Best Places to Visit in Cairo

10 Best Places to Visit in Cairo

“Explore the rich history, culture and architecture of Cairo with these top destinations for an unforgettable travel experience.”

Want a journey that is full of history and culture? There are many exciting things to do in Cairo, which is the busy city of Egypt. As someone who loves to learn about and experience new cultures, I can say that Cairo has a lot of interesting things to see. This city really does have something for everyone, from amazing structures to busy markets. There are the best Places to Visit in Cairo that it’s hard to pick just one.

When you go to Cairo, you can’t help but be amazed by its famous buildings. Each one tells a story about the city’s long history. You can feel the past of this city everywhere you go, from walking through old ruins to looking up at tall minarets. In my opinion, what makes Cairo so appealing is that it can take you back in time while also embracing current life. As you walk through Cairo’s confusing streets, you’ll come across many sights, sounds, and smells that will delight your senses.

The streets of Cairo are a sensory treat, from the bright colours of the busy bazaars to the tantalising smells of the food stands. As you walk along the busy streets, you’ll be pulled to hidden gems that are just waiting to be found. There are exciting things to do around every corner in Cairo. The Best Places to Visit in Cairo are just ready for you to find them. So, get your bags ready, because I promise you won’t be unhappy on your trip through this magic city!

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List of 10 Best Places to Visit in Cairo

Don’t miss Cairo’s colourful, fragrant markets. Walk through old streets studded with mosques and castles to experience culture and history. Wonder at the towering pyramids soaring boldly in the desert, whispering ancient tales. Enjoy street food with flavours distinct to this dynamic city. Cairo offers memorable experiences, from haggling in the souks to seeing historical monuments.

PlaceHistorical SignificanceCultural ExperienceAccessibilityOverall Experience
Great Pyramids of GizaHighModerateEasyExcellent
Egyptian MuseumHighHighModerateExcellent
Khan El Khalili BazaarModerateHighModerateVery Good
Citadel of SaladinHighModerateModerateVery Good
Al-Azhar ParkLowModerateEasyGood
Ibn Tulun MosqueHighHighModerateExcellent
Coptic CairoHighHighModerateExcellent
Al-Azhar MosqueHighHighModerateExcellent
Nile River CruiseModerateHighEasyExcellent
Old CairoHighHighModerateExcellent

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The Great Pyramids of Giza

Key Aspects:

  • Iconic ancient wonders.
  • Pyramid complex with Sphinx.
  • Located on the outskirts of Cairo.

You can’t go to Cairo without seeing the famous Great Pyramids of Giza. These huge structures, which are proud to be one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, have amazed people for thousands of years. Visitors can explore the complex, which includes the mysterious Sphinx, the Great Pyramid of Khufu, and the Pyramids of Khafre and Menkaure. Watching the sun go down over the pyramids is a truly magical experience.

The Egyptian Museum

Key Aspects:

  • Houses vast antiquities collection.
  • Includes Tutankhamun’s treasures.
  • Central Cairo location.

A trip to the Egyptian Museum will put you right in the middle of Cairo’s rich culture tapestry. The museum has an unmatched collection of ancient treasures and artifacts. This huge museum has over 120,000 items from over 4,000 years of history. It’s a fascinating look into Egypt’s long and interesting history. Every part of the museum has a story to be found, from the intricately carved statues of pharaohs to the beautiful jewelry and valuable relics. The jewels of Tutankhamun, like his famous golden mask, and the Royal Mummies Hall, where people can meet the ancient Egyptian kings and queens, are two of the best parts.

Khan El Khalili Bazaar

Key Aspects:

  • Historic marketplace.
  • Offers diverse shopping experience.
  • Known for souvenirs and local crafts.

Khan El Khalili Bazaar in Cairo is a busy market that has been a hub of trade and business for hundreds of years. Get ready to get lost in its maze-like alleyways. In the middle of all the chaos, you’ll find a great trove of goods, from bright fabrics and intricately woven carpets to fragrant spices and beautiful souvenirs made by hand. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of this busy cultural hub while you bargain with local sellers. As you take in the atmosphere of this busy market, don’t forget to try some traditional Egyptian street food like koshary or a glass of sugarcane juice.

Citadel of Saladin

Key Aspects:

  • Medieval fortress.
  • Provides panoramic views of Cairo.
  • Houses mosques and museums.

The Citadel of Saladin, which sits on a hill with a view of the city, is a strong reminder of Cairo’s ancient history. This huge fortress was built in the 1200s by the legendary Salah ad-Din. For more than 700 years, it was the seat of power for Egypt’s kings. Today, people can come and look at its old ramparts, mosques, and museums. One of the most beautiful is the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, also called the Alabaster Mosque, which has beautiful Ottoman architecture and a view of Cairo.

