10 Famous Street Artists in the World

Famous Street Artists

“Brushing the Streets with Creative Rebellion: 10 Famous Street Artists”

In this article about the “Famous Street Artists in the World,” we’ll take you on a tour of the world of street art. We’ll talk about its long history, the different styles it includes, the huge impact it has had on society, and the amazing artists who have left their mark on urban landscapes. We’ll also take a look at what the future holds for this exciting art form. So put on your virtual shoes, and let’s go for a walk!

What is Street Art?

Street art is a type of visual art that is made in public places, usually on buildings, walls, streets, and other surfaces that anyone can see. It includes many different kinds of art, such as graffiti, murals, stencils, wheat-pasting, installations, and 3D sculptures, but not just those. Street artists use public spaces as their canvas to share messages, ideas, and feelings with a wider audience.

The Different Styles of Street Art

Street art is a form of art that has many different styles and is always changing. These are some of the most common styles:

  • Graffiti:The most traditional form of street art is graffiti, which uses spray paint or other materials to create images or text on walls and other surfaces.
  • Stencilling: A stencil is used to stencil an image on a wall or other surface. A stencil can be made from paper, cardboard, or metal. Simple, bold stencilled images can create many effects.
  • Wheatpasting: Paper or other materials are pasted to walls and other surfaces. The adhesive wheat paste is made from flour, water, and wallpaper paste.
  • Mural painting: Large-scale wall paintings. Mural paintings can express many ideas, whether realistic or abstract.
  • Sticker art: Making stickers for walls and other surfaces. Stickers can express many ideas and be simple or complex.

10 Famous Street Artists Around the World

Street art has created a global community of talented artists who have shaped urban landscapes. Their creativity, social commentary, and unique styles are admired. Here are 10 famous street artists in the world who have contributed to this dynamic art form:

1. Shepard Fairey

Famous Street Artists

Fairey is famous for his “Hope” poster of Barack Obama, which has become one of the famous street artists. He often writes about social and political issues in his work.

Shepard Fairey: Artist Profile

Date of Birth:February 15, 1970
Art Style:Street Art, Contemporary
Notable Works:“Hope” (Barack Obama portrait), “Obey Giant” campaign, “Andre the Giant Has a Posse” stickers
Influences:Street culture, punk rock, pop art, propaganda
Notable Techniques:Stencil, wheatpaste, screen printing
Achievements:Founder of Obey Clothing and Studio Number One, significant influence on street art and urban culture

2. Banksy

Banksy, the most famous street artist in the world, is known for his satirical and subversive graffiti, which offers powerful commentary on important social and political issues.

Banksy: Artist Profile

Date of Birth:Believed to be in 1974 or 1975 (exact date unknown)
Art Style:Street art, graffiti, political and social commentary
Notable Works:Girl with a Balloon,” “Love is in the Bin,” “Dismaland”
Influences:Pop culture, contemporary art, socio-political issues
Notable Techniques:Stenciling, social commentary through visual storytelling
Achievements:International acclaim, maintaining anonymity

3. JR

Famous Street Artists

Famous street artist JR uses photography to make large murals that are often put up on public buildings and walls. A lot of his work is about social issues like poverty and unfairness.

JR: Artist Profile

Date of Birth:February 22, 1983
Art Style:Street art, urban art, photography
Notable Works:“Women Are Heroes,” “Inside Out Project,” “Ellis Island”
Influences:Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau, graffiti culture
Notable Techniques:Large-scale B&W photos, paste-ups, participatory art
Achievements:TED Prize winner (2011), TIME’s “100 Most Influential” (2018)

4. Okuda San Miguel

San Miguel, whose murals are known for being bright and fun, is another name that can be found on the list of famous street artists from all over the world. In his work, you’ll frequently find the use of geometric shapes and vivid colors.

Okuda San Miguel: Artist Profile

Date of Birth:November 19, 1980
Art Style:Surrealism, pop art, geometric abstraction
Notable Works:“Kaos Star,” “The International Church of Cannabis”
Influences:Pop culture, geometric shapes, street culture
Notable Techniques:Bold geometric patterns, vibrant colors
Achievements:International exhibitions, collaborations with major brands

5. Blu

Famous Street Artists

Blu is also well-known as a street artist, and many of the large murals he makes comment on political and social issues. His work often makes people angry, and in some places it has even been outlawed.

