13 Best Traditional Food in India

“India’s Culinary Tapestry: Savor the 20 Most Iconic Flavors!”

People in India use a wide range of products and cooking methods to make tasty food. Spices like cardamom, turmeric, and chiles come from far away and are very tasty. They really make our food smell and taste great. Kings called Mughals used to make tasty foods like Rogan Josh and creamy kormas a long time ago. We love their tasty recipes now that they gave them to us. In this article we will show you best Traditional Food in India.

Other people, like those from Portugal, also brought cool food ideas. People in Goa make tasty fish dishes with vinegar and chilies. People in the southern part of India love rice a lot! It’s used to make tasty dosas and biryanis. People in the north like wheat more, and they make tasty rotis with paneer curries and bean dals. India is known for different kinds of food in different parts of the country. It tastes like a fun journey! It’s not just about tasty tastes, though. Indian food has a really interesting past as well. One example is idli, a tasty southern rice cake. It’s been made for a very long time, even before our grandparents were born!

Did you know that before fridges came along, spices were used to keep food fresh as well as adding flavour? A lot of our tasty stews and dishes were made by smart people who knew how to make big meals for their families with simple items. That’s why Indian food is more than just food. Some stories and customs have been passed down for a very, very long time.

List of the 13 Best Traditional Food in India You Need to Try

India’s food is a colorful mix of tastes, textures, and ingredients that show how different the country’s geography and culture are. Here are 20 traditional Indian dishes you should definitely try:


Traditional Food in India

Key Points

  • Taste: Fragrant, aromatic, and spicy
  • Appearance: Colorful, with rice and meat
  • Famous: Hyderabadi Biryani, Lucknowi Biryani

We should talk about something tasty! Biryani makes your taste buds happy like a big party. It’s a unique meal with meat and rice that tastes great together. We begin with a type of rice called basmati. It’s long and soft. After that, we add a lot of tasty spices, such as ginger, cardamom, and cloves. Each spice gives a dish its own unique taste.

The meat is the next thing we do. It might be goat, lamb, or chicken. It’s mixed with yoghurt and more spices, like garlic and ginger. After that, we wait for it to sit and taste great. The fun part now comes! First there was rice, and then there was meat on top. This is what we do until there are many layers. We sometimes add nuts, onions that are crunchy, or sweet dried fruits like raisins. It tastes better with each layer!

Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhani)

Key Points

  • Taste: mildly spicy
  • Appearance: orange-colored curry
  • Famous: Punjab, Delhi, Mumbai

It’s called butter chicken, and it’s really tasty! It’s also called Murgh Makhani. It tastes like a big hug in my mouth! First, we have chicken, which is the main star of our meal. We use chicken legs that don’t have any bones or skin on them. We soak them in yoghurt, lemon juice, and special spices like turmeric, garam masala, and chilli powder to make them taste even better. The chicken is very soft and smells great after using this special mix.

Let’s talk about the sauce now! This is where the magic takes place! We start with tomatoes or onions and cook them until they’re sweet and tasty. Then we add nuts like almonds or cashews and blend them into a smooth paste. Next, we add something smooth, like cream or butter (or both). Then we added some more unique spices, such as garam masala. This is a mix of spices that makes our sauce taste great.

Masala Dosa

Traditional Food in India

Key Points

  • Taste: Crispy and mildly tangy.
  • Appearance: Thin, crispy crepe filled with spiced potatoes.
  • Famous: Bangalore, Karnataka, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Let’s talk about dosa with spice! It tastes like a tasty South Indian pancake. But it’s not any pancake—it’s really special! We begin by making a unique batter out of rice and beans. It tastes great and gets fluffy after sitting for a long time thanks to little magic bugs called yeasts. Then we put some of this batter on a hot pan and spread it out. Like magic, it gets thin and crispy!

There’s more, though! We put a tasty potato mixture inside this crispy pancake. After cooking potatoes until they’re soft, we mash them up and add tasty herbs and spices like curry leaves, cumin, coriander, and peppers (but not too hot!). It tastes like a blast in your mouth! Masala dosa is the yummiest treat ever! The crispy pancake and the tasty potato go great together.

Paneer Tikka

Key Points

  • Taste: Smoky and spiced
  • Appearance: Charred and marinated paneer cubes
  • Famous: Punjab Grill, Delhi, Dilli Haat, Delhi, Amritsari Kulcha Corner, Amritsar

I want to tell you about a tasty dish called paneer tikka. It tastes like a tasty meal or snack from India 🇸🇳. We need to start with what paneer is. There is a certain type of cheese there, but it’s not the cheese on your pizza. It feels smoother and tastes less strong. All sorts of tasty flavours can soak into it like a blank painting.

