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How to Create AI Art: 5 easy steps

In a fantasy world, robots would help us draw beautiful pictures. A short form of these words is AI, which stands for “artificial intelligence.” They’re like friendly helpers who work with us to Create AI Art. AI can help you make wonderful pictures that no one has ever seen before, no matter how long you’ve been drawing or how new you are to it. It’s like having superpowers!

We will learn how to use AI art step by step in this guide. We’ll find out everything we need to know to make our own amazing art. Ready to use your creativity? Then check out this cool new AI-based way to make art! We’ll be able to make pictures that are out of this world by the end!

What Is AI-Generated Art?

The art that computers make is like drawing with crayons, but the computers do it! Something new is getting a lot of attention. The computer follows special directions to make pictures. The computer learns how to make art in lots of different ways from these steps. It can make cool shapes and even draw things that look like they are real.

There are more than just pictures in this computer art. It can also make movies and music! People make ads on TV or show off their work at art shows with this computer art from time to time. These computer arts are really cool because they let you make unique things. We can use the computer to make art even if we don’t know how to draw!

How to Create AI Art: A Guide for Beginners

Do you like using robots to make art? Cool, because I’m here to show you how to do just that!

Choose a Platform

Let’s choose a spot to make our robot art first. We can do this a lot of places, such as Google’s DeepDream, RunwayML, and Magenta. We should check them all out and choose the one we like best because they all have cool things we can use.

Gather Your Materials

Now we need some art supplies. We might need sounds, pictures, or movies. Then we choose what kind of art we want to make, like a drawing or a photo.

Train Your AI

We are now teaching our robot how to draw. It learns what to look for by seeing lots of pictures. It’s like showing a friend how to draw.

Experiment and Explore

We can make art when our robot is ready. We could try many things to find out what works. To make different kinds of art, we can also change how our robot works.

Share Your Art

Last but not least, we let everyone see our work! We can post it on Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube so that everyone can see how cool our robot art is.

Hidden Tools Inside AI Art Generators

 Create AI Art

Did you know that art machines have cool features that can help us make really cool pictures? I’ll tell you about them!

  • To begin, we have something called “Colour Palettes.” Having a magic box full of paints is like having a lot of them. We can use any colour we like to make our pictures stand out and look great.
  • The next part is “Brush Sizes.” We can use these like magic wands to make lines of any size. We can pick the right brush size for the job, whether we want to draw something very small or very large.
  • After that, there are “Layer Effects.” Putting secret magic powder on our photos to make them look even better is like that. We can make them sparkle like magic or look like they’re popping out!
  • Also, guess what? The last one is “Textures.” Like adding patterns to our pictures to make them feel rough or smooth, just like the real world.
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With AI, making art is like going on a really fun journey! We get to use cool tools to make really cool shots. We now have all the information we need to begin our own AI art adventure. Don’t forget that it’s okay to be wild and try new things. Together we can make cool art by putting our thoughts together with the help of smart machines. Let’s think big about where AI can take us. Let’s make art together!


What is AI art?

AI art is artwork created using artificial intelligence algorithms. AI art can be generated by machines, or created by humans using AI tools.

Is AI art legal?

Yes, AI art is legal. However, it is important to make sure that you are not infringing on any copyright laws when creating AI art.

What are the benefits of creating AI art?

Creating AI art can be a fun and creative way to explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence. It can also help you develop your skills in computer programming and artificial intelligence algorithms.


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