20 Most Famous Dance Styles Around the World

Famous Dance Styles

“Dancing Through History: 20 Iconic Dance Styles and Their Masterful Choreographers”

Welcome to the exciting world of “Most Famous Dance Styles Around the World”! We’re about to go on a fun trip through the world of dance, where we’ll learn about 20 unique dance styles that have had a lasting effect on the world stage.

Dance is like a universal language because it breaks down barriers and brings people from different cultures together in a rhythmic celebration. It has been an important way for people to express themselves for hundreds of years, changing from old rituals to the modern, varied forms we see today. Each dance style has its own history, music, moves, and cultural meaning, which makes a beautiful mosaic of people’s lives.

20 Most Famous Dance Styles in The World

Diversity is the driving force behind dance styles, and the world is home to a plethora of dance styles that have withstood the test of time. Each type of dance carries with it its own distinct history and meaning, from the refined grace of ballet to the streetwise moves of hip-hop. Here are 20 of the most influential dance styles in the world:

1. Ballet

Famous Dance Styles

Ballet is a type of famous dance style that started in the Renaissance courts of Italy in the 1500s. It stands out for its grace, elegance, and accuracy. Ballet is thought to be the dance style from which all other dance styles come.

key Aspects: Ballet

Origin and History:Originated in Italian courts
Fundamental Technique:Classical, precise movements
Costumes and Attire:Tutus, leotards, tights
Positions:Five basic positions
Music in Ballet:Classical orchestral
Choreography:Traditional story-based
Training and Schools:Ballet academies globally

2. Jazz

Jazz is a type of famous dance that started in the early 1900s. It is known for how it is made up on the spot, how it uses syncopated rhythms, and how expressive it is. Jazz has influenced many other dance styles, like hip hop, modern dance, and tap dance.

key Aspects: Jazz

Origin and History:Rooted in African dance
Fundamental Technique:Syncopated rhythms, fluid movements
Costumes and Attire:Leotards, jazz shoes
Music in Jazz:Jazz music
Choreography:Lyrical, upbeat routines
Training and Schools:Jazz dance studios

3. Hip-Hop

Hip-hop is a style of famous African American dance that started in New York City in the 1970s. It is known for its lively movements, use of breakdancing, and freestyle style. Hip hop has spread all over the world and has changed the way many other dance styles are done.

key Aspects: Hip-Hop

Origin and History:Originated in NYC in 1970s
Fundamental Technique:Diverse styles, emphasis on groove
Costumes and Attire:Streetwear, sneakers
Music in Hip-hop :Hip-hop, rap
Choreography:Freestyle, choreography
Training and Schools:Many hip-hop schools worldwide

4. Tap

Tap is an American dance style that has been around since the 1800s. It is known for its percussion sounds, tapping on the floor, and acrobatic dance moves. Tap has had an effect on many other kinds of dance, like jazz and musical theater.

key Aspects: Tap

Origin and History:Originated in the United States in the 19th century
Fundamental Technique:Rhythmic footwork using tap shoes
Costumes and Attire:Tap shoes, comfortable clothing
Positions:Various tap positions
Music in Tap:Jazz, blues, Broadway tunes
Choreography:Routines with syncopated rhythms and steps
Training and Schools:Tap dance schools worldwide

5. Bharatanatyam

Bharatanatyam is a type of classical Indian famous dance that started in the state of Tamil Nadu in the south. It is known for its smooth movements, complicated footwork, and use of hand gestures called mudras. Bharatanatyam is one of India’s oldest and most well-known types of dance.

key Aspects: Bharatanatyam

Origin and History:Originated in Tamil Nadu
Fundamental Technique:Intricate hand gestures, storytelling
Costumes and Attire:Traditional attire
Music in Bharatanatyam :Classical Indian
Choreography:Traditional compositions
Training and Schools:Bharatanatyam academies

6. Flamenco

Famous Dance Styles

Flamenco is a type of Spanish dance that comes from the region of Andalusia. It is known for its passionate movements, use of castanets, and heavy footwork. Flamenco is a type of dance that is very expressive and is often used to show feelings like love, pain, and joy.

