Design an E-book Cover

How to Design an E-book Cover (5 easy steps)

Did you know that your e-book’s cover is like a big sign that everyone can see? People see it first, and it helps them choose whether to read your book or not. Don’t worry if you can’t make covers well, though! Today, In this article we will show you how to Design an E-book Cover.

I can teach you how to make one that stands out. We’ll talk about what you need, where to find cool pictures, and some cool tools that will help you make a great cover. You’ll know how to make a cover for your story that makes people want to read it by the end! 🎨📚

Essential Elements of an E-book Cover

Let’s talk about the important things our e-book cover needs to have before we start making it:

Title:The title of your book, prominently displayed and easy to read.
Author Name:Your name or pen name, positioned below or alongside the title.
Cover Image:A visually appealing and relevant image that reflects the content of your book.
Subtitle:Optional but helpful for providing additional context or enticing readers with a compelling tagline.
Graphics/Icons:Optional elements such as logos, symbols, or illustrations that enhance the overall design.

How to Design an E-book Cover

Below we will mentioned easy steps to Design an E-book Cover:

Step 1: Figure out who will read your book

Let’s begin by considering who will read our book and what they like. The cover of our book should look like the books they like to read. We are going to look at pictures, colours, and ways of writing that they like.

Step 2: Pick a Great Picture or Drawing

Next, we need to pick a picture or drawing to use as the cover of our book. The picture needs to be nice and clear, and it needs to show what our book is about. If we are going to use pictures from the web, let’s pick ones that are unique and not like all the others.

Step 3: Write and give it a cool title

Let’s come up with a cool, easy-to-read title for our book now. There are many fonts and sizes to choose from until we find the right one. We can also make it even cooler by adding effects like shadows or lines.

Step 4: If we have them, add our unique colours and signs

If people know certain colours or signs from our other books, we can use them on the cover of this one too. This makes people happy and helps them find our books.

Step 5: Ask Others What They Think and Keep Trying

Finally, let’s show our friends or people who like our type of books our book cover. We’ll hear what they have to say and see if they come up with any good ideas. We can change our cover to make it even better if they do.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in E-book Cover Design

Some people read e-books on their phones instead of having them in their hands. 😊 There are times when e-books have issues that paper books don’t. When we make e-books, we should watch out for these things:

Design an E-book Cover
  • Pictures That Are Too Small: The pictures in our e-books are sometimes too small, and it’s hard to see if we put too much in them! A cool picture in the middle and a clear title will do.
  • Picture Blurs: People don’t like our photos as much when they are dull or fuzzy. Pics should be very clear and still look good when they’re small.
  • Words That Are Hard to Read: It may look cool to write in fancy ways, but people can’t read what it says if it’s too fancy! Let’s pick words that are simple and clear for everyone.
  • Putting the Picture with the Story: People who like love stories want different photos than people who like space adventures. The pictures we pick should go with the story we’re telling.
  • Getting the Right Size: Our e-book pictures need to be the right size, just like our clothes do. They will look bad if they are too big or too small, so let’s make sure they are just right.

Tools and Software for E-book Cover Design

Here are the best software and tools for making the cover of an e-book.


Design an E-book Cover

Canva is fun to use! It’s great for people who are just beginning. Canva makes it easy to make your own cover for an e-book. You can choose from a lot of patterns that are already made. You can also make and use your own pictures. Also, guess what? You can use many of their photos for free. You have to pay for some of the cool stuff, but you can still make a great cover for free.

Download Now

Adobe Photoshop

Design an E-book Cover

Adobe Photoshop is a cool thing. It helps us make cool designs and pictures. But it’s not always easy to learn, like when you first start riding a bike. You might also have to pay money if you don’t already have an account that lets you do that. But it’s really cool what you can make once you get the hang of it!

Adobe Photoshop

Affinity Designer

Design an E-book Cover

Could you tell me about Affinity Designer? It’s like Photoshop’s friend, but it costs less. It’s cool because it’s easier to use than Photoshop and has a lot of cool features. There you have it! If you’re a creator looking for something powerful but not as pricey as Photoshop, Affinity creator might be just what you need!

Download Now

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It is very important that we make a cover for our e-book! It’s like putting on make-up for our book so everyone wants to read it. People will pick it up and read it if it looks cool and interesting. Let us take some time to make our cover look great! 📚🎨 Also, let’s X (twitter) and Facebook about our cover when we’re done! People will be excited to read our book if we show off its beautiful cover.


How can I ensure my e-book cover stands out in a crowded marketplace?

To make your e-book cover stand out, you should focus on making a design that is both unique and visually striking. This will grab readers’ attention and effectively convey the essence of your book. Find out about the books in your field and the covers that are already out there. Then, try to come up with something unique and memorable that makes your cover stand out.

Should I include my book’s subtitle on the cover?

Putting a subtitle on the cover of your e-book can give readers more information or get them interested with an interesting phrase. But it’s not necessary for all books, so think about whether or not a subtitle makes the style and message of your cover better as a whole.

Can I design my own e-book cover, or should I hire a professional designer?

A polished and professional result can be achieved by hiring a professional designer, but many writers are able to make their own e-book covers using online design tools and templates. When choosing whether to do it yourself or hire a designer, think about your budget, how much time you have, and how good you are at design.


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