Traditional Wedding Customs

10 Best Wedding Traditions Around the World

A journey through the world’s most beautiful wedding rituals.

When people talk about weddings, they always think of how beautiful love and commitment are. At a wedding, I think two loves promise to stay together forever, which is the start of a journey that will last a lifetime. The book Best Wedding Traditions Around the World shows the many different ways that people enjoy this important event. There’s singing, dancing, and a lot of happiness when my family or friends get married. It’s like a big dance party where love is all around.

I’ve been to weddings that looked like big shows, with fancy clothes and beautiful decorations. It’s interesting to see how people from different countries show love and unity. Each custom is like a small piece of the big picture of how people connect with each other. I’m excited to learn about the world’s best wedding traditions. Discovering alternative ways to celebrate love and commitment will be fantastic!

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List of 10 Best Wedding Traditions Around the World

I adore weddings! These wonderful parties full of love and happiness happen all over the world. We get to have a great time at weddings by dancing, singing, and wearing these beautiful, bright clothes. People pass on their own practices from grandparents to parents and then to the children. This is one of the things I love most about families. It’s what makes every wedding unique and full of interesting stories.

India: Vibrant Mehndi Ceremony

10 Best Wedding Traditions Around the World

Key Aspects:

  • Intricate henna designs
  • Festive music and dancing
  • Symbolizes beauty and auspiciousness

We party before the wedding at our Mehndi event in India. We get together so that she can put intricate henna patterns on my hands and feet. The deep colour of the henna looks like dark paint. My partner and I have grown close over time and tell each other how much we love them. It’s a happy event full of celebrations that marks the start of our trip together. One of the most beloved wedding traditions in the world, this tradition is all about love and happiness. When you want to learn more about Mehndi Design, go to the Mehndi Creation site.

China: Tea Ceremony

Key Aspects:

  • Ritualistic preparation and serving of tea
  • Emphasizes respect, harmony, and etiquette
  • Reflects Chinese culture and philosophy

We took part in a beautiful ritual called the Tea Ceremony at my cousin’s Chinese wedding. It meant a lot to me when my cousin and his new wife served our parents and grandparents tea. As they thanked each other and wished each other a happy life together, we could feel the love and thankfulness in the air. In response, our elders gave them wise advice and lots of gifts for their life together as a married couple.

Mexico: Lazo Ceremony

10 Wedding Traditions from Around the World

Key Aspects:

  • Binding of couple’s hands with a decorative rope or ribbon
  • Symbolizes unity and commitment
  • Incorporates Catholic wedding traditions

During my friend’s wedding in Mexico, I saw a beautiful custom called the Lazo Ceremony. As the bride and groom, we wore a big necklace made of flowers or beads for this special occasion. It was put around our shoulders and shaped like the number 8. It was meant to show that we were all one. As we started our trip together, this necklace felt like a warm hug of love, protecting and guiding us.

Japan: San-san-kudo

Key Aspects:

  • Sake-sharing ritual with three sets of three sips
  • Signifies union of families, strength, and longevity
  • Rooted in Shinto and Buddhist beliefs

My partner and I took part in the San-san-kudo ceremony when we went to a Japanese wedding. During the ritual, we all drank three sips of sake from three different-sized cups. These cups stood for the link between heaven, earth, and people in our union. Through this ceremony, we showed how united we are as a couple and how our families are connected.

Scotland: Handfasting Ceremony

10 Wedding Traditions from Around the World

Key Aspects:

  • Tying of couple’s hands with a ceremonial cloth or rope
  • Represents commitment and binding of souls
  • Ancient Celtic tradition, precursor to modern vows

Some wedding traditions are very unique. One of them comes from Scotland, and my partner and I chose to include it in our own service. As a sign of our love for each other, we held hands and tied a beautiful knot. That special knot was a promise to always support and be there for each other throughout our lives. It made the event feel like a happy party. People have loved this custom for many years, and it was a meaningful part of our wedding.

Nigeria: Igbo Marriage Dance

Key Aspects:

  • Colorful traditional dances and music
  • Celebrates cultural heritage and community
  • Enhances unity and joyous atmosphere

From what I’ve seen, the Igbo Marriage Dance in Nigeria is a very lively and colourful party that really shows love and unity. Stepping into a happy festival where family and friends get together to enjoy the union of two people is like stepping into a festival. The beat comes from the traditional music, and I can’t help but join the other people who are dancing with joy and energy. We honestly wish the couples happiness and success, and this is a beautiful way to say it. This custom does more than just honour the couple’s commitment. It also brings our community closer together, strengthening our bonds and letting everyone share in the happiness.

Sweden: Ring Dance

10 Wedding Traditions from Around the World

Key Aspects:

  • Circular dance formation around the bride and groom
  • Symbolizes eternal love and unity
  • Folk tradition with regional variations

In my opinion, the “Ring Dance,” or “Brudkrona,” is a very important tradition in Sweden. A beautiful crown made from myrtle leaves represented love and fertility, and I wore it during this rite. It was part of the ritual for my friends and I to dance around me while holding their own candles. As a sign of hope and purity, this dance lit the way for my partner and me.

Greece: Breaking of Plates

Key Aspects:

  • Smashing of plates to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck
  • Expression of joy and celebration
  • Reflects Greek zest for life and resilience

When my partner and I got married in Greece, we had a big party. It was a lot of fun to break plates! We thought of it as a game. We believe that it keeps bad things away and makes us very happy. Everyone we cared about danced and threw plates on the ground with us. It turned into a fun party where everyone laughed and smiled. For our trip ahead, we did this to wish ourselves a lot of wealth and happiness.

Jamaica: Traditional Junkanoo Parade

10 Wedding Traditions from Around the World

Key Aspects:

  • Colorful parade with elaborate costumes, music, and dance
  • Celebrates Jamaican culture and history
  • Adds festivity and energy to weddings

From what I’ve seen, Junkanoo Parades have always been a fun part of weddings in Jamaica. It’s hard for me not to get excited when I go because of the bright clothes, catchy music, and lively dance. It makes me think of a party for love and the start of a new part of my life. For my partner and me, taking part in this parade is a metaphor for our path to marriage, which is full of joy and light, just like the parade.

South Korea: Pyebaek Ceremony

Key Aspects:

  • Bowing and offering of symbolic items to parents
  • Shows respect, gratitude, and familial ties
  • Embedded in Confucian values and Korean tradition

The Pyebaek Ceremony is very important in South Korean weddings, from what I’ve seen. The party is lovely and centred on love and family. At this ceremony, my partner and I humbly thank our parents and ask for their wishes on our future together as husband and wife. It’s a moving scene that shows how important family is to our culture. Seeing how weddings are marked in different ways around the world is very interesting. There are different and interesting customs in every place that show how diverse and rich human culture is. It makes me remember how wonderfully different our world is!

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Everyone gets married to celebrate love, commitment, and happiness, and wedding traditions from around the world are an interesting look into how different and rich human culture is. In India, the Mehendi rite is full of colour and meaning. In China, the Tea rite is calm and peaceful, and in Hawaii, the lei exchange is lively and full of meaning. Couples can make memories that will last a lifetime by embracing and honouring these customs. Send this story to your Facebook and X (Twitter) friends to spread love and hope!


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