We cut the paneer cheese into small pieces, like blocks, to make paneer tikka. After that, we make a sauce that is called marinade. It’s like a magic spell! It’s like thick milk, and we mix it with spices like paprika, cumin, and turmeric. There are some spices that make it sweet and some that make it spicy. We also add dried fenugreek leaves and ginger and garlic paste, which smell great and make it taste even better!

Rogan Josh

Traditional Food in India

Key Points

  • Taste: Rich and aromatic
  • Appearance: Reddish-brown
  • Famous: Kashmiri cuisine

We should talk about something tasty! Do you know who Rogan Josh is? It’s kind of like a very special dish from Kashmir. That curry isn’t just any curry; it tastes like a magic drink! Think about goat or lamb meat that is so soft that it melts in your mouth. There’s a tasty sauce swimming around them that tastes great. The unique spices they use are like a family recipe that has been passed down from grandparents to parents and now to us!

Fennel seeds taste like a warm blanket hug. And then there’s ginger, which gives it a strong flavour like stepping into soft ground. There’s a little kick to cloves, but not too much! Oh, cardamom and cinnamon are such a nice treat! But something called Kashmiri chilli is the real star. The bright red colour makes the dish look so pretty, and it’s not too hot!

Chole Bhature

Key Points

  • Taste: Spicy and tangy.
  • Appearance: Spicy chickpea curry with deep-fried bread.
  • Famous: Delhi, Punjab, Amritsar

Chole Bhature is a tasty dish that I’d like to tell you about. Like a tasty song with lots of different sounds and feelings. Chole is the name of the main part of Chole Bhature. These tiny beans are used to make a spicy curry-like sauce. The chickpeas are first soaked in water overnight. The next day, they are cooked in a tasty sauce made with onions, tomatoes, ginger (a spicy root), and garlic (which makes everything taste good).

We also add hot chilli powder, cumin (which smells good), coriander (which tastes good), turmeric (which turns things yellow), and coriander powder (which makes things smell good). To make it taste even better, we sometimes add tamarind, which is a sour fruit, or more tomatoes. Everything cooks together to make a thick, cosy soup that makes us feel good on the inside.

Gulab Jamun

Traditional Food in India

Key Points

  • Taste: Sweet and syrupy.
  • Appearance: Brown, round dough balls in sugar syrup
  • Famous: Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab

Let me tell you about Gulab Jamun, a really tasty treat! It looks like a unique Indian gem. 🇸🇳 It’s not like any other sweet treat; it’s like a little ball of joy! We start by making the dough. It’s the same as making a magic spell! We put together some unique things, like flour, milk, and something called leavening. After that, we roll it into little balls. They look like little promises of tasty things to come!

The fun part now comes! In a big pan, we heat up ghee, which is a type of butter. With care, we put our little dough balls in when it’s nice and hot. What do you think will happen? It sounds like they’re dancing in the pan! They slowly change colour to a beautiful golden brown. We watch over them to make sure they cook just right. We take them out when they’re ready. The outside is crunchy, but the inside is really soft, like little clouds of sugar!

Tandoori Chicken

Key Points

  • Taste: Smoky, mildly spicy
  • Appearance: Charcoal-grilled chicken
  • Famous: Punjab, Delhi, Lucknow

Come on, let’s talk about Tandoori chicken! It’s kind of like a tasty journey from India. Think of a plate full of juicy, delicious chicken. In the beginning, we add some special spices to yoghurt. The chicken gets really soft and tasty this way. After that, we add more spices, like coriander and cumin, to make it warm and cosy. Also, guess what? There is also ginger! The yellow powder is like magic; it makes the chicken look good and taste great.

We add peppers to make it a little hot, but not too hot, for people who like spicy food. There’s also something called garam masala, which is a mix of spices like cardamom and cinnamon. It makes the chicken smell great! We added garlic and ginger to make it taste even better.


Traditional Food in India

Key Points

  • Taste: Mildly sweet, tangy,
  • Appearance: Spongy, yellow, or white steamed cakes.
  • Famous: Gujarat, Ahmedabad

Dhokla is a tasty food that we’re talking about! It comes from a cool place called Gujarat. Dhokla tastes great and is like a fluffy, soft cake. It’s not like other snacks that are heavy. It’s soft and airy, like a cloud in your mouth!

Chickpeas are used to make gramme flour, which is used to make dhokla batter. It makes dhokla taste tasty and nutty. The trick is that we mix some of the batter with buttermilk or yoghurt and let it sit for a while. This makes everything bubbly and tasty!

