Best Museums in India

10 Best Museums in India

“Discover the rich history and culture of India at these world-class museums that offer captivating exhibits and artifacts.”

India is known for having a cultural past that goes back thousands of years. It has many museums that show its interesting history, art, and traditions. From the history of ancient civilizations to the effects of colonialism, these organisations hold India’s rich and varied past. There are many cultural institutions spread out across the country, but the Best Museums in India stand out as shining lights of knowledge and understanding. With its huge collection of artefacts from ancient times to the present day, India’s National Museum in New Delhi is a great example of the country’s rich history.

But sometimes artefacts are mislabeled, which makes tourists confused and hurts the museum’s credibility. In the meantime, the Indian Museum in Kolkata is one of the oldest in Asia and is home to a wide range of artefacts, archaeological gems, and coin collections. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya in Mumbai is another important place that comes to mind. It has an amazing collection of art and artefacts from India and other countries.

However, some fragile pieces have been slightly damaged over time because the climate control methods were not strong enough. Also, the Salar Jung Museum in Hyderabad, which is known for its wide range of antiques and works of art, sometimes has trouble keeping accurate records of its inventory, which can lead to mistakes. These organisations are the Best Museums in India and are in charge of protecting the country’s traditional heritage. Even though people make mistakes sometimes, they still ask people to go on an educational journey through time.

List of 10 Best Museums in India

Visit India’s many museums to learn about its rich cultural past and see a wide range of artefacts, art, and history. From art from modern times to art from ancient civilizations, these museums offer immersive experiences that teach and inspire tourists. Discover the country’s rich tapestry of customs and new ideas through sculptures, paintings, textiles, and more.

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Indian Museum, Kolkata

Best Museums in India
  • Oldest and largest museum in India.
  • Houses rare artifacts from various civilizations.
  • Exhibits include Egyptian mummies, ancient sculptures, and fossils.

The Indian Museum in Kolkata is the oldest and biggest museum in India that can be used for many different things. It opened in 1814. It has a huge collection of artefacts from many areas, such as zoology, archaeology, anthropology, and geology. The Egyptian mummies, the statues from long ago, and the famous Ashoka pillar are some of the best things to see. There is a lot of information about India’s history and culture in the museum’s beautiful halls.

National Museum, New Delhi

Best Museums in India
  • Showcases Indian art and artifacts spanning over 5,000 years.
  • Highlights include the Harappan Civilization gallery and Buddhist relics.
  • Hosts temporary exhibitions on diverse themes.

There is a lot of art and history in the National Museum, which is right in the middle of India’s city. It has a huge collection of beautiful statues, paintings, manuscripts, and home decor from many times in Indian history. People can be amazed by the famous Gandhara statues, Harappan artefacts, and Mughal miniature paintings. The museum also has a large collection of textiles, coins, and jewellery that show how India’s artistic customs have changed over time.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (CSMVS), Mumbai

Best Museums in India
  • Formerly known as the Prince of Wales Museum.
  • Features a vast collection of art, archaeology, and natural history.
  • Exhibits range from sculptures to decorative arts.

The CSMVS is a well-known culture centre in Mumbai. It used to be called the Prince of Wales Museum. The museum, which is named after a famous Maratha king, has a wide range of artefacts, such as items from the Indus Valley Civilization, sculptures from the Middle Ages, and paintings from the colonial era. It is famous all over the world for its collection of decorative arts, especially the carefully carved ivory and jade pieces. The CSMVS is a place where people can learn about and share different cultures. It also has training programmes and temporary exhibitions.

Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad

Best Museums in India
  • Houses one of the largest one-man collections of antiques in the world.
  • Displays include paintings, sculptures, textiles, and manuscripts.
  • Highlights the diverse tastes of the Salar Jung family.

The Salar Jung Museum is located on the banks of the Musi River and shows how much one man loved collecting art and old things. This museum used to hold the private collection of Mir Yousuf Ali Khan, Salar Jung III. It now has an amazing collection of things from all over the world. People can look at Indian textiles and weapons, as well as rare manuscripts, European art, and beautiful furniture. The museum’s most famous piece is the marble sculpture Veiled Rebecca, which is truly mesmerising.

Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata

Best Museums in India
  • Built in memory of Queen Victoria.
  • Exhibits Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture.
  • Houses a museum with artifacts from the British colonial period.

