Best Things to Do in Montana

Best Things to Do in Montana

“Discover the best attractions and activities in Montana, from breathtaking national parks to vibrant cultural experiences.”

Montana has a huge area with beautiful scenery and a lot of different things to do for adventurers of all kinds. Out in the Big Sky Country, there are rough mountains and wide open plains that are just ready to be discovered. You don’t need to look any further for the Best Things to Do in Montana. Getting lost in Montana’s wild beauty is one of the best things to do there. Montana’s outdoor activities are sure to amaze you, whether you’re hiking through lush woods, fishing in clear streams, or just taking in the views from the top of a mountain.

As you travel through its varied landscape, you’ll never run out of chances to have fun and learn new things. Montana has a lot to offer people who want to learn about history and culture. The state is full of stories ready to be found. You can visit historic mining towns and Native American heritage sites.

Montana’s rich history and present can also be seen through its lively arts scene and local events. When you go to Montana, you have to experience its famously friendly people. If you want to stay in a cosy house or eat at a nearby restaurant, you’ll be welcomed with open arms. If you want to know what the Best Things to Do in Montana are, get ready to be enchanted by the state’s natural beauty, rich history, and friendly people.

Comparative Analysis: Best Things to Do in Montana

Exploring Montana is like going on a trip of discovery and awe. I’ve been amazed by Big Sky Country’s natural beauty and cultural history. You’ll definitely find your own unforgettable adventures there. To help us plan our trips, here’s a simple comparison:

ActivityBest Time to VisitLocationWhat to BringKey HighlightsExperience Offered
1. Discover Glacier National ParkSummer, FallNorthwest MontanaHiking boots, CameraBreathtaking views, trailsAdventure, stunning landscapes
2. Explore Yellowstone National ParkSpring, FallSouthwestern MontanaCamera, BinocularsGeothermal features, wildlifeUnique wildlife, geysers
3. Go Wildlife Watching in the Bitterroot ValleySpring, FallWestern MontanaBinoculars, Field guideDiverse animal sightingsSerene beauty, wildlife observation
4. Experience the Old West in Virginia CitySummerSouthwestern MontanaComfortable shoesHistoric charm, live reenactmentsHistorical insight, entertainment
5. Hit the Slopes in Big SkyWinterSouthwestern MontanaSki gear, Warm clothesExtensive ski runsVast terrain, winter sports
6. Soak in the Beauty of Flathead LakeSummerNorthwestern MontanaSwimwear, PicnicCrystal-clear watersRelaxation, water activities
7. Sample Local Flavors on the Montana Ale TrailYear-roundStatewideID, AppetiteCraft breweriesCulinary exploration, craft beers
8. Immerse Yourself in Native American Culture at the Little Bighorn BattlefieldSummer, SpringSoutheastern MontanaCamera, Respectful mindsetHistorical significanceEducational, cultural experience
9. Go Fly Fishing on the Madison RiverSpring, SummerSouthwestern MontanaFishing gear, LicenseScenic views, diverse fish speciesRecreational fishing, nature
10. Stargaze in the Big Sky CountrySummer, WinterStatewideBlanket, TelescopeClear night skiesAstronomical observation, tranquility
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List of 10 Best Things to Do in Montana

Montana has several outdoor activities, from hiking to fishing in clear lakes. I recommend visiting Glacier National Park to see majestic glaciers and numerous animals. Don’t miss Gallatin River white-water rafting or Madison River fly fishing. Visit the state’s ghost towns to experience Wild West history. Montana offers remarkable experiences for history and outdoor enthusiasts.

Experience the natural beauty of Montana while hiking, spotting wildlife and exploring Glacier National Park. Try fly fishing or skiing at Big Sky Resort. Discover at Official Website.

Discover Glacier National Park

Key Points:

  • Diverse ecosystems
  • Glaciers and stunning landscapes
  • Hiking and wildlife viewing opportunities

Glacier National Park is an outdoor lover’s dream come true and one of Montana’s most prized possessions. There are countless options for hiking, camping, wildlife viewing, and photography within the park’s approximately one million acres of unspoiled wilderness, craggy mountains, and blue glacial lakes.

The famous Going-to-the-Sun Road is a beautiful drive that snakes through the middle of the park, providing stunning views around every bend. The breathtaking beauty of Glacier National Park awaits you on every adventure, from the strenuous walk to Iceberg Lake to the relaxing shoreline views of Lake McDonald.

Explore Yellowstone National Park

Key Points:

  • Geothermal wonders like Old Faithful
  • Iconic wildlife including bears and wolves
  • Hiking, camping, and scenic drives

Part of Yellowstone National Park is in Montana, even though most of the park is in Wyoming. This gives guests the chance to see its stunning beauty. The awesome Grand Canyon and strange volcanic features like Old Faithful and Mammoth Hot Springs in the park always remind us of how powerful and amazing nature is.

There are many animals that live in the area, such as bison, elk, grizzly bears, and wolves. Everyone who comes to Montana has to go to Yellowstone National Park, whether they love geysers or just want to walk around and enjoy the view.

Go Wildlife Watching in the Bitterroot Valley

Key Points:

  • Rich wildlife habitat
  • Birdwatching and nature photography
  • Tranquil hiking trails

The Bitterroot Valley in western Montana is a great place to see wildlife. The valley is home to many different kinds of animals, such as deer, elk, moose, and bald eagles. It is a great place to watch wildlife and take pictures of it. Many of Montana’s famous animals can be seen in their natural environment.