Pani Puri/Golgappa

Key Points

  • Taste: Sweet, tangy, and spicy.
  • Appearance: Hollow, crispy spheres filled with spicy
  • Famous: Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai

What are these crunchy balls that people in India love to eat? They are called Pani Puri! They taste great and are fun to eat! Let’s start with the balls, which are called puris. They are made with flour and fried until they get big and brown. The cool thing is that they’re hollow on the inside! So they have a fun crunch when you bite into them! Now for the tasty part! We put a lot of tasty things inside the puris.

The hot water is called pani, and it tastes sour, sweet, and spicy all at the same time. It tastes like an explosion! The mashed potatoes are soft and smooth, and the chickpeas taste nutty and great. Some people put in extra tasty things like yoghurt, chopped onions, or fresh parsley. All of these tastes dancing together in your mouth is like a party! Try Pani Puri the next time you see it! It’s an adventure in taste!

Malai Kofta

Traditional Food in India

Key Points

  • Taste: mildly sweet, and aromatic
  • Appearance: Deep-fried dumplings in a rich tomato gravy.
  • Famous: Delhi, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh

In India, we love to eat these tasty, crunchy balls on the streets as a special treat. Malai Kofta is the name of them. These balls are filled with soft, tasty cakes made from paneer, a type of cheese. To make paneer, we mix milk with something sour, like vinegar or lemon juice. After that, we add mashed potatoes, chopped onions, hot peppers, and some tasty spices.

We mix it all together and roll it into little balls that are great for eating. There’s more fun to come! These balls are cooked in hot oil until they turn a nice golden brown colour. They stay soft on the inside but get really crunchy on the outside. When we put them in a thick sauce, they soak up all the good tastes. Yum!

Pav Bhaji

Key Points

  • Taste: Spicy and tangy with a hint of sweetness.
  • Appearance: Spicy vegetable curry served with buttered rolls
  • Famous: Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad

I want to tell you about something really tasty called Pav Bhaji! In the world of Indian street food, this dish is like a celebrity. It comes from Mumbai, a big city. Imagine a tasty mix of vegetables like peas, carrots, onions, potatoes, and cauliflower cooked together in a tasty tomato sauce with some special spices. It’s called Bhaji, and it tastes great!

There’s more, though! The Bhaji is not eaten by itself. To go with it, we have Pav, which is soft, buttery bread. For dinner rolls, they’re like these, but they’re lighter and sweeter. After toasting them until they’re golden brown, we spread a lot of butter on them. They’re great for eating the tasty Bhaji! This means that when you eat Pav Bhaji, you get both tasty vegetables and tasty bread. It’s like a party in your mouth!


Traditional Food in India

Key Points

Taste: Sweet, syrupy, and aromatic

Appearance: syrup-soaked dough

Famous: Delhi, Jaipur, Indore

Today let’s talk about something really tasty: jalebi! x That orange swirly stuff that looks like little squiggles? Have you seen it before? That’s jalebi, then! It feels so good that it’s like magic. So, how do we make this wonderful jalebi? To start, we mix flour and water to make a strange batter. After that, we leave it for a long time while we sleep, or “let it sit overnight.” This adds a little tang to the batter, which means it tastes a little sour.

Then we put this batter into oil that is very hot and bubbling. It pops and turns into rings of gold! It’s like making little golden cakes! After that, we dip these golden discs in a sweet syrup that smells great. When the jalebi soaks up this sticky, sweet syrup, it makes it taste even better! It tastes like fireworks when we eat jalebi! The outside is crunchy, and the inside is soft. We can taste a bit of cardamom or saffron sometimes, which makes it even better!

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Traditional Indian food is a world full of different tastes and textures that you can explore. Every dish, from the fragrant biryanis of Hyderabad to the rich rasgullas of West Bengal, has a story to tell about its culture, custom, and heritage. So, start your culinary trip through India and enjoy the delicious flavours that are waiting for you. Don’t forget to tell your family and friends about your favourite Indian meals on Facebook and X (Twitter). It might inspire them to try new foods. Have fun eating!


What are some of the most well-known Indian desserts?

Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai, Kheer, Jalebi, Barfi, and Ladoo are all well-known Indian desserts.

Are Indian dishes generally spicy?

Indian food is known for the spices it uses, but not every dish is too spicy. The level of heat can be different depending on the person and where the dish comes from.

What are some common Indian dishes that are vegetarian?

Dal Makhani, Palak Paneer, Aloo Gobi, Vegetable Biryani, and Chana Masala are all common vegetarian dishes in Indian food.


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