Best Places to Visit in Brussels

8 Best Places to Visit in Brussels

“Explore the vibrant city of Brussels, Belgium, and discover its iconic landmarks, cultural treasures and culinary delights.”

Okay, so you want to go to Brussels, right? I must say that you chose one of the best places to visit in Europe! There are lots of things to do in the city that you can take in. Brussels has everything, from beautiful buildings to delicious food. I will tell you about the best places to visit in Brussels. Let me start by telling you about the Grand Place. This hidden gem is a must-see in Brussels.

Believe me, it’s beautiful to see, with its tall buildings and lively atmosphere. The Grand Place will amaze you whether you walk through it during the day or look at it at night when it’s lit up. The Atomium is the next best place to visit in Brussels. This futuristic building is a famous sign of the city. It has amazing views and shows how good Belgian architecture is. Let’s talk about the Van Gogh now.

Yes, you did hear that right! Even though this strange figure is small, you should still go see it. When you see this little guy, you’ll understand what I mean. The last thing you should do is check out the tasty Belgian waffles and candies. I mean, really, you can’t go to Brussels without trying these treats! That’s all there is to it, folks. You are about to discover the Best Places to Visit in Brussels. I promise you won’t be let down!

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Comparative Analysis: Best Places to Visit in Brussels

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium. It is a city full of historical sites, cultural treasures, and amazing buildings. Many interesting things to see and do can be found in the city, from the famous Grand Place to the funny Manneken Pis. Here is a table that compares some of the best places to visit in Brussels:

PlaceDescriptionAdmission FeeOpening Hours
Grand Place (Grote Markt)Historic square surrounded by ornate guildhallsFreeOpen 24 hours
AtomiumFuturistic landmark featuring interconnected spheres€16.0010:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Manneken PisSmall bronze statue of a urinating boyFreeOpen 24 hours
Royal Palace of BrusselsOfficial residence of the Belgian royal familyFreeNot always open
Brussels ParkUrban park offering green spaces and walking pathsFreeOpen 24 hours
Saint-Michel CathedralGothic-style cathedral with impressive architectureFree7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Royal Museums of Fine ArtsHouses extensive collections of art from various periods€13.0010:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Belgian Comic Strip CenterMuseum dedicated to Belgian comic strip art€10.0010:00 AM – 6:00 PM

List of 10 Best Places to Visit in Brussels

When preparing my Brussels vacation, I found some must-sees. Start with Grand Place’s elaborate façade, which tell the city’s history. Next, stroll around Marolles’ lovely streets, visiting antique shops and enjoying the lively ambiance. Don’t miss local chocolatiers’ delicious Belgian chocolates for sweet tooths. Finally, wander through Brussels Park to relax in nature.

Grand Place – Also Known as Grote Markt

Best Places to Visit in Brussels

Key Aspects:

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Iconic central square
  • Stunning architecture

Grand Place is the beating heart of Brussels and a great example of the city’s beautiful architecture and rich history. With its rich guildhalls and grand Town Hall, this UNESCO World Heritage Site gives off an air of timeless elegance.

When people arrive, they are met by the mesmerising sight of the elaborate facades with their detailed carvings and gold statues. Throughout the year, the square comes to life with lively fairs, flower markets, and cultural events. Seeing how grand Grand Place looks lit up at night is an experience that will stay with you forever.

The Grand Place, also known as the Grote Markt, is the central square of Brussels, known for its impressive architecture and history. Explore more on Official Website.


Best Places to Visit in Brussels

Key Aspects:

  • Symbol of modern Brussels
  • Unique futuristic design
  • Offers panoramic views

Atomium is a sign of modernity and new ideas, and it shows how forward-thinking Brussels is. This famous building, which looks like a huge atom magnified 165 billion times, was made for the 1958 World Expo and is now a well-known symbol. Go inside to see how the different spheres that hold science, design, and history exhibits are related to each other.

By climbing to the top of the sphere, you can see the whole city, giving you a unique view of Brussels’ urban scene. Atomium is always interesting, whether you’re looking at its futuristic design during the day or its lit-up silhouette against the night sky.

Manneken Pis

Best Places to Visit in Brussels

Key Aspects:

  • Famous bronze sculpture
  • Quirky symbol of Brussels
  • Often dressed in costumes

The famous Manneken Pis lives in Brussels and is sure to make you laugh and feel good. This tiny metal statue of a boy urinating has become famous and is a well-liked representation of the city’s wild spirit.

