Best Snowiest Places on Earth

10 Best Snowiest Places on Earth

“Discover breathtaking winter wonderlands with the best snow-covered places on earth, where snow-covered landscapes fascinate and enchant.”

You want to find the best places on Earth to ski in the winter. Don’t look any further! As I look for the perfect winter wonderlands, I’ve searched the world for the best places to see the fluffiest, most plentiful snowflakes. With their snow-covered hills and beautiful valleys, these places are like no other snowy paradise. I get really excited when I have to find the Best Snowiest Places on Earth.

Picture yourself walking through beautiful scenery while being surrounded by endless blankets of white, crisp snow. These places have something for everyone, whether you love to ski or just enjoy the peaceful beauty of a snowy scenery. As I look for the Best Snowiest Places on Earth, I’ve learned that each place has its own special appeal. There are many beautiful places to visit, from quaint alpine towns to rough mountain ranges.

Get ready to enjoy the magic of winter in these amazing places by putting on warm clothes and gloves. I feel awe and wonder when I think about my trip to find the Best Snowiest Places on Earth. I will always remember each place I’ve been because it made me think of how beautiful and powerful nature’s winter hug is. So, whether you want to try something new or just get away from it all, these snowy paradises are waiting for you to discover them.

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List of 10 Best Snowiest Places on Earth

If you love snow like me, you’ll love hearing about the world’s snowiest places. From snowy peaks to gorgeous valleys, these places are great for skiing, snowboarding, or just enjoying winter. These locations receive massive snowfall, covering everything in snowy beauty. These icy paradises offer thrills and tranquilly. Bundle up and prepare to see nature’s chilly beauty!

PlaceCountryAverage Snowfall (inches)Peak Season
Aomori CityJapan312 (High)December-February
ValdezUSA (Alaska)326 (Very High)December-March
SapporoJapan191 (High)November-March
TignesFrance236 (High)December-April
RevelstokeCanada (BC)394 (Very High)November-April
HokkaidoJapan315 (Very High)November-April
Mount BakerUSA (Washington)641 (Very High)November-April
AndermattSwitzerland240 (High)December-April
KashmirIndia395 (Very High)December-February
GirdwoodUSA (Alaska)524 (Very High)November-April

Experience the celestial beauty of the world’s snowiest destinations, from the tranquil landscapes of Antarctica to the enchanting charms of Spitsbergen.

Aomori City, Japan


  • Heavy snowfall due to its location in northern Japan.
  • Famous for its “Snow Monsters” during winter.
  • Hosts the annual Aomori Snow Festival.

Aomori City is on the northern tip of Honshu, Japan’s major island. It gets a lot of snow every year, which is why it is known as one of the snowiest cities in the world. Aomori is surrounded by beautiful nature, like the Hakkoda Mountains and Lake Towada. When it snows, the city turns into a winter paradise. As people look at the beautiful snowy scenery, they can do things like ski, snowboard, and soak in traditional hot springs (onsen).

Valdez, Alaska, USA


  • Receives significant snowfall due to its coastal location and proximity to mountain ranges.
  • Hosts the World Extreme Skiing Championships.

Alaskan Valdez gets some of the heaviest weather in North America. It is hidden in the Chugach Mountains. This small, remote town gets more than 300 inches of snow every year, which brings in travelers looking for unbeatable skiing and snowboarding conditions. Valdez is a great place for winter sports fans because the nearby mountains have perfect powder slopes, thrilling heli-skiing trips, and beautiful glacier tours.

Sapporo, Japan


  • Home to the Sapporo Snow Festival, one of Japan’s largest winter events.
  • Consistently covered in snow due to its northern location on Hokkaido island.
  • Offers various winter sports and activities.

During the winter, Sapporo gets a lot of snow. The city is famous for its yearly Sapporo Snow Festival, where intricate ice sculptures light up the streets. Sapporo is on the northern island of Hokkaido and has many winter sports, such as ice skating, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing. Along with the beautiful snowy scenery, visitors can enjoy Hokkaido’s famous foods, such as hot bowls of miso ramen and fresh fish specialties.

Tignes, France


  • High-altitude resort with reliable snow cover throughout the season.
  • Part of the Espace Killy ski area, known for its extensive terrain and off-piste opportunities.
  • Hosts international skiing and snowboarding competitions.

Tignes is in the French Alps and is a popular winter sports spot for people who want to experience exciting adventures in beautiful mountain scenery. Because it is so high up and always snows, Tignes is a great place to ski and snowboard from late fall to early summer. The huge, connected ski area called Espace Killy has a lot of different areas to explore, with easy slopes for newbies and difficult terrain for more experienced riders.

Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada


  • Known for its deep powder snow and extensive backcountry terrain.
  • Receives abundant snowfall from Pacific weather systems and inland moisture.
  • Offers skiing, snowboarding, and heli-skiing adventures.

Revelstoke is famous for its huge amounts of snow and great powder skiing. It is located between the Monashee and Selkirk mountain ranges. This Canadian gem draws thrill-seekers from all over the world with its average yearly snowfall of more than 400 inches. Revelstoke Mountain Resort has more than 3,000 acres of skiable terrain, including the steepest slope in North America. Skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels are sure to have a memorable experience.

Hokkaido, Japan


  • Japan’s northernmost island renowned for its powder snow.
  • Hosts various ski resorts and winter festivals.
  • Popular for skiing, snowboarding, and hot spring bathing.

Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island, is known for its winter wonderlands and famous powder snow. Hokkaido has a lot of great places to go on snow-filled experiences, from the world-class ski resorts of Niseko and Furano to the peaceful wilderness of Daisetsuzan National Park. As a visitor, you can enjoy the area’s beautiful nature and lively culture by snowboarding, dog sledding, and ice fishing, among other things.

Mount Baker, Washington, USA


  • Records some of the world’s highest snowfall totals.
  • Offers challenging terrain for advanced skiers and snowboarders.
  • Famous for its laid-back atmosphere and community spirit.

Mount Baker in Washington State gets an unbelievable amount of snow every winter. It is known for having the world record for the most snow that falls in a single year. This hidden gem in the Pacific Northwest has great skiing and snowboarding scenery. It has over 1,000 acres of skiable land and many backcountry options. Locals and tourists alike love the Mount Baker Ski Area for its easygoing vibe and lots of powder snow, making it a must-see for snow lovers.

Andermatt, Switzerland


  • Located in the Swiss Alps, known for reliable snow conditions.
  • Offers diverse terrain for skiing and snowboarding.
  • Popular destination for both winter sports enthusiasts and luxury travelers.

Andermatt is a beautiful mountain town in the middle of the Swiss Alps that is famous for its beautiful scenery and top-notch skiing. Because it is so high up and always snows, Andermatt is a great place to ski from November to May. The newly expanded SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun has more than 120 kilometers of slopes for skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. People can also visit the area’s cute towns, historic sites, and beautiful mountain trails.

Kashmir, India


  • Known for its picturesque landscapes and Himalayan mountain ranges.
  • Offers skiing and snowboarding opportunities in Gulmarg.
  • Spectacular scenery with a unique cultural experience.

Kashmir is a spectacularly beautiful and exciting place to visit, especially in the winter when snow covers the whole area. It is hidden away in the Himalayas. Kashmir is a beautiful place to go skiing, snowboarding, or snow hiking in the winter because of its snow-covered peaks, frozen lakes, and beautiful valleys. Some of the highest ski slopes in the world can be found at the famous Gulmarg ski area. Winter sports fans looking for thrills in beautiful mountain scenery flock there.

Girdwood, Alaska, USA


  • Receives heavy snowfall due to its maritime climate.
  • Offers skiing and snowboarding at Alyeska Resort.
  • Hosts events like the Alyeska Classic ski race and the Spring Carnival.

Girdwood is a lovely Alaskan town just 40 miles south of Anchorage that is famous for having a lot of snow and some of the best skiing in the world. The Chugach Mountains and the huge Chugach State Park surround Girdwood, making it a great place for outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and ice climbing. With its steep chutes and deep powder, the Alyeska Resort is a popular spot for skilled skiers and snowboarders looking for exciting rides.

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If you love snow like me, you want to know the world’s snowiest places. I tell you, nothing beats being surrounded by fluffy snow. Snow fans’ favourite spots, from breathtaking mountains to secluded locations, are typically the hardest to get. These destinations offer unmatched beauty and excitement for skiing, snowboarding, or winter fun. I propose exploring the world’s snowiest places if you’re adventurous. I promise not to disappoint!


What is the most snowiest place on Earth?

The weather. Sukayu Onsen gets 23.7 m (78 ft) of snow in one winter, making it the snowiest place people live on Earth. It snows 17.6 m (58 ft) on average every year. It also has the most snow ever recorded at a JMA-approved weather station: 566 cm (18.57 ft), which was recorded on February 26, 2013.

What place in the world has the best snow?

The mountains close to Salt Lake and the Great Salt Lake make for the best conditions for making the Greatest Snow on Earth®. Many places in the U.S. have heavy, wet snow that makes skiing difficult. However, the snow in Utah is light and powdery, making it great for skiing, snowboarding, and going on adventures.

Which country is always snowing?

Greenland is an independent region within the Kingdom of Denmark. It is mostly frozen over with snow and ice. As a result, it is very cold there and snow covers the ground for most of the year.


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