Best Places to Visit in Stockholm

10 Best Places to Visit in Stockholm: find your bliss

“Discover Stockholm’s fascinating sights, from historic landmarks to vibrant neighborhoods that offer unforgettable experiences for every traveler.”

If you want to go to Stockholm, you’re in for a treat because there are so many fun things to do there. As a seasoned traveller, I know that finding the best places to visit in Stockholm can make your trip an adventure you’ll never forget. Every type of traveller can find something they enjoy in Stockholm, from its deep past to its lively culture. As you walk through the charming streets of this Scandinavian gem, you’ll come across amazing works of architecture that tell stories from hundreds of years ago.

The historic Old Town in Stockholm is one of the best places to see. Its cobblestone streets lead to mediaeval squares and grand buildings. I became mesmerised by Stockholm’s world-class museums and galleries as I learned more about its arts scene. Everyone who likes art can find something they’re interested in, from the new pieces at Fotografiska to the old artefacts in the Swedish History Museum.

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List of 10 Best Places to Visit in Stockholm

Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s lively neighbourhood, has cosy cafes and historic landmarks on tiny cobblestone alleyways. The Royal Palace towers, enticing you to explore its gardens. Visit the lively market square to try Swedish specialties and buy unique souvenirs. Enjoy a leisurely boat trip across the archipelago, taking in the stunning islands and waterways. Stockholm has something for any traveller, whether you like history, food, or environment.

Gamla StanHistoric Old Town with cobblestone streetsEasily accessible by public transport
Vasa MuseumHouses the 17th-century warship VasaNear public transportation
SkansenOpen-air museum and zooAccessible by tram/bus
Djurgården IslandRecreational area with parks and museumsAccessible by ferry/bus
Stockholm City HallIconic building with guided toursCentrally located, easy to reach
Royal PalaceOfficial residence of the Swedish monarchCentral location, near Gamla Stan
ABBA MuseumDedicated to the pop group ABBANear public transportation
Nobel Prize MuseumShowcases Nobel laureates and their workCentral location, near Gamla Stan
FotografiskaContemporary photography museumEasily accessible by public transport
Storkyrkan (Stockholm Cathedral)Historic cathedral with medieval originsCentrally located, near Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan (Old Town)

Best Places to Visit in Stockholm


  • Historic charm
  • Cobblestone streets
  • Colorful buildings

Gamla Stan is Stockholm’s charming old town. Walking through its small, cobblestone streets is like going back in time. There are colourful buildings, cute cafes, and medieval-style alleyways in this historic area that dates back to the 13th century.

Don’t miss the Royal Palace, which is one of the biggest buildings in Europe, or the famous Stortorget square, which is surrounded by beautiful shops. Feel like you’re in another world in Gamla Stan, where every corner tells a story about Stockholm’s past.

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Vasa Museum

Best Places to Visit in Stockholm


  • Impressive warship
  • Well-preserved artifacts
  • Maritime history

The Vasa Museum has the only preserved 17th-century ship in the world, so you can learn a lot about marine history there. The Vasa warship sank on its first trip in 1628. It sat at the bottom of Stockholm harbour for more than three hundred years before it was raised in 1961.

Today, people can be amazed by this beautiful ship, which has been carefully returned to its former glory. This museum is fun for people of all ages because it has hands-on displays and information about life on the Vasa.


Best Places to Visit in Stockholm


  • Open-air museum
  • Swedish cultural heritage
  • Zoo and botanical gardens

Skansen is the largest open-air museum in the world. It lets you learn about Sweden’s history. Skansen, which is on Djurgården Island, shows off traditional Swedish culture and design through old farms, workshops, and buildings.

You can walk through beautiful gardens, see local animals at the zoo, and watch skilled workers do traditional crafts. Please don’t miss the chance to visit during Midsummer or Christmas to fully experience Swedish traditions and customs.

Djurgården Island

Best Places to Visit in Stockholm


  • Green oasis
  • Recreational activities
  • Museums and attractions

Djurgården Island is Stockholm’s green oasis where you can get away from the noise and chaos of the city. Several interesting places can be found on this peaceful island, such as Skansen, the Vasa Museum, and Grona Lund amusement park.

You can rent bikes or just take a stroll along the trails that go through lush woods and along calm waterways. With so many parks to choose from, you can have a picnic or just enjoy the natural beauty of Djurgården, which is a favourite spot for both locals and tourists.