Al-Azhar Park

Key Aspects:

  • Urban green space.
  • Offers relaxation and views.
  • Overlooks historic Cairo.

To get away from the noise and chaos of the city, Al-Azhar Park is a peaceful oasis in the middle of Cairo’s urban growth. This green haven was built in the late 20th century on the site of a garbage dump. It is a welcome escape from the chaos of the city. You can take a stroll through well-kept gardens, have a lunch by the sparkling lakes, or just sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet of this beautiful green space. As the sun goes down over the city, the park comes to life as the Cairo Tower and the Citadel’s bright colors shine against the dark sky.

Ibn Tulun Mosque

Key Aspects:

  • One of the oldest mosques in Cairo.
  • Features unique architecture.
  • Located in Islamic Cairo.

The beautiful Ibn Tulun Mosque is one of the oldest and biggest mosques in Cairo. It takes you back to the golden age of Islamic architecture. This building masterpiece was made in the 9th century during the rule of the Abbasid Caliphate. It is famous for its beautiful design and tall minaret. Explore the building’s large courtyard, which is lined with ornately carved pillars and arches, and be amazed by the intricate stucco designs and small arabesque patterns. Finally, reach the top of the tower for a 360-degree view of the city.

Coptic Cairo

Key Aspects:

  • Ancient Christian neighborhood.
  • Houses churches and historical sites.
  • Rich in religious significance.

Coptic Cairo is the oldest part of Cairo and has many old churches, temples, and synagogues. It is a great place to learn about Cairo’s religious history. There are many secret gems to find in this city. For example, the Hanging Church was built on top of the ruins of a Roman fortress, and the Church of St. Sergius and Bacchus is thought to be where the Holy Family went to hide while they were fleeing to Egypt. The Coptic Museum is very interesting and has a beautiful collection of Christian objects and works of art from the early days of Christianity in Egypt.

Al-Azhar Mosque

Key Aspects:

  • One of the world’s oldest universities.
  • Islamic architectural landmark.
  • Center of Islamic learning.

For a spiritual experience in the heart of Cairo, go to the Al-Azhar Mosque. It is one of the oldest and most important Islamic buildings in the world. This respected mosque was built in the 10th century as a place to learn. It is still a powerful symbol of Islamic scholarship and religious tolerance. Look at the beautiful domes and minarets, stroll through the peaceful courtyards and prayer halls, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere while people pray under the vaulted ceilings that are decorated with complex geometric patterns and Quranic verses.

Nile River Cruise

Key Aspects:

  • Offers scenic views of Cairo skyline.
  • Popular for dinner cruises.
  • Opportunity to see landmarks from the water.

Take a relaxing cruise down the Nile River to enjoy its timeless beauty. The calm waters will give you stunning views of Cairo’s famous sites and the busy riverbanks. You will have an unforgettable trip through the heart of Egypt on a Nile River cruise, whether you choose a traditional felucca sailboat or a fancy dinner tour. As the sun goes down, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of this famous river as you glide past old temples and green riverbanks, just like people have done for hundreds of years.

Old Cairo

Key Aspects:

  • Historic district.
  • Contains churches, mosques, and synagogues.
  • Reflects diverse cultural heritage.

Visit Old Cairo to feel like you’re back in the Middle Ages. This historic district is full of centuries of custom and culture. Its winding streets and alleys are lined with old mosques, madrassas, and hammams. You can find secret gems like the lively Tentmakers’ Alley, where skilled craftspeople make beautiful appliqué textiles by hand. Climb to the top of the impressive Bab Zuweila gate, which used to be the southern entrance to the city, to get a great view of the area. Don’t miss the lively area of Al-Muizz Street, which has beautiful architecture and busy souks that show how Cairo has changed and grown over the years.

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Visit Cairo’s crowded marketplaces to bargain for unique items and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. Ancient pyramids and towering mosques reveal the city’s rich history. Taste local specialties at street food vendors, where flavours explode. Walk along the Nile River, absorbing the city’s vibrancy as boats pass. The busy streets with honking automobiles and throng give a truly metropolitan experience. Wander through city gardens and parks for peace. Cairo has something new and intriguing to discover.


What is Cairo most famous for?

Most people know the city for the Giza Pyramids Complex, which is home to the Great Pyramid of King Khufu, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Sphinx, the oldest and largest figure in the world, and the Valley temple, where people were mummified.

Is Egypt cheap for tourism?

It costs less to visit Egypt than places like Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. It costs about the same to travel through Egypt as it does through Southeast Asia. Egypt is a great place to visit if you want to see a lot without spending a lot of money.

What not to wear in Egypt as a tourist?

When you go outside, remember to cover up from shoulder to knee. Men should dress more carefully than women, but guys should also leave their short shorts and tight singlets at home. Also, don’t pack anything in white.


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