Blu: Artist Profile

Date of Birth:Unknown
Art Style:Street art, graffiti, murals
Notable Works:“Muto”, “Giardini”, “Big Bang Big Boom”
Influences:Social issues, urban settings
Notable Techniques:Murals, vibrant colors
Achievements:International recognition

6. Vhils

One of the famous street artists in the world is Vhils. who paints portraits and other pictures on walls with a chisel and hammer. His work is often dark and has a lot of atmosphere. It also often deals with social and political issues.

Vhils: Artist Profile

Date of Birth:March 11, 1987
Art Style:Urban art, bas-relief carving
Notable Works:“Scratching the Surface,” “Dissection” series
Influences:Urban environment, social issues
Notable Techniques:Bas-relief carving
Achievements:Global recognition, major collaborations

7. Kobra

Famous Street Artists

Kobra is known for his vast murals that often show famous people and events from the past. His art is usually happy and upbeat and often shows aspects of Brazilian culture.

Kobra: Artist Profile

Date of Birth:March 1, 1975
Art Style:Street art, muralism, contemporary art
Notable Works:“Eduardo Kobra,” “The Kiss,” “Ayrton Senna”
Influences:Pop culture, history, social/political themes
Notable Techniques:Bold colors, geometric shapes, large-scale
Achievements:Known for large-scale murals with messages

8. Os Gemeos

Twins named Os Gemeos are known for their bright and fun murals. They are also the most famous street artists in the world. Their work often has animals and characters that look like cartoons.

Os Gemeos: Artist Profile

Date of Birth:October 31, 1974 (identical twins)
Art Style:Graffiti, Street Art, Muralism
Notable Works:“Giants,” “The Osgemeos Carnival,” “Fist Up”
Influences:Brazilian culture, hip-hop, social issues
Notable Techniques:Vibrant colors, unique cartoon-like style
Achievements:International recognition for unique style


Famous Street Artists

Momo is a well-known street artist who is recognized for creating murals that are both humorous and whimsical. In his artwork, animals and other kinds of creatures are frequently posed in humorous ways.

MOMO: Artist Profile

Date of Birth:Unknown
Art Style:Abstract, geometric, colorful street art
Notable Works:“Three Phases”, “Perpetual Frontier”, “The Friends and Family”
Influences:Abstract art, geometry, urban landscapes
Notable Techniques:Large-scale murals, freehand painting
Achievements:Exhibited internationally, recognized artist

10. C215

C215 is one of the well-known and famous street artists who is known for his miniature portraits of people from all walks of life. He is one of the many street artists who is known for his work. His art often shows how sensitive and real people can be, and it also shows how different each person is.

C215: Artist Profile

Date of Birth:1973
Art Style:Stencil art, street art, portraiture
Notable Works:“Louise, Petite danseuse ├ętoile”, “Jinxx in Los Angeles”
Influences:European classical art, urban environment, people and their stories
Notable Techniques:Detailed stencils, intricate layering
Achievements:Internationally recognized for unique stencil art

The Impact of Street Art

The street art isn’t just paint on walls; it’s a cultural phenomenon that has a big effect on society, cities, and how we see art. Its influence goes far beyond aesthetics, and it can’t be denied that it can change how people see things and make them think. Let’s look at the many ways that street art has changed our world:

  • Urban Revitalisation: Famous Street art has revitalised rundown neighbourhoods. This revitalisation boosts local economies by attracting businesses, residents, and tourists.
  • Social Commentary and Awareness: Street art can powerfully communicate social and political issues. Artists address inequality, racial justice, environmental issues, and human rights.
  • Democratization of Art: Street art is accessible to all, unlike galleries and museums. It makes art part of daily life by breaking down the art world’s exclusivity.
  • Cultural Expression: Street art expresses diversity and identity. Artists draw inspiration from their heritage and communities, creating a rich urban culture.
  • Tourism and Cultural Tourism: Street art attracts tourists, boosting cultural tourism.

It is important to note that “street art” is not synonymous with “graffiti on the walls.” Rather, “street art” refers to a dynamic, global art movement that transcends national boundaries and brings art into the streets for everyone to enjoy. Because of its extensive history, wide variety of aesthetics, and significant societal impact, street art has firmly established itself as an important part of the development of modern art. Famous street artists from in the world have left behind impressions that will endure, and the future of street art is full of opportunities for innovative thought and artistic expression.

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