key Aspects: Flamenco

Origin and History:Originated in Spain
Fundamental Technique:Emotional expression, footwork
Costumes and Attire:Traditional Spanish costumes
Music in Flamenco :Flamenco guitar, singing
Choreography:Traditional forms, improvisation
Training and Schools:Flamenco schools globally

7. Salsa

Salsa is a type of dance styles that started in Cuba in the 1950s. It is known for its fast-paced rhythms, complicated footwork, and dancing with a partner. Salsa is a very popular type of dance that people of all ages and skill levels like to do. It is one of the famous dance styles.

key Aspects: Salsa

Origin and History:Originated in Cuba
Fundamental Technique:Partner dance, intricate footwork
Costumes and Attire:Latin-inspired attire
Positions:Close hold
Music in Salsa :Salsa, Latin music
Choreography:Partner patterns, shines
Training and Schools:Salsa schools worldwide

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8. Belly Dance

Belly dance is a Middle Eastern dance style that comes from Egypt. It is known for its graceful movements, use of hip isolations, and torso that moves back and forth. Belly dance is a sensual form of dance that is often used to show the power of women.

key Aspects: Belly Dance

Origin and History:Ancient Middle Eastern
Fundamental Technique:Fluid torso movements, sensual
Costumes and Attire:Belly dance costumes
Music in Belly dance:Middle Eastern music
Choreography:Improvisational and choreographed
Training and Schools:Belly dance studios

9. Modern Dance

Famous Dance Styles

Modern dance is a type of dance that came about in the early 20th century as a response to how formal ballet was. It is known for its use of improvisation, its focus on the dancer as an individual, and its exploration of movement that is not typical.

key Aspects: Modern Dance

Origin and History:Developed as a rebellion against classical ballet
Fundamental Technique:Emphasis on freedom and expression
Costumes and Attire:Varied, often contemporary
Positions:Fluid movements
Music in Modern dance :Varied music genres
Choreography:Innovative and abstract choreography
Training and Schools:Modern dance schools and studios

10. Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing is a group of dances that are done with a partner in a ballroom. It has elegant moves, uses traditional ballroom dances, and puts a lot of emphasis on technique. Ballroom dancing is a popular social dance that people of all ages and skill levels enjoy.

key Aspects: Ballroom Dancing

Origin and History:Evolved in Europe and gained popularity worldwide
Fundamental Technique:Partner dance with precise footwork
Costumes and Attire:Ballroom gowns, tuxedos
Positions:Partner positions
Music in Ballroom dancing :Ballroom music
Choreography:Standard and Latin styles
Training and Schools:Ballroom dance schools and studios

11. Breakdancing

Breakdance, also called B-boying or B-girling, is a high-energy dance style that started in the Bronx, New York. It is set to hip-hop music and has acrobatic moves, spins, and freezes.

key Aspects: Breakdancing

Origin and History:Originated in the Bronx
Fundamental Technique:Acrobatic moves, spins, freezes
Costumes and Attire:Streetwear, sneakers
Positions:Floor positions
Music in Breakdancing :Hip-hop, breakbeat
Choreography:Freestyle battles
Training and Schools:B-boying schools worldwide

12. Contemporary Dance

Famous Dance Styles

Contemporary dance is a modern style that can be done in many different ways. It gives dancers a chance to show their creativity and individuality. It is often a mix of ballet, jazz, and improvised dance.

key Aspects: Contemporary Dance

Origin and History:Modern evolution
Fundamental Technique:Freedom of expression, versatility
Costumes and Attire:Varied, often contemporary
Positions:Fluid movements
Music in Contemporary dance :Varied music genres
Choreography:Innovative, experimental
Training and Schools:Contemporary dance schools

13. Capoeira

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines dance and acrobatics with fighting moves. It is usually done to rhythmic music and consists of smooth movements and kicks.

key Aspects: Capoeira

Origin and History:Originated in Brazil
Fundamental Technique:Martial art elements, acrobatics
Costumes and Attire:White pants, colored belts
Positions:Ginga stance
Music in Capoeira:Capoeira music
Choreography:Rodas (circles), sequences
Training and Schools:Capoeira schools worldwide

