Best Places to Visit in Oxfordshire

9 Best Places to Visit in Oxfordshire

“Discover Oxfordshire’s Charm: Historic Colleges, Picturesque Villages, Lush Countryside, Museums, and Culinary Delights Await Your Exploration.”

Explore the beautiful scenery of Oxfordshire. History, culture, and nature will help you make unforgettable memories. While looking for the Best Places to Visit in Oxfordshire, I was drawn into a world of timeless beauty. You can find interesting things in every part of this county, from old sites to cute towns. I found several delights in Oxfordshire’s meandering alleyways that captivated me.

Each place I visited revealed more history and culture, revealing the region’s complex tapestry. Whether touring charming market villages or grand castles, my journey was never dull. I encountered stunning beauty throughout Oxfordshire as I travelled deeper into the county. From rolling landscapes to peaceful riverside walks, this region’s natural splendour was great for discovery and adventure. Oxfordshire has something for every traveller, from relaxing in nature to seeing the city. Join me as we explore Oxfordshire’s top attractions and have an unforgettable experience.

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List of 9 Best Places to Visit in Oxfordshire

Visit Oxfordshire’s lovely villages surrounded by lush countryside to walk through charming streets and find hidden jewels. Walking along the riverbanks, you can relax and admire the countryside’s timeless beauty. You can also visit historic landmarks and ancient sites to learn about rulers and scholars from centuries ago. Oxfordshire has something for everyone, whether you like history, nature, or calm.

PlaceHistorical SignificanceNatural BeautyCultural AttractionsFamily-Friendly
Blenheim PalaceHighModerateModerateYes
University of OxfordHighLowHighNo
The CotswoldsLowHighModerateYes
Ashmolean MuseumModerateLowHighYes
Christ ChurchHighModerateModerateYes
Cotswold Wildlife ParkLowHighHighYes
Bicester VillageLowLowModerateNo
Didcot Railway CentreModerateLowModerateYes
Wittenham ClumpsLowHighLowYes

Blenheim Palace

Best Places to Visit in Oxfordshire

Key Points:

  • Birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill
  • Stunning Baroque architecture
  • Picturesque gardens and landscaped parkland

English treasure Blenheim Palace is near Woodstock in Oxfordshire. UNESCO honours John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough’s Battle of Blenheim triumph. Building dates from 1705-1722. The John Vanbrugh and Nicholas Hawksmoor English Baroque palace is beautiful. Beyond the massive mansion, Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown’s parklands beautify the estate. The Dukes of Marlborough’s Blenheim Palace is a spectacular English historical site.

University of Oxford

Best Places to Visit in Oxfordshire

Key Points:

  • Oldest university in the English-speaking world
  • Rich history dating back to the 12th century
  • Architectural marvels like Bodleian Library and Radcliffe Camera

Oxfordshire’s gem, Oxford University, is the oldest English-speaking university. It’s a hallowed university with spectacular architecture founded in the late 11th century. The institution has 39 colleges with distinct histories. Visit this intellectual hub to see great buildings, historic courtyards, and the atmosphere. Although not a tourist attraction, Oxford University is a key cultural and academic monument in Oxfordshire.

The Cotswolds

Best Places to Visit in Oxfordshire

Key Points:

  • Idyllic English countryside
  • Quaint villages with honey-colored stone cottages
  • Rolling hills, walking trails, and picturesque landscapes

The Oxfordshire Cotswolds are a classic English getaway. The region has Blenheim Palace, Winston Churchill’s birthplace, and honey-colored stone settlements. Visit vibrant market villages full with local products or Rousham Gardens, a landscape design gem. Hikers can explore the Cotswolds Wildlife Park or pristine countryside. The Oxfordshire Cotswolds provide history, charming villages, and outdoor pleasures.

Ashmolean Museum

Best Places to Visit in Oxfordshire

Key Points:

  • Oldest public museum in the world
  • Diverse collection spanning art, archaeology, and history
  • Highlights include Egyptian mummies and Renaissance masterpieces

Britain’s first public museum, the Ashmolean, is a must-see in Oxfordshire. Established in 1683, its global collection spans over half a million years. Marvel at ancient Egyptian mummies, archaeological treasures, and artistic marvels, including contemporary works. Oxfordshire’s curious minds go to the Ashmolean for its free tour of human history and innovation.