The Victoria Memorial Hall is a beautiful piece of architecture that honours the grandeur of the British Raj. This famous building was made in honour of Queen Victoria and now holds a museum with paintings, sculptures, and other historical items that show India’s colonial past. The gallery for the Bengal School of Art is especially interesting because it has works by famous artists like Nandalal Bose and Abanindranath Tagore. The memorial’s lush grounds are a peaceful place to get away from the noise and chaos of the city.

Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mumbai

Best Museums in India
  • Formerly known as the Victoria and Albert Museum.
  • Focuses on the history and culture of Mumbai.
  • Exhibits include decorative arts, models, and photographs.

In Mumbai’s Byculla neighbourhood, the Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum is housed in a beautiful Victorian building that honours the city’s culture history. It used to be called the Victoria and Albert Museum, but it was changed to honour Dr. Bhau Daji Lad, a famous doctor and philanthropist in the 1800s. The museum has a wide range of collections, some of which are linked to Mumbai’s history, architecture, and crafts. Each exhibit, from intricately carved wooden panels to old pictures, tells an interesting story about how the city has changed over time.

Jaisalmer War Museum, Rajasthan

Best Museums in India
  • Honors the bravery of Indian soldiers.
  • Displays weapons, documents, and vehicles used in wars.
  • Highlights India’s military history, especially the 1965 Indo-Pak War.

The Jaisalmer War Museum is in the middle of the Thar Desert and is all about showing off India’s brave military past. Indian troops gave their lives for their country, especially during the Indo-Pak wars, and the museum honours them. The museum has a huge collection of military vehicles, weapons, and artefacts, such as the famous Hunter aircraft. The outdoor gallery shows tanks and artillery guns that have been used in different wars, giving visitors a look at India’s defence powers.

Best Museums in India
  • Features collections of art and archaeology.
  • Exhibits include sculptures, coins, and manuscripts.
  • Showcases regional history and culture.

The Government Museum and Art Gallery in Chandigarh is a modernist masterpiece. It was designed by the famous builder Le Corbusier. The museum has collections from many fields, such as history, anthropology, and fine arts. Ancient Indian sculptures, modern paintings, and decorative arts from the Punjab area are some of the best things to see. The museum is a must-see for art and design lovers because of its unique architecture and wide range of exhibits.

Heritage Transport Museum, Gurugram

Best Museums in India
  • Showcases the evolution of transportation in India.
  • Exhibits vintage cars, motorcycles, and other modes of transport.
  • Offers interactive displays and educational programs.

The Heritage Transport Museum in Gurugram is a one-of-a-kind place that celebrates India’s transport history. It’s an interesting trip through time. The museum has a huge collection of old cars, motorbikes, and other forms of transportation that show how they changed the way people got around in India. People can look around themed galleries that are all about different kinds of transport, from aeroplanes and trains to roads and the past of ships. People of all ages will enjoy visiting the museum because it has hands-on displays and video shows.

Shankar’s International Dolls Museum, New Delhi

Best Museums in India
  • Houses a vast collection of dolls from over 85 countries.
  • Showcases cultural diversity through dolls’ clothing and accessories.
  • Aims to promote cultural exchange and understanding through exhibits.

Shankar’s International Dolls Museum is a wonderful celebration of different cultures. It was started by the famous artist K. Shankar Pillai. The museum has more than 7,000 toys from all over the world, showing a wide range of cultural practices. Each doll has its own story to tell, from traditional clothes and folk art to famous people and historical figures. The UNESCO Collection and the Dolls of India Gallery are two theme displays at the museum that show how popular dollmaking is as an art form.

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I have been to a number of museums in India and find them to be very educational and full of culture history. Their displays are very immersive and show many different parts of Indian art, history, and culture. These museums are like going on a fascinating trip through time thanks to the interesting displays and talks. Every time I go to India, I learn more about its rich history and how it affects the present. Overall, these places are great for both locals and visitors to enjoy the country’s rich culture tapestry.


What is India’s largest museum?

The Indian Museum is huge in Central Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Before India got its independence, it was called the Imperial Museum of Calcutta. In terms of collection size, it is the oldest and largest museum in India and Asia. It is also the ninth oldest museum in the world.

Which is the first museum in India?

The oldest museum in India is in Kolkata. It is called the Indian Museum. Under the direction of the Asiatic Society, it was set up in 1814. It was the start of the Museum Movement in India, which helped to develop cultural heritage even more.


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