14. Irish Step Dance

Famous Dance Styles

Irish step dance is a traditional Irish dance style that involves moving your feet quickly and keeping your upper body still. It is usually done at competitions and shows.

key Aspects: Irish Step Dance

Origin and History:Originated in Ireland
Fundamental Technique:Rapid foot movements, upper body
Costumes and Attire:Dresses, kilts
Positions:Upright posture
Music in Irish Step Dance :Irish folk music
Choreography:Traditional routines
Training and Schools:Irish dance schools

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15. Krumping

Famous Dance Styles

Krumping is a style of street dance that started in Los Angeles. It has a lot of energy and is very expressive. It has strong, over-the-top movements and is often used as a way to express oneself.

key Aspects: Krumping

Origin and History:Originated in Los Angeles
Fundamental Technique:Expressive, exaggerated movements
Costumes and Attire:Streetwear, face paint
Music in Krumping :Hip-hop, electronic
Choreography:Freestyle, battles
Training and Schools:Krumping crews worldwide

16. Hula

The hula is a traditional Hawaiian dance in which the dancers use their bodies and hands to tell stories. A lot of the time, chanting and the sound of ukuleles go with it.

key Aspects: Hula

Origin and History:Traditional Hawaiian
Fundamental Technique:Storytelling through movement
Costumes and Attire:Grass skirts, leis
Positions:Upright and fluid
Music in Hula :Hawaiian chants, music
Choreography:Traditional chants and hulas
Training and Schools:Hula schools worldwide

17. Bhangra

Famous Dance Styles

Bhangra is a style of dance that started in the Punjab region of India. It is a fast-paced, lively dance. It is known for its lively footwork and happy movements.

key Aspects: Bhangra

Origin and History:Originated in Punjab, India
Fundamental Technique:Energetic footwork, joyful movements
Costumes and Attire:Brightly colored attire
Positions:Upright posture
Music in Bhangra :Punjabi music
Choreography:Group formations, freestyle
Training and Schools:Bhangra dance groups

18. Polka

The Polka is a lively European dance with quick steps and fast-paced music. Different countries have their own versions of it, such as the Czech, Polish, and German Polkas.

key Aspects: Polka

Origin and History:Lively European dance
Fundamental Technique:Quick steps, lively music
Costumes and Attire:Traditional costumes
Positions:Upright posture
Music in Polka:Polka music
Choreography:Traditional patterns
Training and Schools:Folk dance groups

19. Swing

Swing dance is a type of American dance that started in the 1920s. It is known for its fast-paced rhythms, lively movements, and close embraces.

key Aspects: Swing

Origin and History:Rooted in African rhythms and African-American jazz
Fundamental Technique:Upbeat and energetic movements
Costumes and Attire:Vintage-inspired attire
Positions:Swing dance positions
Music in Swing:Swing music
Choreography:Partner routines and solo improvisation
Training and Schools:Swing dance communities and clubs

20. Tango

Famous Dance Styles

Tango is an Argentine dance style that began in the 1800s. It is known for its dramatic flair, passionate movements, and close embraces.

key Aspects: Tango

Origin and History:Originated in Buenos Aires
Fundamental Technique:Intense connection, close embrace
Costumes and Attire:Elegant attire
Positions:Close embrace
Music in Tango:Argentine tango music
Choreography:Improvisation, patterns
Training and Schools:Tango studios worldwide

Dance honors human expression, culture, and creativity. The 20 dance styles above are just a small part of dance’s incredible diversity. Whether you’re a dancer or just a lover of movement, these dance styles can be a fascinating look at global culture. Next time you tap your feet to a catchy rhythm or watch a mesmerizing dance performance, remember that dance connects us through movement.


Which dance style has been around the longest?

Bharatanatyam, one of the dances on the list, is thought to be one of the oldest classical dances. It comes from ancient temple rituals in South India.

How does dancing help your health?

Dancing is good for your health in many ways, including improving your cardiovascular fitness, increasing your flexibility, making your muscles and bones stronger, relieving stress, and making you feel better mentally by releasing endorphins.

How do I learn to dance a certain style?

You can start by looking for dance studios in your area or online that teach the style of dance you want to learn. Look for qualified teachers, join workshops, or use instructional videos to learn and practice at your own pace.

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