Best Places to Visit in Copenhagen

10 Best Places to Visit in Copenhagen

“Discover Copenhagen’s charm: Tivoli Gardens, Nyhavn, Little Mermaid, Christiansborg Palace, Rosenborg Castle, and more await!”

Copenhagen is Denmark’s cultural and business centre and one of Europe’s most livable cities, with many attractions. Best Places to Visit in Copenhagen appeal to all interests. From palaces and ancient architecture to vibrant art in world-class galleries, the city gracefully blends history and present. Creative design, sustainable living, and a vibrant culinary scene make Copenhagen a buzzing city with unlimited possibilities.

As they walk around Nyhavn’s canals, see the Little Mermaid monument, or eat at the famous food stalls, Copenhagen’s charm and uniqueness will captivate tourists. You are going to adore this city. Nøhavn Harbour is one of my favourite places in Copenhagen. It’s like walking into a picture when you walk along the water and look at the cute buildings from the 17th century. I love going to one of the cosy bars for a meal or taking a slow canal tour to take in the sights. You want to visit Copenhagen, go to the website Copenhagen

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List of 10 Best Places to Visit in Copenhagen

There are many interesting things to see and do in Copenhagen, Denmark. Start your trip at the popular and attractive Tivoli Gardens amusement park. Enjoy the royal beauty of Rosenborg Castle and be amazed by the genius of the architecture of Christiansborg Palace. Take a walk along Nyhavn’s pretty canal and check out the busy shops and bars. In order to fully experience the beauty and charm of the city, you must not miss the famous Little Mermaid figure.

Tivoli Gardens

Best Places to Visit in Copenhagen
LocationVesterbrogade 3, 1630 København V, Denmark
DescriptionOne of the oldest amusement parks in the world, offering rides, gardens, theaters, and more.
HighlightsRoller coasters, live performances, beautiful gardens, and a variety of dining options.
Notable EventsSeasonal events such as Halloween and Christmas celebrations.
Additional InfoFounded in 1843, Walt Disney was inspired by Tivoli Gardens for Disneyland.

With its opening in 1843, this amusement park is among the oldest of its kind anywhere in the world. It is a well-liked location among both locals and tourists since it has a diverse selection of exhilarating rides, attractions that are suitable for families, lovely gardens, and a number of different dining options.

There are more than 30 places where you can get tasty food. You can also walk along flower-filled paths and ride roller coasters. At Tivoli Gardens, people of all ages can have a great time. The gardens are magical all year long because they change with the seasons.

Amalienborg Palace

Best Places to Visit in Copenhagen
LocationAmalienborg Slotsplads 5, 1257 København K, Denmark
DescriptionThe winter home of the Danish royal family, featuring four identical palaces surrounding a square.
HighlightsChanging of the Royal Guard, Royal Reception Rooms, and the Amalienborg Museum.
Notable EventsQueen Margrethe II’s birthday celebrations on April 16th.
Additional InfoVisitors can explore the palace interiors and learn about Danish royal history.

Central Copenhagen’s Amalienborg Palace is not one large edifice. Four identical residences surround an eight-sided courtyard. Originally nobles lived in these 1700s buildings. They became the Danish royal family’s winter home after a fire.

One of the palaces is now the Amalienborg Museum, which shows off royal artefacts. The other palaces are homes for Queen Margrethe and other family members. Watch the Changing of the Guard event every day for a taste of royal pomp and circumstance.

The Little Mermaid

Best Places to Visit in Copenhagen
LocationLangelinie, 2100 København Ø, Denmark
DescriptionIconic bronze statue inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale.
HighlightsCoastal views, nearby fortifications, and walking paths along the waterfront.
Notable EventsThe statue has been a popular tourist attraction since its unveiling in 1913.
Additional InfoDespite its small size, the statue attracts millions of visitors annually.

The Little Mermaid is famous, yet she’s not the end. This star-shaped fortress dates to the 1600s.
You can see the sights from Langelinie Pier or go there. Both of these attractions are worth trying out. There is a serene green space known as Churchillparken, and the Gefion Fountain, which is situated in close proximity, shows Norse legend.

Going to Reffen, which is a place that is enthusiastic about street food, is a good opportunity to try something new. It is a place that is passionate about culinary street food.


Best Places to Visit in Copenhagen
LocationNyhavn 1-71, 1051 København K, Denmark
DescriptionPicturesque harbor district with colorful buildings, restaurants, and historic ships.
HighlightsBoat tours, outdoor dining, historical architecture, and lively atmosphere.
Notable EventsNyhavn is particularly vibrant during the summer months.
Additional InfoHans Christian Andersen lived in several houses along Nyhavn.

In the present and the past, Nyhavn, Copenhagen’s picture-postcard harbour, is home to many events. Before its 1700s construction, this was a busy business port. Today, brightly coloured 17th- and 18th-century canalside buildings host trendy bars, shops, and restaurants.

There are places to sit outside and enjoy the lively atmosphere while watching old wooden ships bob slowly in the water. Whether you want to get a drink by the water or just walk around and look at the cute buildings, Nyhavn is the best place to see the best of Copenhagen.

Rosenborg Castle

Best Places to Visit in Copenhagen
LocationØster Voldgade 4A, 1350 København K, Denmark
DescriptionWell-preserved Renaissance castle built as a royal residence in the 17th century.
HighlightsThe Royal Danish Collections, including the Crown Jewels and royal regalia.
Notable EventsGuided tours offering insights into Denmark’s royal history.
Additional InfoThe castle’s gardens are popular for picnics and leisurely strolls.

