  • Insight into India’s film industry
  • Visits to studios and film sets
  • Chance to see Bollywood celebrities

Bollywood, the biggest movie business in the world, is linked to Mumbai. Taking a guided tour of Film City, where many hit films and TV shows are shot, is a great way for tourists to get a feel for the glitz and glamour of Bollywood. From meeting Bollywood stars to getting behind-the-scenes looks at movie sets, this immersive experience gives you an interesting look into the magic of Indian film.

Elephanta Caves

Best Things to Do in Mumbai


  • UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Ancient rock-cut caves dedicated to Shiva
  • Intricate sculptures and carvings

The Elephanta Caves are a UNESCO World Heritage Site on Elephanta Island in Mumbai Harbour. They are famous for the old temples and sculptures that were cut into the rock. These beautifully carved caves, which date back to the 5th century, are dedicated to Lord Shiva and give an interesting look into India’s rich cultural history. People can take a short boat ride from the Gateway of India to get to these amazing caves and look at their amazing architecture.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

Best Things to Do in Mumbai


  • Formerly known as the Prince of Wales Museum
  • Houses a vast collection of art, artifacts, and historical exhibits
  • Architectural masterpiece blending Indo-Saracenic and Mughal styles

The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya is a great trove of Indian history and culture. It has a huge collection of art, artefacts, and ancient things. This beautiful museum has been around since the early 1900s and has on display everything from ancient sculptures to decorative arts. It gives tourists a full picture of India’s artistic history.

Dhobi Ghat

Best Things to Do in Mumbai


  • World’s largest outdoor laundry
  • Traditional method of washing clothes
  • Cultural experience witnessing the daily routine of washermen

Dhobi Ghat is the world’s biggest outdoor laundry. It’s a great place to see how differently laundry is done in Mumbai. Hundreds of dhobis (washermen) wash, dry, and iron clothes in rows of concrete troughs. This is an old custom that has been passed down from generation to generation. People can see how clothes are cleaned, beaten, and hung out to dry, which is an interesting look into the daily lives of Mumbai’s working class.

Haji Ali Dargah

Best Things to Do in Mumbai


  • Iconic Islamic shrine located on a small islet in the Arabian Sea
  • Spiritual significance for Muslims
  • Stunning architecture and serene ambiance

The Haji Ali Dargah is a holy place in Islam that is on a small island off the coast of Worli. It is a shrine to the Sufi saint Haji Ali Shah Bukhari. This famous mausoleum is reached by a long causeway that is submerged during high tide. It is visited by people of all religions who are looking for spiritual comfort and blessings. With its beautiful Indo-Islamic building and peaceful location on the water, the Haji Ali Dargah is a peaceful haven in the middle of Mumbai’s chaos.

Crawford Market

Best Things to Do in Mumbai


  • One of Mumbai’s oldest markets
  • Bustling with activity and vibrant atmosphere
  • Wide array of goods including fruits, vegetables, spices, and souvenirs

There are so many things to see and do at Crawford Market, which is one of the oldest and liveliest markets in Mumbai. This busy market is a kaleidoscope of colours, smells, and tastes, with everything from fresh food and spices to clothes and household items. It’s a shopping and food lover’s dream because people can get lost in its winding streets, bargain with sellers, and eat tasty street food.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Best Things to Do in Mumbai


  • Lush greenery and diverse wildlife
  • Home to the ancient Kanheri Caves
  • Ideal for nature walks, safaris, and birdwatching

Visit Sanjay Gandhi National Park, an oasis of nature right in the middle of the city, to get away from the noise and chaos of the city. This huge park is home to many kinds of plants and animals, such as lions, deer, and rare bird species. It’s a great place to enjoy nature and look for wildlife. To get a close look at Mumbai’s natural beauty, tourists can walk to scenic lookouts, explore the city’s lush forests, or go on a safari tour.

Street Food Tour

Best Things to Do in Mumbai


  • Culinary adventure exploring Mumbai’s diverse street food scene
  • Sampling local delicacies like vada pav, pav bhaji, and bhel puri
  • Immersive cultural experience through food tasting and interaction with local vendors

It would not be a trip to Mumbai without trying some of its delicious street food. Mumbai’s food scene is as varied as its people. From savoury pav bhaji and crispy vada pav to sweet jalebi and creamy kulfi, there is something for everyone. Take a guided street food walk to try some of the city’s best foods. You’ll have to find your way through busy markets and crowded streets. If you’re a seasoned foodie or just an interested traveller, Mumbai’s street food will make your taste buds dance and make you want more.

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Mumbai has lively markets, street cuisine, and famous landmarks. Explore small streets with colourful booths and bargain for treasures. Enjoy metropolitan flavours like spicy vada pav and sweet chai. The Gateway of India symbolises Mumbai’s grand heritage. Admire the skyline while walking down Marine Drive, experiencing the sea wind. Experience Mumbai’s transit heartbeat in local rail mayhem. Dance in trendy clubs in the city’s vibrant nightlife. From ancient temples to modern skyscrapers, embrace the city’s differences to create a unique culture and heritage. Every nook in Mumbai has an adventure waiting.


What is the famous of Mumbai?

Many people know Mumbai for its buildings, which are a mix of Gothic, Victorian, and modern styles. The Gateway of India, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, and the Bandra-Worli Sea Link are some of the most well-known sites in the city.

What is special in Mumbai to visit?

There are many famous beaches in Mumbai. Some of them are Juhu Beach, Chowpatty Beach, Madh Island Beach, Aksa Beach, Marvé Beach, Versova Beach, and Manori Beach. There are many famous beaches in Mumbai. Some of them are Juhu Beach, Chowpatty Beach, Madh Island Beach, Aksa Beach, Marvé Beach, Versova Beach, and Manori Beach.

Is 2 days enough in Mumbai?

Mumbai is full of old and new sights and sites that are fun to see. You’ll have two days to see this huge Indian city’s religious sites, old cave temples, and colonial-era buildings. You’ll also have time to enjoy the city’s nightlife, people-watch, and food.


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