You can take a beautiful drive along the West Fork of the Bitterroot River or go into the rough backcountry of the Bitterroot Mountains. It doesn’t matter if you love birds or just being in nature; the Bitterroot Valley will make you happy.

Experience the Old West in Virginia City

Key Points:

  • Well-preserved historic mining town
  • Living history experiences
  • Museums showcasing the Old West era

The famous mining town of Virginia City has been lovingly kept alive as a living museum. It will take you back to the days of the Wild West. Walk along the wooden boardwalks that are lined with real 19th-century buildings, such as saloons, general shops, and an old opera house. Don’t miss a ride on the Virginia City Short Line Railroad.

Old steam locomotives take you on tours of the beautiful scenery nearby. Virginia City is a real gem of the Montana border. It has a lot of history, a lively vibe, and beautiful buildings.

Hit the Slopes in Big Sky

Key Points:

  • World-class skiing and snowboarding
  • Scenic chairlift rides
  • Summer activities like hiking and mountain biking

Skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels will love Big Sky Resort, which has huge areas of fresh powder and beautiful mountain views. The resort is in the middle of the Madison Range and has more than 5,800 acres of skiable land with wide bowls, steep chutes, and glades lined with trees.

Big Sky has so many fun things to do in the winter, like carving turns on the slopes, going on a guided snowshoe tour through the backwoods, or just relaxing in a cosy lodge by the slopes.

Soak in the Beauty of Flathead Lake

Key Points:

  • Largest natural freshwater lake in the West
  • Water sports like boating and fishing
  • Picturesque lakeside towns and beaches

Flathead Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River. It is in the northwest corner of the state and is a famous place for outdoor activities. You can spend the day fishing, kayaking, or boating on the clear waters, or you can just rest on the sandy beaches and take in the beautiful mountain views.

Don’t miss the chance to see Wild Horse Island, a state park in the middle of the lake with hiking trails, wildlife watching, and pure natural beauty.

Sample Local Flavors on the Montana Ale Trail

Key Points:

  • Craft breweries featuring local brews
  • Tasting rooms and brewery tours
  • Unique flavors and styles of beer

Montana’s craft beer scene has been getting more attention across the country lately, thanks to its creative breweries and commitment to quality and workmanship. Take a trip along the Montana Ale Trail, which goes through beautiful scenery and cute small towns.

Along the way, you can stop at breweries to try a variety of locally made beers. Montana’s breweries make a wide range of beers, from bitter IPAs to rich stouts. For beer fans, the Ale Trail is a must-do.

Immerse Yourself in Native American Culture at the Little Bighorn Battlefield

Key Points:

  • Historical significance of the Battle of Little Bighorn
  • Interpretive center and guided tours
  • Commemoration of Native American and military history

The Little Bighorn Battlefield is where one of the most famous fights of the American Indian Wars took place. Walk through history when you visit. Explore the site and learn about the events that led up to the battle. Pay your respects at the memorials to the soldiers and Native American warriors who died in the battle.

Many of the soldiers who died are buried in the nearby Custer National Cemetery. From Last Stand Hill, you can see beautiful views of the local countryside.

Go Fly Fishing on the Madison River

Key Points:

  • Renowned fly fishing destination
  • Abundant trout populations
  • Scenic beauty along the riverbanks

The Madison River is famous for having some of the best trout fishing in the world. Anglers can catch trophy-sized trout while enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery. No matter how experienced or new to fishing you are, the Madison River has something for you.

It has miles of beaches that are easy to get to and lots of hidden fishing holes to discover. There are many public access places to the river where you can cast a line and enjoy a day on the water. You can also hire a local guide to show you the best spots and share their knowledge.

Stargaze in the Big Sky Country

Key Points:

  • Unobstructed views of the night sky
  • Stargazing events and observatories
  • Opportunities for astrophotography

Montana is a great place to go stargazing because it has lots of open space, not much light pollution, and clean mountain air. At one of the state’s many dark sky places, like Glacier National Park or the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, you can spend the night under the stars and be amazed by how beautiful the Milky Way is.

You can bring a telescope or just sit back and enjoy the amazing show of stars. Montana’s night skies will take you to a different world.

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Explore beautiful scenery, such as rocky mountains and clear lakes. Enjoy a walk through lush woods and look for wildlife along the way. Take a beautiful drive along winding roads and enjoy the beauty of nature. Do fun things outside, like fishing, camping, and skiing.

Find cute little towns with shops and restaurants that are close by. By going to museums and historical places, you can really get into the history and culture of the area. Everywhere you look in Montana, there’s an adventure waiting.


What is the most famous thing in Montana?

Old Faithful is the most popular thing to see in Yellowstone National Park. This world-famous geyser is a big hit with tourists because it bursts about 20 times a day, and 90% of the time, you can be sure that it will happen.

What is the most beautiful part of Montana?

Glacier National Park is the most beautiful place in Montana for a reason. Take a look! Glacier has some of the best climbing in the world and some of the most beautiful views.

What is Montana best for?

When people live in Montana, they are surrounded by the wild beauty of the American West. Mountains like the Bitterroot Mountains, wide plains, calm lakes, and great national parks like Glacier are what the state is famous for, and people come from all over to see them.


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