Rosenborg Castle is right in the middle of Copenhagen and has a lot of interesting history and treasures. This beautiful Dutch Renaissance building was made in the 1600s by King Christian IV as a summer home. It is now a famous museum. It has beautifully decorated rooms where you can look at items from 400 years of royal rule.

The Danish Crown Jewels can be seen in the basement. Don’t forget to check out the beautiful Kongens Have, which is the country’s oldest royal park. Rosenborg Castle is a fascinating look into the past and culture of Denmark.

The Round Tower

Best Places to Visit in Copenhagen
LocationKøbmagergade 52A, 1150 København K, Denmark
DescriptionHistoric tower built as an astronomical observatory in the 17th century.
HighlightsPanoramic views of Copenhagen from the top, unique spiral ramp instead of stairs.
Notable EventsVarious cultural events and exhibitions held throughout the year.
Additional InfoThe tower is Europe’s oldest functioning observatory still used for amateur astronomy.

The famous Round Tower in Copenhagen is a work of art from the 1600s that offers more than just a view. In place of steps, it has a unique, wide spiral ramp that was built by King Christian IV. This lets horses pull people up to the top. It was once an astronomical telescope and is now the oldest one still in use in Europe. You can look up at the stars from there.

From the viewing platform, you can see the city in a way that will take your breath away. Don’t miss the beautiful Library Hall, which is halfway up and hosts music and art shows. For people who are interested in science, history, and culture, this famous site is a must-see.


Best Places to Visit in Copenhagen
LocationChristianshavn, 1441 København K, Denmark
DescriptionQuaint neighborhood known for its canals, historic buildings, and alternative lifestyle.
HighlightsChristiania, a self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood, and picturesque canal views.
Notable EventsWeekly food markets, concerts, and cultural festivals.
Additional InfoChristianshavn was established as a fortified city by King Christian IV in the 17th century.

Christianshavn is a lively part of Copenhagen that is famous for the cute streets full of colourful houseboats. This neighbourhood on small islands has a cool cafe scene and an interesting past. Explore places like the famous Church of Our Saviour, which has a tower that spirals upward, or the experimental neighbourhood of Freetown Christiania.

See a show at the new Copenhagen Opera House or learn about the history of ships at Nyholm and Arsenal Island. Christianshavn has a great mix of old and new things, so there is something for everyone.

The National Museum of Denmark

Best Places to Visit in Copenhagen
LocationNy Vestergade 10, 1471 København K, Denmark
DescriptionDenmark’s largest museum showcasing cultural history, art, and archaeology.
HighlightsViking artifacts, ethnographic collections, and the Sun Chariot from the Bronze Age.
Notable EventsTemporary exhibitions featuring international and Danish artists.
Additional InfoThe museum offers free admission on Fridays.

The National Museum of Denmark is the cultural highlight of Copenhagen. It is full of history. This huge 18th-century castle museum displays 14,000 years of Danish history. Look at things from the Viking era, Egyptian skeletons, and daily life from the Ice Age to now.

The museum has amazing collections from all over the world, such as artefacts from Greenland and the old Mediterranean. It’s free to get in and in the middle of everything, so anyone who wants to learn more about Denmark’s rich history should go there.

Den Blå Planet

Best Places to Visit in Copenhagen
LocationJacob Fortlingsvej 1, 2770 Kastrup, Denmark
DescriptionNorthern Europe’s largest aquarium, featuring marine life from around the world.
HighlightsWalk-through tunnel surrounded by sharks, rays, and other aquatic species.
Notable EventsDaily feedings and educational programs for visitors of all ages.
Additional InfoDesigned by Danish architects 3XN, resembling a whirlpool when viewed from above.

Located in Copenhagen, “The Blue Planet” is Northern Europe’s largest aquarium, holding seven million litres of water. Its whirlpool-like construction reflects ocean currents. Five portions depict tropical fish-filled coral reefs and frigid North Atlantic waters.

Visitors can meet spectacular hammerhead sharks, cheerful sea otters, and the elusive gigantic Pacific octopus. Discover the beauty of our blue world at Den Blå world, a must-see for marine life enthusiasts.

Transportation Tips for Navigating Copenhagen

Copenhagen is best explored by bike or foot. Most important attractions are within walking distance in the compact city. If you’re tired or want to explore, Copenhagen boasts a great, easy-to-use public transit system.

Metro: The metro in Copenhagen is clean, works well, and runs often. Three lines go through most of the city centre, and stops are easy to find. Tickets are sold at station machines. You can use each ticket for multiple trips because it lasts two hours.

Buses: Another wonderful method to get around Copenhagen is via bus. Although slower than the metro, they cover a larger region and may be a suitable option if you’re staying in a non-metro area. The driver sells metro-style tickets on board.

Trains: Copenhagen’s S-trains are suitable for suburban travel. They’re also suitable for longer city trips such from Copenhagen Central Station to Dyrehaven (a park north of the city). Station machines sell tickets.

Harbour Buses: Harbour buses offer a unique view of Copenhagen. The waterfront walkways connect Nyhavn and Christianshavn, two of the city’s most popular attractions. Drivers sell tickets on board.

Taxis: There are lots of taxis in Copenhagen, but they can be pricey. These are a good choice if you need to get somewhere quickly or have a lot of stuff to carry.


Copenhagen has many attractions, from ancient sites to delicious food and lush greenery. Copenhagen’s beauty and attractiveness are evident in Nyhavn’s cobblestone lanes, Amalienborg Palace’s imperial splendour, and Torvehallerne Market’s culinary delights. So bundle up, explore Copenhagen, and discover its treasures. Share your adventures on Facebook and Twitter to encourage others to visit this charming city!


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