The Best 10 Photography YouTube Channels for Learning in 2023

Photography YouTube Channels

“Unleash Your Creativity: Explore, Capture, and Learn with These Top Photography YouTube Channels!”

In this article we will read about “Photography YouTube Channels for Learning”, In this day and age of ubiquitous digital media, there is no alternative to YouTube in terms of the stimulation it provides to one’s creative and intellectual processes. We have collected a selection of the best photography channels available on YouTube, which will not only teach you the foundations of photography but also inspire you to build a deep-seated desire to preserve the priceless moments that occur in your life. These channels will help you become an excellent photographer by instructing you on a variety of topics ranging from fundamental photographic abilities to more advanced techniques.

Photography documentaries are movies or other visual shows that look into the lives, works, and methods of photographers or photography as an art form or a job in general. Most of the time, these documentaries show how artists work, how history affects their work, and how certain photographers or photography groups have changed the world. They can learn about many things about photography, like its cultural importance, how it has changed over time, its effect on society, or the personal stories behind famous photos

10 Must-Follow Photography YouTube Channels for Aspiring Photographers

Are you an eager photographer who wants to get better, gain new skills, and get ideas? You’re in luck if so! There are a lot of sites on YouTube that are all about the art and science of photography, making it a great place to learn about it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner who wants to learn the basics or an experienced photographer who wants to find new ideas. There’s a YouTube station for everyone. Here is a list of 10 must-follow photography YouTube channels that will help you along the way. Each one offers a different mix of education, creativity, and motivation. Let’s dive in and check out these great resources:

1. Peter McKinnon

Photography YouTube Channels

Peter McKinnon has amassed over 5.5 million subscribers thanks to his engaging tutorials, insightful gear evaluations, and intriguing travel tales. His excitement is contagious, and his manner is approachable, so he is able to connect with his audience. His channel is a treasure trove of useful ideas, creative challenges, and behind-the-scenes insights that will motivate you to push the boundaries of your photography. His videos include both still and moving images.

2. The Art of Photography

Photography YouTube Channels

The Art of Photography channel digs into the complexities of photography, covering everything from camera settings and lighting techniques to composition and post-processing, and it is hosted by Ted Forbes, a well-known photographer who has decades of expertise. Ted Forbes is the host of The Art of Photography channel. The illuminating explanations and captivating narratives provided by Forbes simplify difficult topics and lead the reader towards a greater command of the art of photography.

3. Adorama

Photography YouTube Channels

The YouTube channel of one of the most successful stores in the photography industry, Adorama, is an extensive resource for photographers of all experience levels. Their films cover a wide variety of subjects, such as reviews of photographic equipment, how-to lighting demonstrations, portrait photography pointers, and enlightening conversations with well-known photographers.

4. B&H Photo Video

B&H Photo Video is another industry behemoth, and their YouTube channel is an invaluable resource for photographic information. Their videos include a wide variety of subjects, ranging from in-depth camera evaluations to tutorials on specific types of photography, such as wildlife photography, portrait photography, and landscape photography. You will be able to improve your abilities and broaden your photographic repertoire with the help of their knowledgeable instruction and entertaining presentation.


PHLEARN is a photography-focused YouTube channel that was established by Patrick Hrebeniak, a well-known photographer. The channel’s goal is to teach viewers how to become better photographers. Their videos cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from camera settings and exposure to lighting approaches and procedures for post-processing photographs. Learning is made simple and pleasant by the detailed explanations and step-by-step tutorials that they provide.

6. Jared Polin

Photography YouTube Channels

Jared Polin has become a household name because to his humorous and insightful tutorials about photography and filmmaking that he has uploaded to YouTube. His channel is a hub for evaluations of photography equipment, photography challenges, and tutorials on a variety of topics, such as how to use flashes and edit photographs and movies. Because of Polin’s engaging attitude and sound instruction, his films are not only enjoyable to watch but also quite helpful to aspiring photographers.

7. Fstoppers

Fstoppers’ YouTube channel dives into the financial and technical sides of photography, with a concentration on professional photography as its primary focus. Their films cover a variety of photography-related topics, including advanced lighting methods, pricing your work, and marketing your photography business. Their guidance will assist you in navigating the professional photography landscape and achieving success in the field that you have chosen.

8. The Slanted Lens

Photography YouTube Channels

The Slanted Lens is a YouTube channel that is devoted to assisting photographers in developing both their artistic vision and their technical skills. It is hosted by two experienced photographers, Jay P. Morgan and Jeff Carlson. Their films include a wide variety of topics, ranging from creative storytelling to post-processing techniques, from composition and lighting to post-processing procedures. Their enthusiasm for photography is infectious, and the insights they offer will assist you in taking your work to new levels of excellence.

9. Mango Street

Mango Street is a YouTube channel that was established by Mango Wallace, who is a photographer and educator. Her films are popular due to the fact that they are easy to understand, humorous, and provide sound advise. She discusses a broad range of topics, beginning with the fundamentals of photography for beginners and on to more sophisticated skills such as shooting in manual mode and adjusting the exposure for different lighting conditions. Her films are an excellent source of information for prospective photographers who are interested in gaining a foundational understanding of photography.

10. FroKnowsPhoto

Frederick Frost, a photographer, is the host of the channel known as FroKnowsPhoto on YouTube. His movies are well-known for the level of technical knowledge and intelligent analysis of photography gear and methods that they contain. He discusses a wide variety of subjects, ranging from lighting tutorials and post-processing workflows to reviews of cameras and lenses and comparisons of the two. Aspiring photographers who are interested in expanding their knowledge of the technical aspects of photography will find that his films are an excellent resource.

Documentaries that explore the fascinating world of photography may be found in abundance in Netflix’s extensive library of titles in this genre. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring shutterbug, these films offer a unique perspective on the art and craft of capturing life through the lens. Every photography enthusiast will be able to find something to their liking on Netflix, whether their preference is for the classic works of Ansel Adams or the captivating storytelling of current photojournalists.

The ability to communicate a story through images is more important than it has ever been in this day and age of digital technology. These top photography channels on YouTube not only offer helpful advice and recommendations, but they also cultivate a community of enthusiastic photographers who are ready to learn and advance together. These channels provide a plethora of information, innovative ideas, and inspiration that can help you take your photography talents to the next level, regardless of whether you are just starting out or are already an experienced professional. Get ready to embark on an amazing voyage of capturing life’s most unforgettable moments by grabbing your cameras and getting set to go.


Are these channels appropriate for beginners?

Without a doubt! These channels are geared at photographers of all skill levels, and they provide beginners with in-depth tutorials and lessons to assist them in getting started on their photographic journey.

Can these channels teach me editing techniques?

Without a doubt! A good number of these channels offer in-depth training on various editing tools, which you may use to improve and alter the photographs you upload.

Are these channels devoted to a certain genre of photography?

The vast majority of photography channels offer a broad range of topics, making them suitable for photographers who are interested in a variety of photographic techniques and genres. While some channels are dedicated to certain types of photography, such as landscape or portrait photography, others cover a broad range of topics.


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