Christ Church

Best Places to Visit in Oxfordshire

Key Points:

  • Historic college of the University of Oxford
  • Magnificent cathedral with Harry Potter filming locations
  • Impressive Great Hall and tranquil meadow gardens

Oxford visitors must view Christ Church, a prominent college in the city centre. King Henry VIII founded it in 1546 as a college and cathedral for Oxford. Admire its spacious Christ Church Meadow and majestic architecture, including Tom Tower. The Renaissance-themed Christ Church Picture Gallery will delight art lovers. Christ Church, steeped in history and scholarly appeal, is a must-see in Oxford.

The Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens

Best Places to Visit in Oxfordshire

Key Points:

  • Conservation-focused zoo and gardens
  • Home to over 260 species including rare and endangered animals
  • Family-friendly attractions and educational exhibits

Wildlife and magnificent gardens await at the Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens. About 260 species live in this 160-acre park, including endangered red pandas and white rhinos. Madagascar’s Woodland Walk include giraffes, lemurs, and birds. But Cotswolds is more than animals. Beautifully groomed gardens demonstrate gardening skills. The park’s Victorian Manor House and Walled Garden are must-sees for wholesome Oxfordshire fun.

Bicester Village

Key Points:

  • High-end outlet shopping destination.
  • Offers designer brands at discounted prices.
  • Popular among tourists for luxury shopping experience.

There are many great places to shop in Oxfordshire, but Bicester Village is one of the best. This high-end shopping area is only a short drive from Oxford and has more than 160 designer shops with clearance sales on clothes, home goods, and accessories. There is something for every style and budget in Bicester Village, with well-known British brands like Burberry and Mulberry and well-known foreign brands like Gucci and Prada. Take a break from shopping and eat at one of the village’s high-end restaurants or bars.

Didcot Railway Centre

Key Points:

  • Historical railway museum and working steam locomotive depot.
  • Features vintage trains and exhibits.
  • Offers steam train rides and educational experiences.

The Didcot Railway Centre lets you go back in time and enjoy the golden age of steam. This living museum is in the town of Didcot and has an interesting collection of old locomotives, carriages and railway artefacts. You can ride a heritage train, look at beautifully renovated steam engines, and interact with displays that tell the history of the Great Western Railway. The Didcot train Centre’s real Victorian station, signal boxes, and workshops give visitors a nostalgic look into Britain’s train history.

Wittenham Clumps

Key Points:

  • Natural landmark with stunning panoramic views.
  • Perfect for hiking, picnics, and nature walks.
  • Site of historical and archaeological interest, with Iron Age hillfort remnants.

The Wittenham Clumps are a pair of wooded hills near the village of Little Wittenham that offer wide views of the countryside in Oxfordshire. The Wittenham Clumps are made up of two old hillforts that are more than 2,000 years old. They have beautiful views of the Thames Valley and beyond. You can take your time hiking to the top of Round Hill or Castle Hill. From there, you’ll have amazing views of the area. The Wittenham Clumps are a peaceful place for nature fans and outdoor enthusiasts to relax because of their quiet atmosphere and wide range of wildlife.

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Oxfordshire is full of charming places. Visitors are drawn to its historic university town’s dreaming spires and to its peaceful towns in the countryside. The historic Blenheim Palace delights with its great architecture and gardens. Beautiful walks along rivers and through woodlands bring peace and closeness to nature. Oxfordshire’s culture, history, and natural beauty captivate.


Is Oxfordshire nice to live?

The city has two universities, a vibrant cultural scene, attractive architecture, and several huge public parks, providing a high quality of life. Oxford is an innovation and technology powerhouse with several job options.

How posh is Oxfordshire?

Yes, and appropriately so in many ways. Historically, the institutions have been exclusive, the neighbourhood is wealthy, and housing prices are among the highest in the U.K.

Is Oxford richer than Cambridge?

Trinity College, Cambridge is the richest of Oxford and Cambridge colleges. How rich? Cambridge University’s assets amount £4 billion, followed by Oxford’s £3.3 billion and all other British universities’ £2 billion.


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