Stockholm City Hall (Stadshuset)

Best Places to Visit in Stockholm


  • Architectural gem
  • Nobel Prize venue
  • Tower with panoramic views

Take a look at the beautiful architecture of Stockholm City Hall, which represents Swedish national pride. This famous building was made in the National Romantic style and has a beautiful tower with three golden crowns that looks out over Lake Malaren.

Take a walk with a guide to see the grand interiors, such as the Blue Hall, which is where the Nobel Prize banquet is held every year. A truly unforgettable experience is to climb to the top of the tower and see Stockholm’s city from above.

Royal Palace (Kungliga Slottet)

Best Places to Visit in Stockholm


  • Official residence
  • State apartments
  • Changing of the guard ceremony

Royal Palace is the official home of the Swedish king. It is a place to experience royal grandeur. This beautiful castle is in Gamla Stan and has more than 600 rooms, such as the Hall of Mirrors and the luxurious state apartments.

Every day in the palace grounds, you can see the changing of the guard ceremony, which has been going on since the 1600s. Check out the Royal Armoury and Treasury, which have a wonderful collection of royal clothes and formal items.

The ABBA Museum

Best Places to Visit in Stockholm


  • Interactive exhibits
  • Iconic pop music
  • Memorabilia and costumes

At the ABBA Museum, you can relive the magic of Sweden’s most famous musical product. This is a must-see for fans of the legendary pop group. This interactive museum on Djurgården Island tells the story of ABBA’s meteoric rise to fame through costumes, memorabilia, and original music records.

You can sing along to old hits in the karaoke box, dance on stage with holographic band members, and get lost in the worlds of ABBA’s famous music videos.

Nobel Prize Museum

Best Places to Visit in Stockholm


  • Celebration of achievements
  • Nobel laureates’ contributions
  • Educational exhibitions

The Nobel Prize Museum honours the people who have won the prestigious Nobel Prize. It is a place to celebrate human creativity and success. This museum is right in the middle of Gamla Stan.

It looks at the history of the Nobel Prize and the amazing things that Nobel laureates have done in many different areas. You can connect with exhibits, listen to inspiring stories of invention and discovery, and learn more about the people who have made the world what it is today.


Best Places to Visit in Stockholm


  • Contemporary photography
  • Rotating exhibitions
  • Stunning waterfront location

Fotografiska is one of the biggest photography museums in the world. It’s a great place to learn about modern photography. Fotografiska is in a historic industrial building on the water and has a lot of different kinds of shows with work by both well-known and up-and-coming photographers.

Fotografiska is a place where artists can share their work and have conversations about art. It has thought-provoking visual stories that deal with social, environmental, and cultural problems.

Storkyrkan (Stockholm Cathedral)

Best Places to Visit in Stockholm


  • Gothic architecture
  • Royal weddings venue
  • Historic religious artifacts

Enjoy the beauty of Storkyrkan, which is Stockholm’s oldest church and a true work of mediaeval building. This historic church is right next to the Royal Palace in Gamla Stan.

It was built in the 1300s and is famous for the beautiful art and sculptures that decorate its interior. Take a look at the famous wooden figure of Saint George and the Dragon. It represents how strong and brave Stockholm is. You can go to a traditional meeting or just relax in this holy place.

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See the Royal Palace and Old Town when you visit the capital city. Explore colourful streets with cosy cafes and boutiques. Visit the city’s outstanding museums to learn about its history and culture.

Take a boat excursion or wander along the shoreline to observe the city from a different angle. The verdant parks and gardens offer a peaceful retreat from city life for nature enthusiasts. Stockholm has something for everyone—history, culture, or just soaking in the dynamic atmosphere.


What is the most famous thing in Stockholm?

One of the most famous buildings in Sweden is the Stockholm City Hall, which is also one of the most popular tourist spots in the city. The Municipal Council and 200 other people work there, and it’s famous for its large meeting rooms and one-of-a-kind artwork.

Is 3 days enough for Stockholm?

Three days is the right amount of time to see the Swedish capital. It gives you time to see the city centre, the islands nearby, and go on a day trip to a place farther away. On our three-day trip to Stockholm, we’ll visit: Gamla Stan.

What is Stockholm Sweden best known for?

The world’s first open-air museum, the city hall, and the wonderful Abba museum are all famous places in Stockholm. There are, however, many interesting facts about this city that not even locals may know. For example, there is a strange story about Frank Zappa.

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