Even though it’s not very big, Manneken Pis has a huge impact, drawing large groups of curious people who want to take pictures. Make sure you see one of the ceremonies where the statue is dressed in different outfits, from historical ones to silly ones that show off Brussels’s fun personality.

Royal Palace of Brussels

Best Places to Visit in Brussels

Key Aspects:

  • Official residence of the Belgian King
  • Impressive neoclassical architecture
  • Not always open to the public

The Royal Palace of Brussels is the official home of the Belgian government. It’s a beautiful place to feel like a royal. This neoclassical masterpiece looks royal when seen against the background of lush gardens and well-kept grounds.

Even though the palace is mostly the monarch’s office, it is open to the public in the summer so that people can enjoy looking at its luxurious interiors and fancy decorations. Take a walk through the grand rooms that are decorated with beautiful tapestries, sculptures and chandeliers, and be amazed by how beautiful this building is.

Brussels Park

Best Places to Visit in Brussels

Key Aspects:

  • Green oasis in the city center
  • Ideal for relaxation and picnics
  • Hosts various events and festivals

You can get away from the noise and chaos of the city and relax in Brussels Park, which is an oasis of nature right in the middle of the capital. This huge park, which covers more than 30 hectares, is a peaceful place for both locals and visitors.

It has paths lined with trees that lead past peaceful ponds and lush grounds with statues and fountains. The park is full of people having picnics, jogging, and sunbathing during the warmer months, making it feel lively. Take a moment to enjoy the beauty of Brussels Park while being surrounded by nature.

Saint-Michel Cathedral

Best Places to Visit in Brussels

Key Aspects:

  • Majestic Gothic cathedral
  • Houses beautiful stained glass windows
  • Impressive architecture inside and out

Saint-Michel Cathedral, which has an air of holy calm around it, is a symbol of Brussels’ religious history and building skill. With its tall towers and intricate front, this Gothic masterpiece stands out from a distance.

When you walk inside, you’ll find a peaceful place where light streams through stained glass windows and makes the aisle look like a kaleidoscope of colours. Take a moment to appreciate the beautiful vaulted ceilings that are covered in intricate carvings and sculptures. This is a sacred place where you should be quiet and think.

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Best Places to Visit in Brussels

Key Aspects:

  • Home to extensive art collections
  • Includes works by famous artists
  • Divided into several museums

The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium have an amazing collection of works from all over the world that spans hundreds of years of artistic expression. This cultural centre has two separate buildings, the Museum of Ancient Art and the Museum of Modern Art.

It displays art by famous Flemish painters like Rubens and Van Dyck, as well as early modernist artists like Magritte and Delvaux. Explore the halls filled with priceless items, ranging from classical sculptures to cutting-edge installations, and feel how art can change your life.

Belgian Comic Strip Center

Best Places to Visit in Brussels

Key Aspects:

  • Celebrates Belgian comic art
  • Housed in a stunning Art Nouveau building
  • Features exhibits and events

At the Belgian Comic Strip Centre, you can start a trip through the bright world of Belgian comics. The centre honours the country’s long history of graphic storytelling. This museum honours famous comic book characters like Tintin, Asterix, and the Smurfs.

It is housed in a beautiful Art Nouveau building built by Victor Horta. Explore interactive displays that show how Belgian comics have changed over time, from their humble beginnings to becoming famous around the world, and be amazed by original artwork and rare souvenirs.

The Belgian Comic Strip Centre is a great place to learn about the imagination and creativity of Belgium’s comic book heroes, whether you’re a die-hard fan or just interested in the hobby.

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Brussels’ centre square and mediaeval streets are must-sees. I recommend cafes for Belgian chocolates and waffles. In the bustling marketplaces, you’ll find many souvenirs and local crafts. As darkness falls, enjoy the city’s bustling bars and restaurants with Belgian beers.

Explore the beautiful parks and gardens for a peaceful break from city life. Brussels’ cultural diversity, cuisine, and atmosphere make it a must-see.


What is the most beautiful part of Brussels?

The Grand Place is Brussels’ main square and one of the best places to visit in the city. The ground is made up of cute cobblestones, and amazing buildings with gold trim surround the square.

What is Brussels best known for?

The food and drinks in Brussels are famous, especially the waffle, chocolate, French fries, and many kinds of beer. The city is also known for its historical and architectural sites, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Is Brussels very expensive?

It is true that Brussels is less expensive than some of Europe’s other big towns, like Rome and Paris. You can get a great deal on flights and a place to stay in Brussels that won’t break the bank.


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